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Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Cayo Azul Playa Sur Playa Azul + Bajo 360

Hi Everyone!

I am so happy to share with you this amazing trip. The past March 19th I visited another cay of the Morrocoy National Park a wonderful place where there are beautiful cays I visited Cay Sal and Cay Muerto and they are different cays because these are ubicated in different places in this park. For this Cay, the route was longer and more beautiful. Sincerely I was mesmerized by the wonderful colors. The place has around three names: the official one is South Beach "Playa Sur" and the other names recognized by locals are Blue Beach "Playa Azul" or Blue Cay "Cayo Azul".

I remembered when I was a child and I was obsessed with the ocean but I just visited the beach only twice per year If I was lucky. And being in this beautiful place sincerely feels like paradise.

Boca de Aroa Recta de la Felicidad
Happiness Highway

Here in Venezuela, you can find a place where you can be happy, very happy indeed is called the Happiness Highway which is ubicated at Boca de Aroa this is located just entering Falcon. Of course, I visited this place with my favorite person Kuro <3 

I can´t deny how happy I was in all these photos. I feel happy and sincere this was one of the best experiences I have had so many beautiful photos of this trip. The water doesn´t looks real. I remember when I was a child and I watched Bluee Lagoon and I asked, how can be the water so blue and clean and beautiful and I discovered that those things are real. 


By the way, nature in this Cay was abundant and beautiful

This place is another beautiful place I visited is called Bajo 360
At this place is water everywhere there is no mainland you can visit this place only on a boat but the water only reaches you below the knees

Like this delicious oyster and ceviche right there

I just hope to remember forever this wonderful trip
It was one day trip but it is full of memories and that is all that matters to me
Thanks to you for visiting my blog

Bye Bye!!

Tuesday, March 21, 2023

The INKEY List Vitamin B, C, and E Moisturizer Review

Hi Everyone!

Almost a week ago was my birthday and two days ago I went on a day trip today I am here publishing a review. I am working on several reviews. A few days ago I was starting to edit back to Tiktok I published a mini demo review about this product. You can check that demo review here. Yesterday I wanted to publish about this product but I was super tired so I decided to share this review today. This is my first review of this brand The INKEY List and my experience with this product is good.

By the way, this is not a sponsored post I purchased this product with my own money. As always I am going to share my personal opinions.

Daily moisturizer for healthy-looking skin
This lightweight daily moisturizer quickly absorbs to deliver every essential vitamin for healthy-looking skin, including clarifying B3 (Niacinamide) to help balance oil, brightening antioxidant Vitamin C, and soothing Vitamin E. Perfect for normal skin types looking to keep skin healthy all year round.


PROs and CONs

- Moisturizing effect
- Affordable Price
- Fragrance-Free
- Lightweight Texture
- Quick Absorption
- Glowy Semi-matte effect

- In many countries, you only can buy this product online. 


I bought this product with zero expectations but I find this was a very good investment when you have sensitive combination skin like mine is complicated to find a pretty good daily cream because starts to feel too heavy or too light or can cause breakouts on my skin. But I used this daily and my skin feels relieved, moisturized, and happy. This contains niacinamide and vitamin c two of my favorite antioxidants and they work great together.

This helps me to reduce redness and improves my complexion, the texture is lightweight so is great to use previous to my sunscreen and makeup because doesn´t feel heavy and makes the skin looks not cakey or heavy but pretty. I used this on my elbows and knees and works amazing. I used this just a few days ago when I returned from the beach and my skin feels so moisturized and calm.  I am going to give this product a less star because the package is simple but the hole where the product comes out is too big and sometimes the product can be wasted. But this is a good investment I purchased this product for only $10 USD so I want to repurchase this one.  


I hope you can find this review useful 
My best wishes to you

Bye Bye!!

Thursday, March 9, 2023


 "Advertorial Post"

Hi Everyone!

This is an excellent day to be alive, a few days ago I realized I didn´t celebrate the past anniversary of this blog which is pretty sad because this is one of my favorite places in the world. So I decided on something great but I will share that in another post. Today I am going to share about shaping bodysuits but this time I am going to share something innovative because this time the bodysuits have a twist. Of course, there are the typical body shapes that are the model in the next photo. But there are new models that offer a dress style that in fact is a bodysuit. 

For me, the black bodysuit or beige bodysuit is a classic, and probably that is the reason why today I want to talk about what I was talking about before, about 
built-in shapewear dress which is good because is simple and very practical and the dresses designs are minimalist and very pretty. I love every piece of thing that can be useful and practical, that should be the fashion. Both dresses in the first photos are shapewear and they are marvelous.

I would like to mention that soft lounge dress come and different sizes and colors and that is good because has a variety which is important and complicated to find sometimes.  Have you visited Popilush before? What do you think of these dresses? As always I would like to know in the comments what are your thoughts about these body shaping. This is something different and innovative and I like the variety of designs. I want to wish you a wonderful day.

Bye Bye!

Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Top 5 Favorites Books of 2022

Hi Everyone!

I should have published this post in January and I know that but that month was complicated and messy now I am starting to be back and more proactive in my blog and I am working better and I am updating, yes I am updating all my SNS and of course, I am back to my reading to my fulfilling thing in my life. The past month was a year when I read so amazing stories and this year I have been reading very slowly but I found a very good book too.

The past year I didn´t reach my goal of reading 80 books and I am not sure if this year I am going to read those books because this year my goal is very low in comparison to other years because I was expecting to do different things. 

I read 32 books and that is fine because I discovered amazing stories and I found that I didn´t enjoy some books or authors so was a good year even when I started reading a very annoying book.

These are my Top 5 Books of 2022:

1. House of Sky and Breath by Sarah J. Maas

“Our love is stronger than time, greater than any distance. Our love spans across stars and worlds. I will find you again, I promise.”

― Sarah J. Maas, House of Sky and Breath

Opinion: When I try to find the words to explain how good this book is, sincerely is complicated because this book has too much. This is the second book of this series called Crescent City by Sarah J. Maas. Probably If you have read my book reviews before this is one of my favorite book writers this book was hard to read for me because contains several different elements, but in the end, I can understand how everything wraps to the end this book is powerful.

2. A Light in the Flame by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Forgiveness benefits the forgiver, and it’s easy. Understanding is acceptance, and that is far harder.”
― Jennifer L. Armentrout, A Light in the Flame

Opinion: Wow this was so amazing this is the second of a book series called Flesh and Fire and sincerely I fell in love with so many characters and different scenes.  This was an emotional reading because the characters have to survive so many things to the end. The universe is delicious and amazing.

3. The War of Two Queens by Jennifer L. Armentrout

“Be careful but be brave.”
― Jennifer L. Armentrout, The War of Two Queens

Opinion: I started to read this book I little scared because this is the fourth book in a book series called Blood and Ash. This book has so many up and downs and sometimes I was confused and annoyed with certain situations but I must confess If I think this book has everything I feel very happy. Because has a good amount of suspense and action. 

4. It Starts with Us by Colleen Hoover

“I prefer honesty over loyalty any day because with honesty comes loyalty.”
― Colleen Hoover, It Starts with Us

Opinion: This is a continuation of It Ends with Us by Colleen Hoover which was a book that I already published a review because was amazing, but talking about It Starts with Us this is a book that I thought I didn't need but It was a very good book. If you are a fan of Colleen Hoover of her books probably you are gonna enjoy this book.

5. The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo by Taylor Jenkins Reid

“When you're given an opportunity to change your life, be ready to do whatever it takes to make it happen. The world doesn't give things, you take things.”
― Taylor Jenkins Reid, The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo

Opinion: This is my first time reading this author and definitely I am gonna read more books about this author. I started to read this book with low expectations but everything was on point. This book contains a strong plot and is a wonderful story about love, loss, and grief. And about opportunities and changes. 

All the books of my tops are 5 STARS on my Goodreads. I am happy to have the chance to read so amazing stories. It was not easy the order, obviously, number 1 was my top over the top. But all the books contain amazing stories. I hope to continue reading and sharing my experience with these books. All my experiences and reviews are subjective so please don´t take anything too seriously.

Bye Bye!

Sunday, March 5, 2023


 "Advertorial Post"

Hi Everyone!

Thanks to heaven I am back and just in time to publish about one of my favorite things, accessories. I am happy because yesterday I found a good offer. I feel so glad at some stores because I purchased such good items and I feel pleased about that. My life lately has been a little messy but this is the issue when I am trying to be healthy and happy something happens and that is annoying. But today I am here not to talk about my problems but about Wholesale21 this is a very nice website where you can find a very good variety of accessories.

I picked these lovelies items because I love all the items that are very cute women's accessories these bow earrings are very pretty and definitely something I could use to go out on a date or a nice occasion. What do you think of these cute bow earrings? Please let me know in the comments. Sincerely I am complicated with earrings because I have very sensitive skin so, sometimes the earrings are not the best for me. But If I am going to purchase a pair of earrings I prefer to buy a cute one.

Today I noticed that I don´t have published so many photos of myself lately here in the blog. Sincerely I do feel not in a good mood lately and I hope to share more about accessories. I like simple and cute necklaces so probably for that I decided this was a good one to share with you. What type of accessories do you prefer? The variety of accessories is amazing so is always a good store to enjoy looking for new accessories. I hope you have enjoyed this post. Of course, I am working on more posts and reviews after this. I don´t want to stop. I wish you a good day.

Bye Bye!