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Friday, July 31, 2020

Hello Kitty Compressed Face Mask

Hi Everyone!

I must confess that for reasons that I still do not know to publish about this product it has been a real headache. Because when I had the article already complete for some reason it was simply published incomplete, that was yesterday and I was tired and exhausted which is why I decided to leave it like that. I received this product as part of a free sample when I bought some contact lenses and I was quite excited because it was my first time trying out a compressed face mask.

I think quarantine has given me moments to reflect on a bit of everything, so one of the things that have been crazy to control has undoubtedly been skincare. This is a mask sheet that is something like a DIY for you to apply the essence or tonic you want. In my case, I will be using a moisturizing toner.
This looks like a candy~
Adding the toner~

Adding the 

After adding around 15 mL o Toner~

I applied the face sheet mask on my skin for 15 minutes 

Before and After

PROs and CONs

- Cheap
- Easy to use
- Good for homemade masks
- Nice Texture

- On many countries you only can buy this product online
- It is such a waste of toner or essence


I think that in the skincare industry there are many things that they have wanted to popularize and part of these things has been DIY masks. I used a toner that I normally use on my skin on this product. I like the concept because it's like an interesting experiment to do. What I don't like is that I have to use around 15 ml of product in the compressed face mask when applying it directly I spend less than a third of that.

One of the things I like is that it is a good experiment in the sense that you can make your own sheet mask with the product that you like best, whether it is essence or tonic, but as I was saying, I don't think I would buy this product again. Because it generates a large amount of waste that is unnecessary by directly applying the product. But of course if you want to experience something new and fun it might be fun to use this product.


(´。• Ο‰ •。`) This was my review for today the last day of July
 My best wishes to you~
 Happy Day 

 Bye Bye!!

Wednesday, July 22, 2020


"Advertorial Post"

Hi Everyone!

I am making my best effort to be updated in my blog and I am close to that which makes me very happy. Today I am back about a post about clothes. This time I decided to share a really lovely website called Bellelily despite these difficult times we are in the Summer season and that means fresh and cute clothes. Now I am looking for nice tops and dresses with a casual style. I am looking for something simple nothing to much elaborated because sincerely all these days I stay at home or I am going to work at the Medical Service and that doesn´t matter my clothes because I use uniform. So after I decided to give some old clothes I need new tops so this is a great place for looking for due to the good variety.

This was my first pick from this website is this floral top that is a good match with jeans or shorts and for me that is perfect. I know is just a simple floral top but for me, less is more and the design in the fabric of this top is really pretty and the price is very affordable too. This is great because for me the budget is important and of course, the quality too. And another plus is that you can find this top in several colors so If you are not a fan of white you can find other cute colors too. 

I enjoy the fresh dresses because I live in a warm country with a warm weather and a lot of humidity the most part of during the year and obviously in the summer season more. It is interesting because here is like forever spring with a rainy season. Now is the rainy season but feels like summer too because there are days with a lot of heat and humidity and nothing of rain. So casual dresses are a good touch If you want to look cute but with a look without much effort now the comfy, casual and cute are better and more If you are doing home office. This type of dress is great because at the top they look casual and cute but they are usually a short dress or a midi dress but your co-workers online don´t have to know that. I would like to know what you think about the casual tops and dresses and If you already know about this website. I want to wish you health and happiness.

Bye Bye!

Monday, July 20, 2020

Celebrating Children's Day

Hi Everyone!

Today I decided to share a little about my day of yesterday with my little brother Diego. Diego is 9 years old and sincerely I guess I shared during the years so little about him and about my family. I must confess that my relationship with my parents is not the best but my brother is just a kid and He doesn´t know nothing about adults issues. 

He is a happy kid and despite all my family issues he is very smart and cute so yesterday we celebrated the children´s day that is celebrated the third Sunday of July in my country. I know that the date is different in each country so I want to share a little about what we do yesterday. He wanted to eat sushi because was his special day and recently he finished school at home with good grades which is a great accomplishment considering the currently situation.

Just like me Diego also suffers from myopia and astigmatism which means that he has to always wear glasses. Sometimes I think it bothers us that we have to wear glasses to see well. On the other hand, it is something that my father and I also suffer, so he is someone with genetic inheritance and we cannot do much. 

By the way Diego was very happy to be able to use his new shirt. It is the shirt he is wearing in the photo, he loves superheroes so he was very happy to wear his shirt. If they checked my Instagram stories you can check more photos that whta we do yesterday. We eat sushi and for him special chicken with french fries but sushi too. After that the dessert was Ice Cream of his preference.

Happy after lunch~

Relaxing before the Dessert ( 〃▽〃)
By the way, my hair is long now~ yay (*♡∀♡)

Trying to take a photo with Hana πŸ’—

She was so sleepy~ She didn´t wanted a photo with me. 
She is not fan of photos.And she is so cute!

Well my lovelies that was all for today I decided to share a little about me and my life. I hope you enjoyed this different post of me. When is celebrated the children´s day in your country? Please reply me in te comments I would like to know. This was all for the post of today  my best wishes to you.♡( ◡‿◡ )

Bye Bye!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2020


"Advertorial Post"

Hi Everyone!

I am happy to read that many people find my previous post like something interesting and useful during this quarantine. I read several comments saying that the quarantine in many places was gone so that is good to read because that means that in many places the situation is in control which is great. So today I want to share beautiful dresses that I found in this webstore called Prestarrs that are really cute  like this cute cat dress and by the way today I will be sharing casual bodycon dresses. This first represent my funny side I can call this dress like that. I could use this dress perfect for any casual date.

The pink is the color of spring, the color of everything that is cute and the simple A-line that produces this lovely small design of dress is perfect for these months of summer. I enjoy the summer and I like to use dresses in these months with warm eather and that was the reason behind my choice for pick this dress. I enjoy so much the pink I will be always happy to have the chance to use clothes with this color. Sometimes I guess all my wardrobe could be pink If I don´t have enough autocontrol. 

This last dress is casual but more serious than the previous ones and I like this one because a mix of pattern with black that is one of my favorites and I guess this could be good for something like work with the right accesories and shoes so I really like this design. I really like the cute and simple dresses so for that reason is that I always share what I like and waht I think about each dress. I love it the three designs of dresses that I picked this time, please let me kow which dress what your favorite between my picks. I hope you have a great day.

Bye Bye!

Monday, July 13, 2020

Anxiety in Quarantine

Hi Everyone!

Today I want to talk about a topic a little different from my usual posts and this time I want to tell you a little about the anxiety we are feeling in these days of quarantine. For me, anxiety is something so common that it seems strange to me that someone does not know what it is about. But, the American Psychology Association defines anxiety as:

Anxiety is an emotion characterized by feelings of tension, worried thoughts and physical changes like increased blood pressure.

People with anxiety disorders usually have recurring intrusive thoughts or concerns. They may avoid certain situations out of worry. They may also have physical symptoms such as sweating, trembling, dizziness or a rapid heartbeat.
 Living with anxiety is something that I think all human beings have to deal with at some point. But it is different from feeling anxious at some point than feeling anxious every day. Unfortunately, confinement and quarantine are something that has been changing the behavior of many people and many people are beginning to feel in a state of perennial anxiety.

I want to share small tips to know how to handle the anxiety during this quarantine:

- Identify your feelings and emotions: I consider it is good and necessary to identify our feelings. If we feel sad, acknowledge that we are sad or if we feel fear (which is very common in these times), recognize that you feel the way you do. We don't always understand when we have anxiety about why we feel fear, but the fear is there. It is important that you learn to recognize your feelings and most importantly to accept them and not to invalidate them.

- Create a daily routine: Or if you feel that you cannot create a whole routine, try to create certain elements in your day-to-day that are maintained in the long term. Creating routines like making your bed, watering the plants, or playing with your pet at certain times will help you keep a rhythm and that will decrease anxiety levels.

- Stop to SNS: Social networks are the best to maintain contact in these harsh days but sometimes we saturate ourselves with negative information. The bad news here bad news there and constantly reading about the number of defunctions and thinking in all the possibilities to sick. And that is not good so sincerely If you start to notice that you are reading a lot of bad news, decide to stop the social networks for a while.

- Support in your Loved Ones: The best way in these hard times is the support, the support with your family, friends, pet, or partner. I know that we are living in a pandemic state but don´t forget to celebrate the small accomplishments of your loved ones. And the best important don´t stop celebrating life. The anniversaries, the birthdays, and all the small accomplishments are celebrated in the best and creative way at home.

Find Pleasure in the Small Things: Try a good warm coffee, start a new interesting book, and If you started a book that is boring change to another book. Listen to new music or you can find pleasure listening to the old ones but start to notice the lyrics. Life is composed of small things. Try to find new mechanisms to cope with this situation. Find and enjoy good ASMR. You may be able to find some relief using things like CBD oil but please be careful, and please talk to a medical professional before starting any new treatment, whether prescribed or otherwise. 

I am not a Psychologist I am a Physician and I have to deal with a lot of anxiety lately. And sincerely I find that these tips that I am using currently in my life are helped me a lot. I hope these tips can help you to improve your anxiety during this quarantine. My best wishes and blessings for you darling. Thank you for your support and love (´。• α΅• •。`) ♡

Bye Bye!!

Friday, July 10, 2020

SposaDresses Cute Dresses

"Advertorial Post"

Hi Everyone!

I guess I should call this post cute dresses part two but sincerely I don´t know. Today I wake up with a very interesting amount of energy. These are my moods now times with a lot of energy with times with nothing of energy. I would like to be If you are reading my post If you are experiencing something similar. Thank you so much for the love and support in the previous post. I am again with beautiful dresses by SposaDresses but this time I wanted to show something different to my previous post this first dress per example is a beautiful cute prom dress.

These are three mismatched bridesmaid dresses but wi so a beautiful cut and design the clean cuts and skirt are my favorites for bridesmaids the best part is that you are not looking for dresses for bridesmaids but only for one special occasion, you can find a beautiful clean dress like one of these for you. I know these are complicated times and not so many people are thinking about proms, graduations, balls or weddings but I guess this is gonna pass soon. 

My last pick was a lovely but simple dress that I found in the section of beach wedding dresses. The detail in the sleeves that looks like a kimono for me is super pretty. The lace and the design look so fresh and so pretty provides a beautiful line to the figure. The best part for me of this dress is that you can use this dress like a wedding dress or for something casual too. So I like it when I dress can be used for multiple occasions depending on the vision of the customer. I guess that is important to find good prices and you can find that this on this website. I hope this post can be useful to you. My best wishes to you. Happy day my darling.

Bye Bye!

Sunday, July 5, 2020

Updated 3487

Hi Everyone!

I have continued with my wifi problems which apparently are not going to be solved any time soon. So well I have tried to fill myself with courage because these last few days have not been easy. Again trying to establish a routine. Because when I had Wifi it was not much of a problem now my routine changes according to when I can work with tethering. Today I went to a place to be able to work with Wifi and it turned out to be a great waste of time and money because as I was not using my laptop or my usual pc, gmail started sending me alerts and I couldn't even access my email. I decided that since the situation of the Covid-19 has worsened in my city not to leave home and well the money that I am going to pay elsewhere simply invest it in data on my phone.

The new normality is very strange, because the effusion of the first days was over when we were all too excited. I have continued working as a doctor and it has not been easy, it is a constant stress despite not being inside the hospital. Because lately I have seen patients at home when I go to visit them although I take all the security measures, their relatives in many cases are very careless and then doubt begins to arise in my head. What if some of these people are infected with Covid-19?

On the other hand I know that I must keep working from the pc. Because it is a fairly big risk not only for me but for my family to expose myself like that is very difficult. I want to decide that today is going to be a new stage for me and for my life. Adapting is not easy but not impossible, I must keep working and continue with my exercise routine.

Working from home is a luxury that not everyone can afford. This quarantine has made me wonder many times why I decided to become a doctor and not something else. My blog has been a great source of support at the moment because it helps me to express part of the frustration that I feel kept within me. Despite all the family problems I have had (if that part has been fatal) I have managed to wait for many obstacles with my boyfriend and we have had very good moments together and creating memories even though the world seems to be falling apart.

If I want to wish all my readers something, it is health.(ΰΉ‘˘︶˘ΰΉ‘)♡ This week I saw a human being born.And I saw someone die. If there is anything I have no doubt about, it is that we will not be the same people when this is all over.

Bye Bye!!

Thursday, July 2, 2020


"Advertorial Post"

Hi Everyone!

Well I still do not have wifi internet so it is no longer news for me to be upset. I decided to focus on what I can do with what little I have to do is stay connected with tethering. Despite being difficult times, life continues in one way or another and we must continue. Who knows when this will be solved, but today I want to share a new store for you to review if you are interested the name of the store is SposaDressesIt is specialized in different models of wedding dresses or for bridesmaids.


The beach wedding dresses that you can find here are very beautiful and have a wide price range, here you can also choose something that fits your budget. I like that the wedding dresses look very beautiful, especially those designed for the beach have that fresh and organic style that one is always looking for. Right now I know two girls who are looking for wedding dresses and with this pandemic issue their plans were up in the air. I think it is always a good option to search online about everyone if you can receive packages from abroad.

I found a new concept that I really like and is mismatched bridesmaid dresses which I find really interesting. I have always thought that I do not like it when the bride has several bridesmaids and they all look like small minions all with the same vetto in addition that it is more than evident that the same style of dress can favor one person and disadvantage another. I think it is more beautiful to use the same color palette with different styles of dresses for the bridesmaids and in this webstore you can get this exactly and I think it is ideal. Well my lovelies that was all for the post of today. I want to wish you the best, health and happiness, I want to know in the comments what you thinks about these dresses and webstore. 

Bye Bye!