Tuesday, January 27, 2015

La Mer Moisturizing Cream

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I´m  very happy today~ Today is the birthday of my dad, and I´m pretty happy because he liked my birthday gift for him ♡ My gift was a day planner because he is a very busy person and he needed one. Today I´m here with a new review and I hope you can enjoy too. I love it write about gorgeous products like this and I´m not talking about the packaging, this time is about the effect about the great La Mer Moisturizing Cream and one of my favorites products of the last year I didn´t added this to my Favorites Video because is not a Korean Product but this is a good invest.

✧ฺ+(0゚・∀・) +


La Mer Moisturizing Cream 

• Packaging: This is nothing special, and well this is a sample size that I received like a gift so for me is normal, is not cute just normal but is funcional os that is fine for me.

• Texture: Well is very creamy a bit dense, but is not a heavy cream in my opinion. Very creamy but this is not a lightweight either. You can spread easily on your skin and provides a long lasting moisturizing effect. 

Before with a bit of La Mer Moisturizing Cream

After~ My skin looks with a different light because the pics was outside~

PROs and CONs

- Long lasting moisturizing effect.
- Nice scent.
- Creamy texture.
- Helps to reduce the redness.

- This is a very expensive product.


(o(♡´▽`♡)o) I love it this product. This helped me  a lot of ti reduce the redness on my skin. Leaves my skin soft and moisturizing for all the day. My skin is pretty oily but this doesn´t makes my skin more oily (like other moisturizing creams) this is an excellent product because on my skin the moisturizing effect is long lasting so I con´t feel my skin dry after some hours because the moisturizing effect is pretty good. The big cons about this product is the price because is very expensive the product.


I hope you enjoyed this review~
I´m working on more reviews and videos too
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Friday, January 23, 2015

Klenspop Circle Lens Pop Blue

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Wow today was a tiring day, but I´m happy because after everything was a pretty nice week in fact. (*´・v・) Now I´m here with a new review and this time is about Circle Lenses. Like you know, I´m a big lover of circle lenses are so cute and for me are the perfect accessory. This time a new store and a new brand, this circle lens are from the brand New Bio from KLensPop a store new for me but is very popular and the customer support is very nice. This is a sponsored product but the opinions are based on my own experiece with the product. By the way I received this product three months later thanks to the slow postal service of my country, this was another package at the customs.

If this is your first time reading my blog and you want know how care circle lens
I want invite you to read my post

I received this with the circle lenses~ (*^▽^*)

o((*^▽^*))o Close-up!

Oh my God this is the circle lens case and is so pretty!
I love it~ And this comes with a mirror~ 。◕‿◕。


。o.゚。*・★Klenspop Circle Lens Pop Blue Video Review★・*。゚o
If you want see this circle lens with more details please watch this video~

■ Design/Pattern + Color: The design is unnatural but very dolly so is pretty cute. I need describe the pattern like a twist, because look like a twist with a navy blue edge and a more electric or cyan blue on the inside color of the circle lens. This pattern makes your eye pop and that make the eyes more dolly.

■ Comfort: This circle lens are comfy but after 2 hours I need some eye drops for moisturize my eyes.   

■ Enlargement: The diameter is 14.00 the enlargement is pretty dolly but I love it. I don´t look like an alien ( or like Hollywood says that the aliens are).

■ Overall: I love it this circle lens because they look dolly but I don´t need a heavy makeup for wear it and that is something good. I don´t need falsies, tons of mascara and a use to much eyeliner. The diameter provides a dolly effect but this same time despite the pattern this color blends pretty well on my natural eyes and that is so great because are contrasting colors, I recommend this circle lens if you want look more innocent and dolly because are perfect, the color is pretty intense too so is a great product.

■ Rating: ★★★★★

Where to buy?

You can buy the Klenspop Circle Lens Pop Blue

ヽ(☆・ω・) Btw My face is now free of swelling. 

Close-up! (゚ω゚(☆ω☆)゚ω゚)

✧ฺ+(0゚・∀・) + My last pic with Klenspop Circle Lens Pop Blue
I hope you enoyed this review~

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・ω・)ノシ My best wishes for you~

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Monday, January 19, 2015

eBay False Eyelashes #3

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Like I promise a new review today~ I hope your day was better than mine. Maybe if I´m not writing this post I would be crying. But After finish this post I want to finish a new Korean Drama called the Birth of Beauty and is very funny. I have this series of reviews about false eyelashes from eBay because are very cheap and the quality is pretty nice. Of course this type of eyelashes are disposable but I´m fine with that.

You can read my previous review about eyelashes from ebay below:


( ⋂‿⋂)


✿ Price: For me this is one the best pros about this eyelashes, the prices was just $2 USD with Free Shipping  I receive a month after my order and for me that is fine.


✿ Packaging: Just a white box with a heart in front like always. Nothing fancy but very useful.



✿ Quantity + Quality: This box contains 10 pair of eyelashes I like because the band is transparent so the effect is pretty natural. The quality is very nice too the firber looks natural and provide volumen to my eyes.


PROs and CONs

✿ PROs
- Nice quantity,
- Cheap.
- Good quality.
- Natural effect.
- Transparent band.

✿ CONs
- You only can buy this product online.


Well, Like I says on my contry: "Bueno, Bonito y Barato" and that means "Good, Pretty and Cheap" that are the words for describe this product. (‐^▽^‐) I used this eyelashes frequently on my reviews because looks pretty natural and provides volumen to my natural eyelashes. The fiber is soft and looks very natural this is not a dramatic effect but that is great  because this is something that I need for use for a more natural makeup. I hope find more great eyelashes on eBay.


Selfie time with the eBay False Eyelashes #3 ♡(*´∀`*)

I hope you enjoyed this review
And I feel better after finish to write this for you

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Sponsors that you need reject

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This post is not a review and is not an OOTD if you want read a review please go to my previous post that is below this post. This time I need share something that I was thinking since December of 2014 and is that I´m not sure if there are stupid people,  or are silly that make Advertising on their blogs FREE. 

(〜 ̄▽ ̄)〜 I can´t post advertorial on my blog free, because this is personal place and I only share things that are good for me. I'm sorry but I don't need a mail for visit to a Community that I even know. And NOT I can´t post a something that is not has any relation with my blog. 

Before post something about X Store on your Blog

- Check the webstore.
- Check their social networks.
- Read not sponsored reviews about this store.
- To Read What are saying the customers about this store.
- And please check the mail very detailed before post something on your blog.
- Remember let know to the store that you need put on your posr "Advertorial Post" 

Why I´m making this post? Well because I read many blogs everyday and I´ve seen many silly posts about some scam stores. 

I want share with you below some type of mails 
about supposedly sponsors that you need reject~ Btw I usually delete this like SPAM but I did a folder with stupid mails like these.( ̄▽+ ̄*)

Note: I edited the mails just a bit for privacity.


I´m not sure if that is his name is real so I don´t care. I received this mail like so many other people. And I need take this mail like a serious mail? Another important point.Where is the link of this store? ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ

I leave the name of the store inside the mail because I don´t care because is a very scam store, and I´m talking about Dressale and this store cheated so many bloggers. First post and after an specific number of clicks a product? This doesn´t sounds like SCAM!?
Or is just me?? (◐ω◑ ) This store cheated so many people and well I´m not sure but I can´t make a post where you need share the quantity of clicks for send me a product  because I´m not a beggar and this is cheat to my readers, sorry but not.


This is easy you need make a post about an unknown comunity FREE
( ̄ー ̄)Sorry but NOT.

You need reject weird Bloggers like this too~ ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ
Remember be friendly is not be stupid. A link about a weird blog/store on my blog FREE??
WtH?? (゜-゜)

First read the Subject: "Sugestion" ( ・◇・)? First I´m open to sugestions, let´s go to read.(☉_☉) I need share about a company with plan programs? FReE??
∑(O_O;) WtH??

。(*^▽^*)ゞ Oh this  look like a nice mail. (; ̄ェ ̄) Furniture?? But my Blog is about Cosmetics, Circle Lens, Accesories, OOTDs and Asian Products... And I need make this post FREE because the only that they offers is share their favorites (And that in case that the my is one of their favorites) on their social networks, へ(゜∇、°)へ Hahahahahaha!

That are just some examples of stupid stores/communities/bloggers that want free advertising or they want pay you,  by share their scam ヘ(>_<ヘ) Please be careful before publish something in your blog about a X Store 

My blog is my personal place and I need feel comfy about that I share here.
(^v^) I know that many people that read my blog doesn't have to much time blogging and receive a mail from a X Store can be exciting but can be a scam too so be careful.

I share that examples because many scam stores use the same type of mail and resend to many people. Don´t make a post just because that store or Community going  to share your post on their social networks because remember that your time is not only money,  your time is LIFE-~(=^‥^)ノ

What I do with this kind of emails is sent to the trash or mark them as SPAM.

I hope you can be the enough intelligent for reject some sponsors and be honest with you and your readers. 

I hope this post can be useful  to you~ (*^ω^)人(^ω^*)

Btw tomorrow new review here`~

Bye Bye!!

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Holika Holika One Solution Clear Ampoule

Hi Everyone!

Wow I want make this post yesterday but I was very tired this week was a craziness because I had finals and well, finals after vacations (゚´Д`゚)゚ that is not a good idea. Today I want share with you one of my favorite products of skin care. I love it the serums because contain very good substances for my skin and always improve my skin. This is the Holika Holika One Solution Clear Ampoule and I tried this the last year and I continue using for several months and helped  me when I had a terrible breakout thanks to the tomatox of Tonymoly but that is another story.  Btw this is not a sponsored product I bought this with my own money.

Left Side Box~

|=゚▽゚)ノ Close-up! 


Packaging: The box is nothing special I prefer the bottle with the dropper that is more pretty. The box only is a green like metallic paper box.

Holika Holika One Solution Clear Ampoule (*^ω^)人(^ω^*)

Price + Quantity: The price is around $13 and $15 with shipping included on eBay. I can´t talk about store because I don´t found this product in a store. For be an excellent serum the price for me is very good is not expensive. And well this contains 30  mÑ and I still have this product so for me is very good the price and the quantity.

\(^_^ ) Back Side



Texture: The first impresion was oh this is an oil,  but not, this is very watery feels more like  water instead an oil. This has a quick absortion and leaves my skin very soft reduce the redness and with this watery texture I can use this everyday.


Before & After

PROs and CONs

✖ PROs
- Watery texture.
- Cheap.
- Reduce the redness.
- Help to disminish the blemishes.
- Neutral essence.
- Good quantity 30 mL.

✖ CONs
- On many countries you only can but this product online.


ヽ( ^^) I´m very happy because I bought this product because this reduce the redness on my skin and is perfect for use everyday. This Holika Holika One Solution Clear Ampoule  remember me the La Mer The Radiant Serum but obvious this Holika Holika Serum is less expensive and provides good results. This provides (◎`・ω・´)  a great whitening effect and this is because reduce the redness and leaves my skin more soft and clear. This product contains extract of wintergreen that has great properties for leaves this skin better and without blemishes. I recommend this product to 100% because is perfect for reduce the redness, blemishes and leaves my skin very soft and pretty. 




♡(*´∀`*) I hope you enjoyed this review and can be useful to you
Thanks for your comments and support!

Bye Bye!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The Face Shop Chia Seed Sebum Control Moisture Cream

Hi Everyone!

I´m back with a new review of a koreab brand that I really love it and this is the time for the gorgeous brand again The Face Shop.ヾ(*゚ェ゚*)ノ This time I going to talk about the product The Face Shop Chia Seed Sebum Control Moisture Cream that is a very long name but this product is gorgeous for oily skin. I really love it and is very cute too. This product is sponsored by Cosmetic-Love but all the opinions are based on my experience with this product.

(ノ∀))) Back Side Box! 

Right Side Box~♡

Close-up! Ingredients + Directions~

((o(*゚▽゚*) Down Side~

Himango sounds pretty nice~

GMO Free (●・ω・)ノ♡
That is a great news from this brand I want more products like this!

Opening the box~

Price: Well I checked this product on eBay and the price is between $18 to $42 without shipping included. The price of Cosmetic-Love is $17.41 with free shipping. 

The Face Shop Chia Seed Sebum Control Moisture Cream 

● Packaging: I love it the design of the box because looks pretty natural pretty. The product is transparent and a big heavy so looks like glass but is plastic. I know this product is not easy to carry on my bag for travel but looks pretty nice on my vanity table.

Another cap~

This comes with a spatula~

Texture + Quantity: This product has 50 gr that is a very good quantity for me, I use moisturizing cream everyday and this quantity is for several months because the quantity that I use is not to much. The texture is perfect because is a gel and this is absorbed very fast into my skin. 


(≧∇≦)O This is a short and detailed review with demo + opinions! 
Here you can see the texture of this product. 〜ヽ(*゚∀゚*)ノ And my bare skin too.
(´-`).。oO  I hope you enjoy this video too.

PROs and CONs

● PROs
- Cute packaging.
- Nice quantity-
- The scent is very flora.
- GMO Free.
- Oil Free.
- Fast absortion.

● CONs
- On many countries you only can buy online.


Sometimes finish a review can be a hard work because I have so many things to do but I really want finish this review~ This product is gorgeous because has a great texture this is a gel and is perfect for oily skin, this provides a nice moisture to my skin. o(*°▽°*)o I love it because my skin absorbed this product very fast and that is perfect. This has a fresh and watery texture and the best is not sticky. The packaging is very pretty I mentioned this before but I love it because  is very pretty. O(≧∇≦)O This product is perfect for oily skin because is Oil Free and leaves a great moisturizing effect. I recommend this to 100%


Where to buy?

You can buy the The Face Shop Chia Seed Sebum Control Moisture Cream 

 ( ̄▽+ ̄*) This is me after use The Face Shop Chia 
Seed Sebum Control Moisture Cream ~

~(*´▽`*) I really love it this product is one 
of my favoritrs moisturizing creams! I hope this review can be useful to you.

Bye Bye!!