Sunday, February 19, 2017


"Advertorial Post"

Hi Lovelies!

The spring is just around the corner and that makes me very happy because the spring is just one of my favorite seasons. First because I born in Spring and second because spring is the season where the cherry blossom bloom. So I decided today with you some items from the great webstore Yoins like my choices for this spring. I started with this lovely floral mini dress that looks pretty bohemian in a lovely coral color and I guess is perfect for summer. And for me a mini dress is a must have for spring.

I am a huge fan of jeans and nothing better than a casual blouse for match with a jean. Lately I am fan with blouses with letters and this is perfect for me. This is casual and the same time is fresh because summer is hotter too.

Probably one that is a must have in my life is the lace and when I found in Yoins this amazing black mini dress with these cute black flowers in the design I fell in love. For me the black is always perfection in any season and for a a night event I really love it this dress.

And for finish I decided this cute gray top. Because lately I have an obssesion with gray. I don´t know I don´t follow trends and I just pick my favorite items from a webstore and I am going to purchase the product, so simple like that. By the way I really love it the pink handbag is super. So this online store has a great variety of different product in different sizes and colors and these were my picks for spring. Like always I want to know which were your favorite items from my choices in the comments. I hope this post can be useful to you.

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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Updated #47

Hi Everyone!

You know that moment when you are dreaming and you start to question the dream? For me that is the right time for wake up. And that is one the reasons because I don´t sleep a lot during the day. If you follow me in Instagram probably you already know the reason because I was dissapeared so many days of my blog. I was in my final times and sincerely just few days ago everything become the hell at College I was like three or two exams one same day. 

“Fear is a phoenix. You can watch it burn a thousand times and still it will return.” ― Leigh Bardugo, Crooked Kingdom
 By the way during the time of that hell I finished the second book from the duology that I mentioned in my previus post and this people, "this" is one of m favorite quotes, But not believe that I am very relaxed now because just tomorrow I have my last exam for this week and I need start to study when I finished to write this post.

Thanks to heaven and all those days studying pretty hard I finished with a subject at College that was worst that a pin in my ass since the last year when I reprobed. But now I have this approved and I only can think in walk forward from this. I learned that fromthe pain comes reward so I can´t leave when I am in pain. By the way is pretty funny because in all the pics that I shared in Instagram I haven´t sleep and all the pics I have sleepy face but I am fine with that. It´s not like I am always has to be a fashionist blogger. 

And Of course I am going to continue blogging I was just to much busy like to think in create a post of quality. I am working in several reviews right now and that makes me very happy because I really love it the items. I am in my senior year of Medicine School right now and I am not sure If this going to happen again I am making my best effort in everything and I am not going to stop.ヽ(・ω・ゞ)

By the way I mention that in this time with the subject I approved with Good Grades.  \(^ω^\) So what I was doing in the past ten days? Studying, sleep bad and eat bad. And stress me a lot of course cry and I had two panick attacks but I feel pretty fine right now.

(ノ≧∀≦)ノ Wow today is the day #47 of this year. Sincerely I guess each year the time flies more fast. Or probably is only the same but my perception is constansly changing. So that was all for today.

My best wishes and blessings to you~

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Monday, February 6, 2017

Gray Floral

“No mourners. No funerals. Among them, it passed for 'good luck.”
― Leigh Bardugo, Six of Crows

Hi Everyone!

Today I feel a bit relaxed because  today I finished with a exam in College. But I feel relaxed because I am pretty close to end this stage. And even when I have a lot of stress be more close to the end is pretty amazing. I don´t like the funerals and that is probably the reason because I shared that quote with you today and because "Six of Crows" by Leigh Bardugo was one of my favorite recent books. And well I guess the gray is a good color for define that book. I need confess that I love it the idea of a death without funeral so probably that is another reason because I love it that quote. and yeah that is a pretty dark book but I love it the book of that kind.

I want share this lovely and cute gray floral shirt that I received from the webstore Zaful for share my opinions about this blouse with you, like always all my opinions are based in my own experience with this product. The gray is a lovely color for me because is the medium  and I don´t know I love it this blouse and is super fresh and definitely that is a plus. I choose this blouse because I guess is perfect for day and for night.🌙

I love it the casual and cute look that provides this blouse and by the way is very easy to iron this tshirt to a difference of other clothes. And sincerely like a person that loves save time that is important for me. This coordinate is super comfy and pretty. I had several months since my last ootd.🕐

Visit Zaful for find more cute blouses~

I love it how cute is this blouse. 
Like always I want to read in the comments 
your opinion about this coordinate 💗
Happy day~

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Thursday, February 2, 2017

HOLIKA HOLIKA Gudetama Cotton Pore Cover Powder 6.5g

Hi Everyone!

This is one of that day were my blog is a good escape I am not sure, probably I am escaping of myself. Somedays like today I only find my blog like a warm place to be. When I saw the last year the collection of Holika Holika with Gudetama I was decided to purchase one product. But like my budget of student only I can buy products that I really need I decided buy a loose powder. Why? Well because the design is appealing and I  enjoyed the last Cotton Pore Cover by Holika Holika. 

I´ll be talking more about Gudetama this singular character from Japan. The funny is that I even don´t like the eggs. Which is funny because I find this character really cute, well I love it his personality. 

Back Side~
The expiration date!

Sanrio Korea ♡

Like I published a review about the cotton powder before I am going to share all my thoughts about this product in the conclusions.

This is so cute!

( ´ิ(ꈊ) ´ิ)

I decided save this sticker~ Because is really cute~ (≚ᄌ≚)

(,,◕ ⋏ ◕,,)

Before and After spread the powder~

Please watch my video review~ This is a demo too~ ( ͒ ु•·̫• ू ͒)

PROs and CONs

- Cute packaging.
- Affordable price.
- Great formula for oily skin.
- Soft floral aroma.
- Long lasting effect.

- On many countries you only can buy this product ordering online.
- The color is only for light skin shades.


When I bought this product I was a bit worried because like all the cute products is that fear that the product is going to have a bad quality. I was very surprised because when I tried the cotton powder before the effect was very good around three hours but I was using other complementary products. Only with sunscreen and this product my skin is matte for over 5 hours and that is pretty good because I don´t like my super oily skin.

The price of this product is around 8$USD and I guess that is a very affordable price because with 6.5 grams the quantity of this product is enough loose powder for me for several months. I want talk a bit about Gudetama because this is the special edition. This character is a lazy and negative japanese character created for Sanrio and sincerely sometimes I feel very identified with this character. Somedays I only wan stay in bed just there not sleeping just there with a book. This character is alwas "meh" a bit like me.

The aroma is a soft floral scent that I can say is the same that the regular edition of this product. Overall I really enjoyed this product but my only concern is that is not really traslucent this has white particles that made the skin looks more whiten and I prefe be careful using this product If don´t want look like "Casper" and second like this is not traslucent is only good for light skin shades. 

I hope someday the korean brands like Holika Holika start to create great formulas like this but with a more wide range of shades. The formula is long lasting and this is a very cute product so I recommend this product to 100%!


After use the HOLIKA HOLIKA Gudetama Cotton Pore Cover Powder (,,◕ ⋏ ◕,,)
That is a pretty long name (^0^) 
\(^▽^@)ノ I hope you enjoyed this review~
Happy day!

Bye Bye!!

Friday, January 27, 2017

Lili-san by Dorothy Kouwenberg

Hi Everyone!

Wow this week has been pretty exhausting. Even right now I feel super tired but I must write this post because I just finished to re-read this wonderful book and I feel pretty happy to share my feelings with you. This book is really special to me for several reasons. But sincerely I should write this review a long time  ago. But like I finished to read this wonderful baby today I decided that this must be the day for ublish the review. This book is a very peaceful and relaxing book that treats first about friends and loyalty and has place in that period after the World War II and probably is the first book that I read situated in that period.

This book was very relaxing for me and even when I started this book several years ago. Like I just started to re-read two days ago. I feel I missed a lot of stuff and many things were a surprise again for me. Why this book is som important to me? Because has been the first book where I collaborate, but not like writer. 

Back side~

About this book~


I am not sure If this could be called a review because today I want share my feelings about this book. First I have this amazing main character called Lili Katsuki that is a really wonderful person that is working in this place that is like a base of American soldiers in Japan after WWII and is very interesting because this is not my type of book but the narrative was so sweet and involving and we start to see how she interacts with her only friend there for the start of this book.

The main character is a person that really cares about others and really love it helps to others from the bottom of her heart and that is kind, sweet and she is selfless. Now during the book I started how this bilingual woman like is Lili-san is working at an japanese hospital translating important documents. And how even when her past is pretty sad due the death of her parents during the the WWII she is super strong abd very sweet. I feel a pretty nostalgical to this point because the author of this lovely book that was Dorothy Kouwenberg passed away two years ago and I don´t know how to express my feeling after finish this lovely story about love and friendship. And I feel touched again for this book. 


Like I mentioned before I had the privilege to cooperate with the author of this amazing book. I want mention that this book was a personal local project of the author but in anyway I feel blessed because I am a book lover and i had the ooportunity to cooperate. 
You can read other book from this amazing author.

This wonderful author passed away two years ago. And for that reason I can write with property about that the books are the proof that me magic exists.

I was contacted several years ago for use one the photos from one of my reviews for the edition for the cover. And I felt so honoured that day. I feel so happy now like that day because this book is really lovely. The author was working in this personal project and I was contacted by the Cover Designer and I feel really blessed. My only request was the credit to me and one paperback. I received the paperback several months later.

So yeah... I am the girl on the Cover~(^○^)オ
The designer used one of my photos for design the cover.♡

Here one of my favorite quotes from this beautiful book:

"Loss and dissapointment are inevitables, Lili-san. Accept both with grace"

Lili-san by Dorothy Kouwenberg


I hope you enjoyed this post.
I feel happy to share this post today.

Bye Bye!!

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Miyu Brown Circle Lenses Review

Hi Everyone!

My first review of circle lenses for this year is for the great web store of circle lenses Klenspop. And I must confess that this store has one of my favorite models of circle lenses to amazing prices. I am a person that always is purchasing with a budget and that is the reason because I love it this web store too. Because offers always the best price in circlelens. I received a pair of this plano circle lens Miyu Brown Circle Lenses and I choose this design because is more for an ulzzang look. I received this pair of lenses for review purposes but all the opinions expressed in this review are based in my own opinion with this product.

If you want know how care the circle lenses
I want invite you to read my post

I received the circle lenses in this box~

Both Plano~



¤ Design/Pattern + Color: This design is pretty natural. Just a brown hallo with shape of star. Ahd this design basically has two shades a soft brown and a medium brown. Like I have light eyes the color looks like a halo around my iris. And I love it how the color blends with my natural eyes.

¤ Comfort: 100% Comfortable I feel like I am not using nothing.

¤ Enlargement: Provides a good enlargement but super natural. I guess this is the perfect diameter If you are looking more big eyes but looking super natural for a ulzzang look.

¤ Overall: I love it these circle lenses first because are super comfortable. The design I was a big worried because like the clor is light brown and with this super natural desig probably can made my eyes a little dull how happened with other light brown designs. Iw as expecting a more dark color but the color is not more dark beyon of a medium brown but the effect makes the eyes looks pretty innocent and pretty. I love it that and even when the diameter is 14.5 mm the looks is very natural. I recommend these lenses If you are looking for a natural design for a ulzzang or day makeup I guess is perfect.

¤ Rating: ★★★★★

Where to buy cute circle lenses?

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 Selfie time~ (ノ≧∀≦)ノ



I really love it this pic~✩*ೃ.⋆

My last selfie for today~

I hope you enjoyed this review~
Another pair fo wonderful circle lenses for my collection~
Happy day~꒱·◌*.♡  

Bye Bye!!