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Tuesday, September 21, 2021


 "Advertorial Post"

Hi Everyone!

This has been so busy for me, and today I decided just to stay at home and rest. Some Days I feel worried about how much time I can continue with my life in this way you know, but I try to be positive and don´t let negative thoughts invade my mind. Today how other days I want to introduce to you to the best shapewear that is in the webstore Durafits.

By the way, when I share things like this shapewear that doesn't mean that I guess or feel that everybody should use this. That is not the case, I think that the body shaper bodysuit is something for those people who feel that they should use this for use certain clothing. But If you don´t comfortable and you think that for you this is not necessary that is completely fine. And the reason because I say this is that I don´t want to nobody feel sad.

If you have been under certain aesthetics surgeries this is a good option (obvious always consulting your Doctor).  Leaving that aside some costumes look better with a bodysuit is has Halloween is so close this is a great option too. Have you used a bodysuit before? Have you heard about Durafits? Please let me know the answer in the comments. I hope the information here can be useful to you.

Bye Bye!

Wednesday, September 15, 2021

[JOLSE] CLIO Pro Eye Palette Coral Talk Review


Hi Everyone!

These have been complicated days but I must confess that I feel happy to share this review with you. This time is the turn of one of my favorite brands CLIO and this is the time to share with you the beautiful colors of CLIO Pro Eye Palette Coral Talk. I received this palette in a previous haul of Jolse and since I tried it for the first time I am very happy with this palette. 

How probably you already know I a huge fan of coral color and this palette It was something like my time to express my full love. By the way, I received this product as part of my collaboration with Jolse but I have not received any monetary compensation for this review. All the opinions expressed are based on my own experience with the product.


Name of Shades

Directions & Caution

CLIO Pro Eye Palette Coral Talk

- Packaging + Price: The packaging is very nice has this clear part that lets's see the colors through and the best part is that the plastic doesn´t look or feels cheap. The price is around $33 USD but I know this palette is not very affordable. But considering the quality and the number of colors. the price is good for me.

PROs and CONs

- Cute packaging
- Creamy Textures
- Pigmented Colors
- Shimmering Colors
- Long-lasting Effect
- Easy Application

- In many countries, you only can buy this palette online.


I started to use this palette several months ago and since I tried it the first time I fell in love πŸ’— the colors are creamy, soft, and super easy to apply and blend. For me, it is hard to say that Korean cosmetics overall have not good pigmentation in their palettes I tried several brands and their palettes always have found that the pigmentation is low. So od course there are so many different brands and I have not tried all the Korean Makeup bands but I can say that based on my experience with very known brands that their pigmentation is not the best. 

But this palette has soft colors with not a lot of powdery because these colors feel like creamy and soft texture with a good pigment. The colors I applied here are without eye primer because I wanted you to notice the product only. But with an eye primer, the color is super long-lasting and the pigment looks strong.  On my forearm the colors don´t look so strong due to the light I decided not to edit the light or colors in the photos so you can see the more real shade on your device. Obviously while more light the shade looks less on my forearm because my skin is light in that part. But you can see how while more dark is the color more strong looks too due to the contrast with my skin. 

The swatches I show you in the collage are by the softest and cute colors how I prefer to make my soft makeup but sincerely I like the strong matte colors of this palette. In conclusion, If you are a huge fan of coral shades, this palette is a good investment. Something I enjoy is that I need only one small quantity of eyeshadow for your full lips. This has become another of my favorites products of CLIO.


I invite you to visit
For Korean Makeup and Skincare Products

You can buy the CLIO Pro Eye Palette Coral Talk

This is me after using the CLIO Pro Eye Palette Coral Talk

Well, my lovelies until here is the review for today I hope you enjoyed this review
Thank you for reading this full post darling γƒ½(o^▽^o)γƒŽ
I wish you a happy day

Bye Bye!!

Friday, September 10, 2021

What You Should Consider When Expanding Your Business to Foreign Locations

There are a lot of businesses that, once they have come into some level of success, intend on expanding their organization. Whether this is overseas or to another state is irrelevant, it is a lot of hard work and a lot of pressure to take on. There are a variety of issues that commonly surface when businesses decide to expand to a foreign location, including setting up payroll on a global basis, a benefits program, and multiple other HR essentials. Not to mention, there is the time and cost involved in recruitment, coming to terms with the physical distance and cultural barriers, and the logistics of such a big move. This article will discuss these potential issues in more detail, specifically, how you can overcome them and ensure your business's success in its expansion. 

Think of the Logistics 

If you have a truck load of products to ship from locations that are a large distance away, then you should ensure that you have the means to carry out those deliveries. You should consider utilizing the services of Shiply who are able to ship truckloads of products incredibly quickly and efficiently. 

Register Your Business

The amount of time that it takes to register your business in a new country or state can vary, so it’s important to get going with this process before it becomes too much of an issue. Even after this, getting your business up and running after its registration can also take a while due to instances such as office space, technology, electricity, and water. These issues can take a while to rectify and so it is important to get yourself registered as soon as possible so you can get on with all of the other potential problems. 

Of course, you shouldn’t be put off expanding somewhere new simply because the registration process for that area is tough; if the market is right then, you should try and encroach on it. In the grand scheme of things, the registration times are simply going to be a minor inconvenience. 

Finding Skilled Talent to Work for You 

It goes without saying that once you expand your market, you have a potential talent pool that is international. When you enter a brand new market, you have the chance to find professionals that have specialist skills, which are exactly what your company needs. Plus, if you are hiring from a job market that is less competitive, then the ability to hold on to and retain employees becomes much easier as well. 

Not only that, but when you set out to hire new talent in a foreign location, you are opening your door to a variety of different networking contacts as well, all of which could eventually help you build your business even more. This will be great if you decide to set up a permanent presence in that location because you will already know who you are near and who you can work with. 

Tuesday, September 7, 2021

[JOLSE] TONYMOLY Back Gel High Tech Flat Liner Review

Hi Everyone!

I feel happy to be here writing this review because I been trying a lot to write this sincerely is hard and difficult to write a review with my wifi. But now I am happy to be here writing about a product that I really like how is this TONYMOLY Back Gel High Tech Flat Liner this is my first time using a flat liner so I guess the experience has been good. TONYMOLY has been always one of my favorite brands so I picked this eyeliner for that reason and the price was very good too.

A sweat-proof, tear-proof, and oil-proof eyeliner.
The gel ink tank helps draw eyelines vividly and continuously.
Adjust the eyeliner thickness to fit the eye shape with the high-tech dual brush.

The Box

-Tip and Pigment: The pigment is very good because is very pigmented and you can feel how the formula is not a liquid pen liner but in fact a gel formula wich I found is nice but I prefer a more liquid formula in a brush eyeliner because is easy to manage this is not so liquid and dries quickly. The tip is very interesting because is flat and makes easy the application. The application is very quick and easy. 

This is the flat tip 

PROs and CONs

- PROs
Affordable Price
Easy Application
Good pigmentation
Sweat Proof
Long-lasting effect

The formula is thick
In many countries, you only can buy this product online


I feel happy with this eyeliner, is very easy to apply the color has a great pigmentation. This is not a matte eyeliner is a glossy one which I feel fine with that but sincerely I prefer the matte black over the glossy. The tip is very innovative I guess is perfect for begginners I don´t like my eyeliner very thin I prefer an eyeliner not so thin so I really enjoy this eyeliner. 

My only issue with this eyeliner is that is not waterproof and that is a shame because I tear up a lot and sincerely I need a waterproof eyeliner due my allergies. I prefer waterproof eyeliners and probably that is the only reason because I am going to take one star of my rating. This eyeliner is long lasting last almost twelve hours without retouch. I guess this is a good product but my other concern is the texture you have to touch several times with the tip for apply the eyeliner is easy but I find than I don´t enjoy this gel texture so much because dries quickly. The price of this eyeliner is around $9.33 USD which is very good considering the quality. But I like the color and the finish and is very nice to handle, the packaging is super simple and nothing special but I like this brush liner.


I invite you to visit
For Korean Makeup and Skincare Products

You can buy the TONYMOLY Back Gel High Tech Flat Liner

This was my review for today πŸ’—
I hope you can find this post useful
I wish you health

Bye Bye!!

Thursday, September 2, 2021


"Advertorial Post"

Hi Everyone!

And this is a new month and this is only to remember that I have a lot for publish that I have not published yet. Today I decided to share a new Webstore that has beautiful and Personalized Gifts by this good website called Koalaprint. find a website where you can buy customized gifts is always a good option and more in these days where we are so apart of our beloved ones. But leaving that aside If you are like me and you like the customized things for you this is a great idea too.


Something I must confess I always would like to have is the name "Sakuranko" in a necklace and this is a great opportunity to have a Name Necklace of course you can use this option for the name that you want. I like my own name but I don't feel that is necessary to have a necklace with my own name all the time but for some reason, I would like to have a necklace with the name of my blog there. I guess could be nice. What do you think about this option? The last time I saw something like this was on eBay but this is my first time checking a website that specifically you can buy a necklace like this.

The last item was something very interesting and that can become a very significant gift because you can put a mini photo in a bracelet this sounds super cheesy but I feel that is a great idea for a special date. This item is called Projection Bracelet and this is my first time checking a product like this I would like to know-how works in real life having the bracelet in my hands this product is made of silver 925 which is good because that means is a durable item. This item has the name of souvenir of love and sincerely the name is splendid you can buy this bracelet in two colors. This website sells school stationery, phone cases, and a lot more. Did you know about Koalaprint? Please let me know in the comments what are thoughts about these items.

Bye Bye!

Monday, August 30, 2021

Playa Blanca

Hi Everyone!

Sincerely I don´t want to think about my wifi situation is so weird and abstract I prefer no to think about that but today I want to share a little about my last visit to the beach we are in the last days of summer but in fact, I live in one eternal summer. Today I want to share about my improvised visit to the white beach (playa Blanca) two days ago. Two days ago was the date of vaccination of Kuro and we went to the beach after vaccination. Just for fun and was just a little time was all very improvised first even we didn´t know where we wanted to visit. By the way, there is not any contraindication to take a little bath on the beach always protecting of sun and not for so many hours. The water was warm and the sand was very soft. This beach is located at Puerto Cabello, Venezuela.

We visited the beach because we wanted to take lunch that was the real reason we spent almost all the time working and we don´t have a lot of time for dates and was a very nice day how you can see. Sincerely I enjoyed the lunch so much this was fried fish with tostones and fresh salad. My mouth waters only to see the photo and yeah the lunch was delicious. 

Selfie time πŸ’• 

I enjoyed a lot my time short but happy time on the beach I prefer when the beaches are empties or with little people because are more comfortable and nice. If you follow me on my Instagram probably you already noticed that I published the photos.

Please let me know your comments about this place, what think about this beach. I enjoyed this beach so much even when we stayed around two hours and we come back to the house. Of course, I hope the people who visit the beach maintain in a good state. Well this was my short post of today~ Happy day

Bye Bye!!