Sunday, October 19, 2014

Secret Key Soft Pore Brush

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After a long day I´m here writing a review for my sweet readers (*´◡`*)!I spent all my day making a project for the College and after finish this review I need continue with more homework for study and is almost midnight. I´m not sure exactly where on my schedule is sleep but well I´m absolutely busy lately. But well today I want share with you this great product from the Korean Brand called Secret Key. Secret Key Soft Pore Brush this is an excellent product if you want clean your pores. I have oily skin so this product is very useful to me. 

✩⃛(υˇωˇυ) Back Side of Box~

Down side of box~꒰。・ω・`;꒱*:・

Right Side of Box~

Left Side~  (^v^)♡

Inside the box~

Price: The price is $14.97 on Jolse with shipping included, personally the price is very affordable to difference to other products or tools for clean the face.

Quality: The material is plastic that means the fiber is synthetic but is very soft and that is great because not irritate my skin.

This is absolutely soft~.\(( °ω° ))/.+*:

So, this product works? ₊(ˊᵕ͙ૣᴗᵕ͙ૣˋ)ˈ·˚*

Now the Test~

Before and After~ 
( ⸝⸝⸝°_°⸝⸝⸝ ) I know before looks so dirty my nose, 
for that reason I need cleaning very well.  And yes is obvious that works.

⁽ ◟(∗ ˊ ` ∗)◞ ⁾⁾ now the video review + demo 

Please support my video review + demo〜(*´︶`*)♡ ”


- The fiber is soft.
- This is a product very affordable.
- Removes the sebum of my skin.
- Helps to prevent blackheads.
- It´s easy to clean.

- On many countries you only can buy this product online. 


If you want clean your pores this product is the answer ୧(๑•̀⌄•́๑)૭✧ but I must say for see better results you need use this two or three times per week.  This brush cleans very well my pores and reduce the sebum, and makes more easy removes the blackheads. I´m very surprised because the quality is excellent. I used this and doesn´t irritate my skin because the fiber is very soft. I can see the difference after clean my face with this product. I recommend this product if you want clean more deeply your skin without spent a lot of money. Is very easy to clean too and that is important the fiber has a high quality and is very good. 

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Where to buy?

You can buy the Secret Key Soft Pore Brush

(◌´◡`◌)♡ That is my bare face after wash my face and use the 
Secret Key Soft Pore Brush♡♡” 

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Friday, October 17, 2014

Great Time for Beauty Coupons

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If you has a long time reading my blog (๑•ᴗ•๑)/*¨. you should know I love it the offers, and I love it save money, but the most important I can buy something of good quality without spent great amount of money. For example on my case I´m a Medical Student and I have to save money after be a blogger, because I need buy books. But on any case save money is great,  I always share through my social networks my beauty coupons for save money and some people write me thanks because save money is great too. 

I found this site called CupoNation and has a great variety of coupons, and the best on my opinion are the different discounts. Usually I have coupons just for an unique percent but here you can find different percentages. I love it the variety but the quality is important to me, and I was checking and you can find coupons for Lenovo, asos, The iconic and more~

I found good offers in ASOS is great even free shipping. And thy type of things I want share with my readers, I know too, that many of my readers are bloggers too and shopaholics and and this site cuponation has great vouchers of discounts. This is a nice way to use coupons but you can find maybe new stores too. 

I always share with you the best, and well I love it know about offers because this year is ending very soon and each time I have less time to may my purchases and receive vouchers of offers is a great time not just for save my money, I can save time too.

You can visit this site and explore more deeply, the vouchers that adjust to your needs, I love it the offers on ASOS because I love it buy clothes~ I love it buy on eBay and here I found discounts for eBay that is very great. 

I hope this post can be useful to you, we can find learn and enjoy everyday and your inspire me to create and enjoy~Please share on your comments your opinions about this site.

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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Winners Announcement Lioele and Etude House Giveaway!

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Yesterday ended my giveaway sponsored by my Kokoro~ Thank you sweetie! and well now it´s time to announce the winners. Two winners! First winner: 1 ETUDE HOUSE Moistfull Super Collagen First Trial Kit and Second Winner: 1 Lioele Lip Color Stick (the winner choose the shade).♡。゚.(*♡´◡` 人´◡` ♡*)゚♡ °

The winners are~

Congratulations to Mercedez Moreno & El Blog de la Choi ♡ 

First winner~ You can see her comment here

Second Winner you can see her comment here

Today I will be writing them to the winners, I hope your answer in a period no longer than 48 hours. Or will choose another winner.
o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆ Thank you everyone that joined to this giveaway!
I hope do more giveaways soon~

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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Fotor Slideshow

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Today I want share something very great about Fotor, this is an online photo editor very useful and easy to use. I talked about this on the past because I use fotor almost everyday for edit the pics on my phone or on mi pc. A very good point about Fotor is that is very fast and easy to use (not like others). I love it for make collages because is very easy and I can resize before make the collage and is super useful and easy you only need the pics.

But this time I´m here for share with you the new function about Fotor and is that you can create your own slideshow thanks to slideshow maker. This is so easy to use like  the others you only need the pics and choose the template. And I want share with you the slideshow that I made on Fotor Slideshow

I love it this slideshow creator (⑅˃◡˂⑅)♡ 

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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Skin Watchers UV Success Sun Block

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After a long week a new lovely review for my sweet readers, If you follow me since a long time you should know I´m a fan of sunscreens \(^o^)/ the reason is because is one the most important steps on my daily skincare routine. The sunscreen protect our skin of harmful sunburn and of course of sun damage. 

This time I´m here with this Korean product from the brand Skin Watchers,  a brand specialized to make products with natural products without bad ingredients for our skin. I talked about this brand before with the review of  Skin Watchers Green Snail Hydrating Gel like I love it tthat gel I love it this sunscreen because has a high quality. This product is sponsored by the great store Jolse but all the opinions are based on my experience with this product. ♡.°

\( ´ω` )/♡ Close-up Box~ Front

Back Side~ All is Korean, but important it has the expiration date!

Right Side~

Right Side~ Ingredients + Directions (*´ー`*) ♡♡

Upside Box~ 

 (๑᷄ọ̶̶̷̷̷̥﹏ॢọ̶̶̷̷̥๑᷅)♡ For my readers who love know the ingredients~

Skin Watchers UV Success Sun Block 
Tube front~

Packaging: The packaging looks like another drugstore,  by the way remember to me the brand Avène I think is for the colors. Very normal  packaging,  a box with white and orange. Has directions and ingredients on English and that is important on a packaging because I don´t read korean. 

Back Side of tube~
All is on English~



Aroma & Texture: This product is creamy, very light and creamy perfect for every day. Is absorbed very fast on my skin and doesn't leave a creamy or to much moisture sensation, nothing like stickiness. The skin you can feel moisturizes without be sticky. The aroma is very neutral and soft, I can say like just soft tones of flowers but is natural and very very soft.

Bare Skin with a small amount of product~

After spread~

o(*ゝ。∂*)o))) My video review and demo~
Where you can see the size of product and how a applied~
|ω・`)) Please support my video review~


- Helps my sensitive skin.
- It's absorbed very fast.
- It Has a light texture.
- Doesn't cause breakouts.
- I like it because is Oil Free.
- This product has natural extracts of Aloe Vera and Green Tea. 
- It has a high SPF50+/PA+++
This product is free of Alcohol, Paraben, Phenoxyethanol and Benzophenone

- On many countries you only can buy this product online (including me)


I love it this sunscreen, first because leave my face very soft and moisturized like a moisturizing cream and second because is alcohol and oil free. Is so hard find a a sunscreen without that two ingredients, and too because I use this Skin Watchers UV Success Sun Block on my body too. ღゝ◡╹)ノ♡ This has a good and light texture so I can use this before apply my makeup and my face doesn't feel heavy and that is a problem with others sunscreens. Well I can´t say this maintain my face matte. I need use loose powder or press powder after use this product because I live in a hotter eternal summer that means on a tropical country, but the good point is that this product does not looks white when I perspire. And that is great because that means the sunscreen is there on my skin. This to a difference to others not cause me breakouts. On recent days I have some pimples thanks to the stress and I was worried because this product was new for me but using my current skin care routine this doesn't cause more oily skin or more pimples.\(^o^)/ Now my skin is fine and I can say this doesn't cause breakouts. I recommend this product to 100%

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Before open the product~ With a security seal

If you can buy products from the brand Skin Watchers (^ν^)
I want invite you to buy in Jolse


Me after use the Skin Watchers UV Success Sun Block (ノ´・ω・)ノ ⌒ *

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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Stylish Watch Orange Pink

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Oh my God the alst days are been very tiring, but today I´m here with a new review and share this cute watch from Twinkledeals   ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ♡ I use this watch everyday for College lately because is a cute point of color.  The pink is pretty~ (≧∇≦)  and for me this looks sweet like an orange and citric like orange~




If you want find more cute and pretty acesories
I want invite you to 


\\(۶•̀ᴗ•́)۶/  Close-up on me~

Oh (=‘x‘=)(=‘x‘=) I hope you like it this cute review
about this cute watch~ thank you for your comments~
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