Friday, December 6, 2019

MISSHA Radiance Velvet Foundation SPF30 PA++

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I can´t believe that we are so to few days of the blog anniversary and to the Christmas time. I am here with a new review about a product that I have been using for some time and I wanted show you because I have several things to say respect to this product. Like I had some timwe using BB Creams and Cc Creams I decided go back to the foundations trying this foundation by the Korean brand Missha that is the MISSHA Radiance Velvet Foundation SPF30 PA++ and I picked the more neutral shade that I dound for my skin tone Vanilla #21 that was just in the middle.

Like I mentioned before I wanted to try a foundation because I has been very stick to my BB Creams. I don´t know what I decide go to back to the foundation because rarely I found one that I really like. This BB Cream has some strong points a ohter that are really weak. So move on with this review.

Back Side Box

Ingredients ✨

MISSHA Radiance Velvet Foundation SPF30 PA++ Vanila #21

MISSHA Radiance Velvet Foundation

Under this sticker says that the expiration is after 12 months of opened

✲゚ Packaging: The product the bottle is made of glass and I found that is not so friendly for carry on my makeup bag but the bottle even when is simple has this luxury finish that looks very nice. Simple but chic for me is the way for describe this packaging that makes the product look like a high brand.

The texture is 100% liquid

After spread the drop

After blending the product ~

Before and After


- Nice packaging
- Liquid texture easy to blend
- Matte effect
- Medium coverage
- Long lasting effect
- Good price

- Powdery finish
- Dries the skin
- In many countries you only can buy this product online
-The application is not easy


Sincerely I am happy to write this review I had my doubts about to record or not a video but I decided that better is not to publish a video review about this product because for the end is not going to be a positive one. I had good expectations about this foundation I need to start saying the texture is a liquid one so I thought I should apply this product with brush but applying this with brush I noticed that the finish was so messy and you need to apply so quickly and the most important fact you need a very moisturizing primer or base If you want to apply this foundation. Why? The reason for a super moisturizing primer is because this formula dries the skin. This dries so quick that when you try to apply in another section of your face looks messy and dry.

Now my skin is sensitive combination so in some part of my face the skin is dry especially on my cheekbones and my chin is dry and even when I use a moisturizing toner and cream this is frequent so this foundation with the powdery finish only makes my skin looks more dry and unhealthy. And dry patches appear after a few hours and how lately I had a bad breakout due to sensitive and bad alimentation (another thing for another post) It has been so difficult to use this foundation. 

The positive about this product is the good coverage this offers medium coverage with s long-lasting effect which is good. The only way that I can use this product is to mix this product to a radio of 2:1 with moisturizing cream. I don´t recommend this foundation If you don´t like (like me) the powdery effect. Sincerely for me, this was an annoying product, I was no expecting comment this but I picked the Vanilla shade #21 that It was a shade that was just in the middle of the range of colors but It was a mistake because too much lighter than my skin tone. I would like to be able to say that this foundation is very good and that I recommend it but it really isn't.


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Monday, December 2, 2019

It's Skin Babyface Natural Eyebrow

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Wow, It is already December, wow the last month of the year is already here. I can´t believe how this 2019 was so quick and in a few days, the year is gonna end. Well, I have several reviews before finish this year and I wanted to share this good product It's Skin Babyface Natural Eyebrow It has been a while since I write about the Korean brand Its Skin. I bought this automatic pencil because I wanted to try something different from the usual MISSHA Smudge Proof Wood Brow which I repurchased several times due the good has been that product for me.

The expiration after opened the product

Shade #04 Gray Brown

Gray Brown Swatch 

This is looks like It's Skin Babyface Natural Eyebrow  Gray Brown

PROs and CONs

- Good pigmentation
- Hard Texture
- Long-lasting effect
- Waterproof
- Smudgeproof
- Easy application

- In many countries you only can buy this product online.


I bought this item thinking in a good product for everyday and that was exactly what I found. This gray brown is perfect for that people that has a dark shade of hair but doesn´t want a hard look on the eyebrows simple you want to look pretty but you don´t want hard eyebrows so this is definitely the eprfect product for you. The application is easy and is only time to find the right shape for you because the texture of this pencil is dry and hard but the thing is to put the enough pressure.

I love it the fact that this only cost me around $6 USD and in fact I bought two per one at eBay (of coursr a retailer seller) and this last around 7 months to me wich is great because the expiration is after 12 month of opened. This is an affordable product and for me definitely I am going to repurchase more eyebrows products from the brand It's Skin because the relation between price and quality is good. I love it the natural effect that offers this color and of course the long-lasting effect.


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Monday, November 25, 2019

THE SAEM Eco Soul Contour Palette

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I am here with a new review aboput a product that I´ve using for a while now. Today is the turn for THE SAEM Eco Soul Contour Palette a palette designed for contour. Sincerely I bought this palette because I like the neutral colors for the eyes and the most of korean palettes doesn´t have neutral colors without any glitter or is not so frequently.So even when I use this palette ofr my face too I prefer using this palette for contouring my eyes.

The Saem has become one of my favorite brands witht he time and iIt was in the time were I bought this one. One the few that has a contouring palette with an affordable price too so I decided to buy this one, moving with this review. By the way while I am writing this post I have a cold and I am not feeling pretty well but I want to keep my blog updated.

How to Use

THE SAEM Eco Soul Contour Palette

The colors~

⋏ Packaging + Price: When I bought this palette the cost It was arounf $11 for me the price was really affordable. The packaging is simple like the most of products of The Saem but with a good finish and the plastic doesn´t look cheap which is good.

Using different shades~

THE SAEM Eco Soul Contour Palette Swatches

The color on my eyes~

PROs and CONs

Affordable price
Nice and simple packaging
Medium pigmentation
Soft Texture
Easy Application
Multiuse product

In many countries you only can buy this product online.


When I bought this product It was a more like specie of experiment because sincerely Iw as looking for neutral eyeshadows. Some websites says this product contains 1 highlighter and 3 brozers. For me the other threee colors that are matte are not necesarilly a bronzer are more like other skin colors shades which is great. Each color prvides a medium pigmentation but I love it that because the colors are pretty natural. For example on my brow bone I applied the highlighter color and the effect is so subtle and I like that because provides that makeup effect in which you are with makeup but look so natural that doesn´t look like you have makeup.

I like the quantity of the four shades and I like the fact that I can use too for contouring my face too. But My contouring is super simple I only contour my v-line and my cheek bones. Probably I am gonna share about that in another post because today I am not feeling enough good and like I said my contouring is the most simple and what I show you on my eyes is how I frequently I use this product. I highly recommed this product because is a good investment.


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Friday, November 22, 2019


"Advertorial Post"

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Sincerely I am not sure what is happening with the months but look like everything is flying and rushing in the time. Probaby just a matter of perception andwe are in my favorite moment in the time that is the time for holidays and for give. I guess there are coming so good times, I am making my effort despite all my personal situations can have a gift for each beloved person of mine. And that is one the reasons because I am sharing about this webstore Baginning  that has an amazing collection of beautiful bags.

I started to showing in this post a lovely clear bag and now my second pick It is something more sober and simple with this brown shoulder bag. But I must confess that the clear handbags in this webstore has amazing styles and designs. You can change completely  your style with a jelly bag. By the way I like the variety in the range of prices because sometimes you are in budget so is good that you can find more affordable prices of good items. 

 Even If you are not buying for yourslef this is good place where to buy cute purses or a cute handbag to a friend this a great place where to start to looking for. Ny the way i know just Halloween was few weeks ago but i must confess that the Halloween purses are so kawaii~ I prefer the classic shoulder bags but now is very popular the fanny packs which I guess is a very interesting way to have a bag. Anyway I want invite you to visit this webstore, please let me know in the comments If this webstore is new for you.

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Saturday, November 16, 2019

[JOLSE] heimish Taping Shadow Sand Beige Review

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I am back with the last review of my most recent haul Korean Makeup Haul IX "Jolse" I feel happy to finish this because I was worried about my delay but I have some issues. I am back with the brand Heimish. Probably something I really like about this brand is the small amount of products that offers but the good quality of each product. Since the concept of taping eyeshadows where out in the Korean makeup market I was interested in try this concept and like I read good reviews about the eyeshadows of this brand I decided to try this product.

This is a collaboration with the amazing korean webstore Jolse and like I always I said my opinions are based in my own experience with the product. 

 Back Side

 Sand Beige

  heimish Taping Shadow Sand Beige 

When you open the palette

The makeup brush

Packaging: I like how delicate this little palette is, the box makes me very interesting that it contains the colors that the palette itself has and that unlike other brands the color has it on one of the easy-to-read edges it seems very good. The plastic with which the pallet container is made and is a soft matte plastic that gives it a much more delicate appearance.

Using the palette

The colors~


I want invite you to watch my video review (γƒŽ ̄Ο‰ ̄)γƒŽ

PROs and CONs

- Good pigmentation
- Cute color
- Affordable
- Long-lasting effect
- Easy application

-In many countries you only can buy this product online.


I did not have many expectations because I did not want to be disappointed but I am glad to know that this palette fulfilled what was promised. It's like I save two steps and I think it's an ideal product if you don't have many makeup brushes or if you're in a place like work or travel and you can't take several makeup brushes or you just want a quick application. The color is soft and with a lot of shimmering. I remember the old times when I used the palettes of Lioele. A long time ago I was so in love with the packaging that I almost forgot that everythin was really frosty. But this eyeshadow has color so that is good.

The effect of this color is long lasting the application is quick and easy so for me this is a good investment. The best way is that you can use the colors separately If that is what you want. By the way after record my review I found that If you want a colo more intense use your fingertips for apply this product the color looks more intense and I guess that is probably for the warm producing the friction. I highly recommend this product If you are looking for something good and easy to use with warm and cute colors.


 If you want to try this and other great Korean Cosmetics visit (♡°▽°♡)

You can buy the  heimish Taping Shadow Sand Beige

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Saturday, November 9, 2019


"Advertorial Post"

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It is amazing that is almost the middled of November but I am happy because I don´t know but I am happy to see that this year ending. I am asking a lot of questions but probably trhe best is not make any inner question at all. Like we are so close to the upcoming holidays I decided to share so amazing dresses from ever pretty dresses. I love it this amazing beautiful dress with the beautiful leaves details.

For me the pretty dresses are so important and indispensable in a basic wardrobe. As simple as your wardrobe is, it should always contain a nice party dress or for the holidays. I love simple and monochromatic designs most of the time. However you can always innovate always remembering that each style is personal.

Without noticing I picked three beautiful dresses and two of these dresses has similar colors. I love it the desings and the colors. here you can find a good variety of desings and of course, If you are looking for dresses for proms or weddings this is the right place for you. Well I hope you can find this post useful and informative.

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