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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

ETUDE HOUSE Kit Lip & Eye Remover & Real Art Cleansing Oil Moisture

Hi Lovelies!

This time with a short review wow I need move my hands because I have more reviews and more posts and I need start to work in a video reiew. Seriously this girl needed write more in her blog for be happy o((◕ฺ∀ ◕✿ฺ))o Well like many of you know I´m fan of Etude House is one of my fav Korean Brands and yeah so many products are great others not so much but like many brands some products are better. Well I received this kit in a giveaway some months ago and I used since that time. This product is called ETUDE HOUSE Kit Lip & Eye Remover & Real Art Cleansing Oil wow that is a pretty long name and the reason of that name is because are two products the Lip & Eye Remover and the Real Art Cleansing Oil.

(*^v^*) Back Side Box~

( •⌄• ू )✧

(´。・v・。`) Directions~

῍̩̞(∗ɞ⌄ɞ∗)◞ Like this are samples I´m going to talk about each product in general.

ETUDE HOUSE Kit Lip & Eye Remover & Real Art Cleansing Oil 

¤ Real Art Cleansing Oil Moisture: This has a nice aroma is very soft and well, the formula remove very good the eye makeup but can be a big harsh for sensitive eyes like my eyes. I feel my eyes burning if this product is very close of my eyes. Removes the makeup but can has problems for remove the makeup to 100%

Real Art Cleansing Oil Moisture Test

Before and After with Real Art Cleansing Oil 
All the products used are waterproof ( •⌄• ू )✧

Now with the ETUDE HOUSE  Lip & Eye Remover

¤ ETUDE HOUSE  Lip & Eye Remover: The experience was better. I enjoyed the biphasic formula because was very gentle with my eyes and removes the makeup very good. The aroma is very soft and I don´t  burn my eyes with this product. This is great for remove long lasting lipstick or tint.

TEST ETUDE HOUSE  Lip & Eye Remover

This time I used long lasting liptick minerals eyeshadows and waterproof eyeliners in before and the after is completely clean (^ _ ^)/


This kit is very useful and you can use this perfect for travel or for not carry the full size, now talking about each product both are very good but well like I have sensitive eyes for me was better the ETUDE HOUSE  Lip & Eye Remover, but If you don´t have sensitive eyes don´t worry for try the Real Art Cleansing Oil I´m still looking for a good for me. I enjoyed this kit୧( ॑ധ ॑)୨ and was good try makeup removers from Etude House. I hope buy the full size of ETUDE HOUSE Lip & Eye Remove makeup and make a more completely review.


¤ Real Art Cleansing Oil Moisture★★★✩✩

¤ ETUDE HOUSE  Lip & Eye Remover: ★★★★★


I hpe this post can be useful to you~
(๑>ᴗ<๑) A short review
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Monday, June 29, 2015

Dylanqueen Beautiful Shoes

"Advertorial Post"

Hi Everyone!

Today is monday and I´m happy because I can stay in home study and write a post for my sweet readers and that type of things make me happy. I want share beautiful  hoes because I´m a shoe lover the fun is that I haven´t bought shoes recently so this is my opportunity too for choose my next shoes. I´m not fan of white shoes but wow this shoe is so pretty so I decided put this on my picks. The shoes that I´m going to show today are from the lovely store Dylanqueen. This store sells different type of products included dresses but this time I want focus in the shoes.

The black and the lace a perfect combination If you ask me. I love it the black this maybe is my favorite color because is perfect nothing more dark than black and well this shoes has a lovely design.  And well for taht and more reason I choose this cute shoe for my wishlist. 

Btw you can find this and more beautiful shoes here

The last but not the least important this cute satin white shoes flats. I love it the flats because I use flats almost all the time for College for go out. I´m a flat girl and is because are pretty are comfortable and I can run easily. Well this is the type of shoe that I definitely I´m going to buy this is so pretty. I want to know what you think about these cute shoes that are my picks. I hope this post can be useful to you and you can find a great pair of shoes there.

Bye Bye!!

Friday, June 26, 2015

Clouds Grey Circle Lenses

Hi Lovelies!

(*ゝωб) I´m here with a new review of circle lenses, wow was problematic upload the video review to youtube because the electricity was unstable but the video is now in my youtube channel. And that means now I can write this review, I´m very happy because I was working on this review a several weeks but I´ve been so busy. But well today is the moment for make this post. This circle lens are from the great store Klenspop a great store where you can find beautiful circle lenses.

If this is your first time reading my blog or you want know how care circle lens
I want invite you to read my post



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Design/Pattern + Color: I love it how soft is the design of these pair of circle lenses is like a soft grey flower with a soft dark grey (not black) edge and that make to the eyes and innocent lovely and cute effect. This blended perfectly with my natural eyes and yeah the eye look cloudy and that is an interesting effect. 

Comfort: Super comfortable I don´t need eye drops for moisturize my eyes.

Enlargement: Well very natural and just on the point for me the diameter is just 14.00mm but I think you can see a bit of enlargement very sweet and dolly but that is for that edge.

Overall: I love it these circle lens the cloudy effect match perfect with the name of these circle lenses. The colro makes an effect pretty natural and I always love it this type of circle lenses for a reason, make that an eye can look dolly and natural to the same time is very difficult for circle lenses. I´m not sure if the effect could be the same for dark eyes but on my eyes I can see that lovely cloudy effect are very comfortable and I enjoyed that. These circle lenses are more for ulzzang style and natural style on my opinion. I recommend this pair if you want a natural and cloudy style.

Rating: ★★★★★

Where to buy?

You can buy the Clouds Grey Circle Lenses

Selfie time~٩(ˊᗜˋ*)

(´(ェ)`)Before and Afer`


(´,,•ω•,,`)My Last pic for this review~

I hope you enjoyed this review~ ♡
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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

A・TRUE Real Black Tea True Active CC Cushion

Hi Lovelies!

Wow i spent a long time working on this review~ The reason the time, for me is very complicated with the College write properly for my blog but I always find time to publish new cute reviews. Not everything is about quantity for that reason I work pretty hard in each review. ♡ This time I´m here with this gorgeous products thanks the great store Jolse the A・TRUE Real Black Tea True Active CC Cushion "Light Beige" and that is a pretty long name for a product but like always the products from this bran are just with long names. 

(=^▽^=) Back Side

( ´ ▽ ` )ノ



Inside box~


A・TRUE Real Black Tea True Active CC Cushion SPF50+/PA+++

Packaging: Super lightweight this cushion is super lightweightand the packaging itself is very pretty and I love it. This like the most of cushions has a mirror. 

(`・⊝・´ )



๏ ⌔̮ ๏ The mirror with a plastic~

The mirror without the plastic! 

I said on my previous cushion review that this plastic needed an English translation and here is on this cushion~ Yay!! 

This cushion security tap!


Color + Formula: This is long lasting perfect for a long day, if you watch my video review you can see that this provides a matte effect. The color just has two shades natural beige and light beige, The mine is Light beige and match very nice with my skin tone and make improve my complexion. This product is very lightwieght the formula and the coverage goes light to medium. And is good for my senstive skin.


⋋╏ ❛ ◡ ❛ ╏⋌

ε(*´・∀・`)з゙If you want see how is the coverage on this product watch this video! Please support my video!! (๑☌▽☌๑) And yes I apply this product on my Bare Skin.


- This is a lightweight.
- Cute packaging.
- Contains SPF50+/PA+++
- Cruelty Free.
- Light to medium coverage.
- Paraben, Ethanol, Phenoxyethanol, Benzophenome, Thriethanolamine, Talc, Mineral Oil, Petrolatum and SLS FREE.

- On many countries you only can buy this product online.

This product comes with the Refill ヽ(○・▽・○)ノ゙ Yay


(´っω・*)゚・I tried another cushions before but I fall in love with the formula of this cushion because is a different level of creamy. I´m not sure how explain is the formula is creamy and smooth and you can feel how the color blends into you skin. in the previous pic that I share where are the instructions mentions great properties about the Black tea Fermentation something that I find very innovative. The aroma is very soft and neutral nothing like chemicals or anything like that (•ө•)♡ The formula is long lasting and lightweight a great combination that not always I can fin because the most of lightweight products are not long lasting. Like the most of korean products this comes in two shades only and that is not fair because is a great product. This is free of Paraben, Ethanol, Phenoxyethanol, Benzophenome, Thriethanolamine, Talc, Mineral Oil, Petrolatum and SLS and that makes happy to my sensitive skin too! I recommend this product to 100% I almost forget mention this is great for oily skin has a good control of sebum of my oily skin.


You can buy this product at

ε(*´・∀・`)з゙ This time I decided use a more natural make up! 
I pic after use the A・TRUE Real Black Tea True Active CC Cushion ଘ(੭*ˊᵕˋ)੭* ੈ✩‧₊

I hope you enjoyed this review~( ்▿்)
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Saturday, June 13, 2015

Neon Blue Ombré Hair

Hi Lovelies!

Lately I´ve been so streesed and I´m happy to be making this post for you today~!ヽ(•̀ω•́ )ゝ✧I´m listening one of my favorite japanese bands AAA and well now my hair has something blue~ I tried with pink and was fun but I fall in love with blue. Maybe I want be Rarity (If you are fan of My Little Pony) You should know her.(o(*゚▽゚*)o)) But i don´t know my personality is more like Twilight Sparkle~After a research I find that this color is more like "Indigo" and I love it!! ♡♡♡ Like some of you know I´m Med Student so I can´t  make a radical change on my hair But I can make some changes. (´-`).。oO

When I needed retouch my Carnation Pink or maybe a bit more red of usual pink If you want how looks my tips or my sweet ombre carnation pink click here or here  (this day was the last day with my ombre pink)(。>﹏<。)ノ゙ But Now I´m very happy with this change!

I sude this time Neon Blue  from La Riché Directions
If you want see a front pic click here 

By the way I did this new look on my hair by myself I only need patient and want a great new color on my hair. ヽ(•̀ω•́ )ゝ And maybe because I´m very confident for make changes on my hair~ But I love it the result. My mom was worried because she loved the Carnation Pink / Red Orange Coral previous color on my hair.

The color Neon Blue in natural light~


This is howlooks the color on my hair~*\(^o^)/*
I love it the result!

Sorry for my sleepy face~ ((ヾ(*´・ω・)ノ゙))
But I was sleepy! I want share this pic on natural light and of course outdoor light!

(つω`*)I love it this new phase of my hair, this color made me feel better and improve my mood. I think is great how a small change // |・ω・)ノ can make feel better. Well that was all about this post~ I want to know your opinions about my new blue style~

Bye Bye!!