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[JOLSE] Beautymory Crystal Expert BB Cream

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It has been several days since my previous post like always I´ve been full of work but I feel pretty happy because now I have the chance to write this review for you. It´s an amazing thing that we are already at Valentine's Day and is amazing think that today is the birthday of my little cat Hana. And today I am here to share a review about a BB Cream ~ So Yay It has been a while since my last review of BB Cream. Sincerely I enjoy more the BB Creams than the foundations.

I received this product by Jolse like part of their recruitment of reviewers so thank you so much to Jolse website for this product in advance. I need to mention that is my first time trying this brand and that makes me feel a little excited because always try a new Korean brand is something good for me. Like always all the opinions in this review are based in my own experience with this product. I received this product super late because I received this product the past month that means in January and the recruitment was like in September I don´t remember now ut It was several months ago. But thanks to the postal office I received this several months later. 

Beautymory Crystal Expert BB Cream

You can get a glossy skin due to the Crystal BB which is excellent at covering flaws.
Contains Macadamia Oil which has high absorption, Pomegranate Extract giving vitality and Fig Tree Fruit/Leaf Extract
which moisturize and soothes the tired skin from ultraviolet rays.
Coverage test completed so it proves covering various skin flaws clearly and beautifully.

Box Back Side

You can check each ingredient too at Skincarisma

Upside Box

The expiration date is 12 months after opened the BB Cream

This shade is 01 Light Beige 

Beautymory Crystal Expert BB Cream

Packaging and Price: The price of this BB Cream is not so affordable because this has a price of around $26 USD so for me that price is not affordable. The packaging is simple but I like the model at least is easy to carry on my makeup bag.

Back Side


Expiration Date

Unopened Seal

This is the color of Light Beige 

 I love it the fact that the color is not so gray or pink

For me, this color is a perfect Light Beige

After Blend the BB Cream the finish is amazing

My Bare Skin

After applying Beautymory Crystal Expert BB Cream Light Beige

If you want to see how to Apply the Beautymory Crystal Expert BB Cream in video please watch my video review

PROs and CONs

- Good packaging
- Good quantity
- Medium Coverage
- Long-lasting effect
- Natural and luminous finish
- Moisturizing effect

- In many countries, you have to buy this product online.
- The price is not so affordable.


This product It was love to first try. The first time that I tried this BB Cream it was like oh yes this is what my skin needed. The application is super easy and after blend this BB Cream the result is pure love. Sincerely this is a light beige shade but the color to a difference to others BB Cream doesn´t oxidize and that is important. I don´t have dry patches with this BB Cream or oil excess even when this BB Cream provides a moisturizing feeling. I can´t say this is a matte BB Cream this BB Cream provides a semi-matte long-lasting effect.

I love it the fact that provides a gaussian blur effect respect to the pores and that is something I really love. The effect is amazing and you can see very well that in the after photo. I love how looks this BB Cream alone but using the Vue de Pulang stick the effect is even better. I need to say too that this medium coverage is really good for cover red spots or red areas. This is a cold BB Cream so is good like a base for contouring too. The only problem is that the product only has two shades.

The natural finish with the luminous semi-matte effect It compensates the fact that it has a high price, it is a BB Cream with a quality superior to other BB Creams. It reminded me of a beautiful BB Cream of Skinfood sadly that brand is in limbo. I recommend this product 100%


If you want to try this and other great Korean Cosmetics visit (♡°▽°♡)

If you want to buy the Beautymory Crystal Expert BB Cream 

This is how I look after using the Beautymory Crystal Expert BB Cream

I hope you enjoyed this review~
Thank you so much to Jolse for this chance (*^▽^)/
Happy Valentine´s Day! πŸ’–

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Monday, February 11, 2019


"Advertorial Post"

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For me the health is primordial in life, and sincerely I don´t know how are people there in the world that doesn´t care even a little about their health. So today I want to talk a little about Dexascan. I need to make a little introduction but as a Physician, I need to talk about our body, yeah each body has a composition and each body is different depending on each lifestyle. The body composition goes for water, muscle, bones, fat that is divided into two essential and non-essential fat and of course other organs. Each body is different and that is the fact that many people don´t take in the count when they want to adjust to a specifical dieting regime or adopt a new lifestyle. 

So today I am here for sharing an innovative device for measure bone mineral density, muscle mass, fat mass, bone mass, a fat percentage so this is great If you are looking start to be a healthy lifestyle. Because is not equal the lifestyle of one athlete in comparison with a regular person that has office work and never do any exercise. How a DEXA Body Composition Scan Works? This device uses x-ray technology but a specifical x-ray technology that is called dual x-ray absorptiometry and for that is the name of Dexascan.

Something I want to let to know is that I talked about athletes and people that are looking for a dieting routine, but like this device scans bone density is important to me talk about osteoporosis. That condition is more frequent in women after menopause because occurs a decrease in some hormones that help the women be protected against this condition. The osteoporosis results in a person that is always developing fractures but in this case is because of there is a fragility in their bones because the density in their bones is really low and in this condition, the person is more susceptible to fractures. 

About DEXA SCAN Locations this is really easy to find and make an appointment you only have to visit their website and in Locations & Pricing you have a map and a place where you can out your postal code for establishing an appointment and leave the professionals of Dexascan work in your body. The procedure is so simple because you only have to lay on the bed where the scan is gonna work on you and the entire scan last seven minutes so a difference to other procedures is simple and quick. I really recommend this procedure because is simple and easy and can make a huge difference. like I said before remember each body is different so you can not compare yourself to another person because each body has a different body composition. I hope you can find this post informativeand useful.

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Monday, February 4, 2019

EYENLIP Hydrogel Eye Patch Hyaluronic Acid

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It has been several days since my last review so a new month and a new review. Today I am here with a very interesting product and this time I am talking about eye patches by the Korean brand Eyenlip. So today I am here with a new review about this product. I am a person that sleeps not very well. I work as a physician and I spent so many hours without sleep almost nothing and believe me sometimes is not because I don´t want to sleep is because I just need to do my work.

So a product for my dark circles and my tired puffy eyes are always welcomed to my life. First I must confess I really like the packaging of this product is very cute the design on the lid. I received this product like part of a collaboration with BeautyNetKorea but all the opinions expressed in this review are based in my own opinion with the product. The eye patches have five versions Salmon Oil & Peptide, Black Pearl, Gold & Snail, Collagen and this one the Hyaluronic Acid.

This is how look the box~

Back Side Box


How to use
1. After cleansing, lightly prepare your skin with toner.
2. Remove the patch using the built-in pliers.
3. Attach the patch to the desired area, such as the eye area or the palm line.
4. After about 20 to 40 minutes, remove the patch and lightly tap the remaining essence to absorb.

EYENLIP Hydrogel Eye Patch Hyaluronic Acid 

"Fill-up moisture and take away skin thirst"

Plastic tweezers

Easy to take the eye patches

This is how to look the EYENLIP Hydrogel Eye Patch Hyaluronic Acid 
on my undereye area

Before and After effect~

PROs and CONs

- Good price
- Good aroma
- Great moisturizing effect
- Juicy effect
- Luminous effect
- The great number of eye patches

- In many countries, you have to buy this product online
- The essence feel something sticky after use


The eye patches are a very useful product for provides moisture to the area of my under the eye. Sincerely that area is very dry and is so delicate that I am always looking for more moisture. These eye patches provide a good quantity of moisturizing effect but I must confess these are slippery which is not funny If you are expecting a relaxing time with these. I really enjoyed how fresh and moisturized and healthy look my puffy eyes after using the patches but like I have some concerns respect to these patches. 

One of my principal concerns is the aroma, the aroma of the essence is pretty strong for me and I suffer from allergy so I am not a fan of strong aromas. My second corn is the design of these eye patch. The design doesn´t fit in the area under my eye so is a little annoying when you are applying for the first time or you have several days without using the patch. I like the fact that this contains good ingredients like Sodium Hyaluronate and Extract of Green Tea.

My last concern and the real reason because I am a giving a less star to this product is because after use I feel the area where I applied the patch sticky and I don´t like that sensation. Yeah, the patch makes my undereye feel fresh, healthy and more luminous but for example, If I want to apply sunscreen or BB Cream is too sticky and after applying some of these products the area looks clumsy and cakey. But in overall, this is a pretty good product the refreshing effect is amazing and the price is super affordable. So yeah I would like to try another version. The price is around $20 USD at beautyNetKorea without shipping but for 60 eye patches a guess that is a good deal.

I love it the luminous effect


You can buy this and more great cosmetics at ( ^∇^)

And you can buy 
EYENLIP Hydrogel Eye Patch Hyaluronic Acid 

And that was all for this review (ΰΉ‘꒪▿꒪)* This is a very good product and I am happy to have the chance to try a product like this. 
I hope you enjoyed this review (⌒▽⌒γ‚ž

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Thursday, January 31, 2019

Facelift vs Brow Lift

If you are searching for ways to reduce the amount of aging that you're experience within your face, there are a variety of treatments that can reduce your wrinkle lines, eliminate the presence of jowls, improve your frown lines, and lessen any sagging of the skin. The primary plastic surgeries that can be provided to you as a means of rejuvenating your face include a brow lift and a facelift. Although both of these treatments offer a range of advantages that you will want to be aware of, you should also know what the differences are so that you can more effectively select the surgery that's right for your specific situation.

Differences Between Facelifts and Brow Lifts

A brow lift is a type of plastic surgery that is designed to reduce wrinkle lines along the upper portion of your face, improve your frown lines, position the eyebrows in a more youthful position, and raise any brows that are starting to sag. There are times when a facelift may be used in combination with a brow lift. On the other hand, a facelift is a type of plastic surgery that is designed to improve a number of signs of aging that can be found in your neck and face.

These signs of aging can extend anywhere from loose skin in your neck to the deepening of fold lines around the corner of your mouth. There are several different types of facelifts that include a traditional facelift, a neck lift, and a limited incision facelift, each of which targets a different area of your face. Both of these plastic surgeries will allow you to appear younger.

When You Should Obtain a Facelift

You should consider obtaining a facelift if the primary aspects of aging occur on the lower two-thirds of your face, which can extend from the top of your nose down to your neck. If your skin has loosened or the skin on your face has become too thin, it's highly recommended that you consider a facelift. The best candidates for a facelift are people who are healthy, don't smoke, and have realistic expectations.

When You Should Seek a Brow Lift

You should think about seeking a brow lift if the primary signs of aging that you're dealing with can be found around your eyes or your forehead. This type of plastic surgery is almost entirely meant for the upper portion of the face. Given the fact that a brow lift and a facelift target different areas of the face, you may want to consider combining the two plastic surgeries so as to ensure that you are able to obtain the benefits of both treatments.

Brow Lift Procedure

The brow lift procedure begins with the application of either general anesthesia or local anesthesia, which largely depends on the extent of the surgery. The incisions will then be made. Since a brow lift can be performed on a variety of areas within the upper face, the incisions can also be made in different locations. The most common type of incision is referred to as an endoscopic incision, which means that the incision will occur from one ear to the other along your hairline. The forehead skin will then be lifted and any adjustments of the muscles underneath can then be made.

The primary advantage of this type of incision is that the scar that results from an endoscopic incision is very easily concealed within your natural hairline. If you have a high forehead, it's possible that you may require a coronal incision, which is a type of incision that occurs a couple inches back from the front hairline. Once the incisions have been made and the adjustments have occurred, the incisions are then closed with the use of sutures, clips, or skin adhesives. All that's left is for you to wait for the results.

Facelift Procedure

If you are obtaining a standard facelift, you will be provided with anesthesia and then the initial incisions will be made. The incisions will typically take place around your temples and can extend around your ear. Depending on the type of work that needs to be done with your face, the fat could be sculpted or the underlying tissue could be repositioned. If the aging problems that you would like to have resolved extend down to the chin, a second incision could be made in this location. When all of the necessary alterations have been provided to you, the incisions are closed and you can begin the healing process.

How to Recover From a Facelift or Brow Lift

When you have obtained a facelift, you will likely be required by your surgeon to wear some bandages around your face for a week or two. You should be able to return to work in around 2-3 weeks. However, it can take several months for your face to feel normal once again in regards to its sensibility and texture. The bruising and swelling that invariably occur with a facelift should dissipate entirely in a couple of weeks. Once these issues disappear, you should be able to start seeing the actual results from the facelift.

As for a brow lift, your surgeon will provide you with detailed instructions that you will need to follow during the recovery period to make sure that the healing progresses smoothly. The initial healing should take around two weeks to complete. It's also around this time that you should consider returning to work. It can take a few months for all of the issues to heal, which is particularly true of the bruising that accompanies a brow lift. Make sure to visit your plastic surgeon regularly to check up on the results of the treatment.

Dr. Andrew Jacono is a Dual Board Certified plastic surgeon who performs a wide range of facial plastic surgery procedures as well as reconstructive surgery procedures. Dr. Jacono is known for his advanced approach to non-surgical and minimally invasive facial rejuvenation with flawless, yet natural results. Please visit his site if you’re interested in a facelift in the New York City area.

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Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Princess Pinky Eurasia Boho Hazel Circle Lenses Review

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I am very happy to be here today because this was a review a little complicated to write and not because this product is not good but because It was hard to find the right time for taking the photos for this review so today I finished of taking the shots for this review. Like some of my regular readers already know I am a huge fan about the circle lenses. 

The contact lenses can change completely the look of one particular makeup and I really like that. I received these circle lenses from the popular website PinkyParadise like sponsorship in exchange for one review. But like always all the opinions are based in my own experience with this product. 

If you want know how care the circle lenses
I want invite you to read my post

The box of these circle lenses is really cute!

I must confess I wanted to try the Caramel model~ But the website made a mistake and sent me Boho Model ( ̄▽ ̄)γƒŽ

This was the content of the box~ And of course the cute cases~(*^▽^*)

Princess Pinky Eurasia Boho Hazel 

This is a Bi-Tone design

Design/Pattern + Color: These circle lenses are a bi-tone design but the edge color is a powerful blue that makes stands the inner yellowish beige. The design blends with my natural eyes even when the two colors are not natural. 

Comfort: They feel good but after two hours in AC I started to feel uncomfortable.

Enlargement: The enlargement is very good even when the diameter is 14.00mm that is very natural. The edge makes the eyes pop.

Overall: I like these contact lenses but I need to say that these are not for a natural or kawaii style. These lenses are more suitable for a sexy and sassy style for a more powerful makeup with strong color os very colorful itself. because with a simple makeup can make the eyes look pretty dull. The circle lenses look with a stronger color in the case. I am not sure If is because my light eyes but they look less powerful on my eyes but I feel good with that. I like the design is simple but the effect is pretty in the end. I recommend these circle lenses If you are looking something for stand out.

◇ Rating: ★★★★

Where you can buy this and more cute Circle Lenses?.-♡-:.

If you want to buy thePrincess Pinky Eurasia Boho Hazel  Circle Lens 

(★^O^★) Close-up! Princess Pinky Eurasia
Boho Hazel Circle Lenses 

This is how I look with these circle lenses~
Full makeup version Ω©(^α΄—^)ΫΆ

Well, that was all for the review of today~ (*´▽`*)
I hope you enjoyed this review゜゚・*☆

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