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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

ETUDE HOUSE Face Conditioning Cream

Hi Everyone!

Since I saw this product had a great curiosity to try and give my best review about it. This product began appearing in Etude House December earlier and was the product that started the new year this is ETUDE HOUSE Face Conditioning Cream. As you can see is a white box and the product is a little bigger than usual, at first I thought it would be like a version of CC Cream but it is completely different. I received this product for review purposes KPOPTOWN, I remember that my opinions are based on my personal experience with the product.

Back Side of Box ♡〜٩( ╹▿╹ )۶

(o´▽`o) Up Box!

Right Side All in Korean~ ( ´•౪•`)

This said on KPOPTOWN about the ETUDE HOUSE Face Conditioning Cream :

- Offers moisture and nourishment depending on skin condition and controls excessive oil to create healthy skin.
- Minimizes complex steps from skin care to makeup base to boost makeup condition lightly and simply.
 - Applies skin moist balancing formula.
 - Contains plant oil complex.
-Spreads thinly and gently as soon as touched to skin and creates boosting veil to increase adhesive feeling of makeup

Close up! Directions~ (●´・ω・)

♦  Packaging: The packaging is fairly simple box white with a mirror in front which has the product name, the case is not completely white is like a litmus white pearl with a very smooth texture. The box has instructions in english which is quite useful. The product itself is a white tube with a silver lid looks metal but not plastic. The tube is a strong plastic and has the same presentation the box.

♦ Price & Quantity: The price is $11 without postage in KPOPTOWN seems a reasonable price because the cost of this product on eBay over $16. Bring 75 mL which is a little more than other products of this brand also with a small amount of this product is sufficient for the entire face.

Back Side of Tube♡(〃ʘ▿ʘ〃)

Fragance: The fragrance is delicate and soft, smells floral extracts but very subtle way. Imaino smelling and plant extracts containts has this product.

Security Seal ヾ( ^ω^)ノ

σ(・´ω`・) On my hand~

♦ Texture & Color: The texture is creamy and light. It is white but becomes colorless to spread the product on the face. No leaves noticeably whiter face as CC Cream of this brand. The texture is very light and is absorbed very quickly is not sticky is light.


(*・`ω´・)ゞ You can see how where I applied the product looks more luminous~

- It's an inexpensive product.
- Has SPF25.
- Moisturize your face but controls sebum.
- It absorbs quickly.
- Bring 75 ml of product.
- Leaves skin soft and moisturized and reduces pore size.
- Makes the BB Cream or Foundation keeps as long lasting.
- Despite the heat controls oily face.
- Makes the application of foundation or BB Cream is more easy.
- It has a pleasant aroma.
- Does not produce pimples on oily skin.
- Non-sticky.
- Helps keep skin glowing despite hours.

- On many countries you only can buy this product online (including me).


I must say that this product an excellent primer and an excellent product in skin care. (oll゚ω`))o I can define this as a primer product that helps skin care.(●´∪`) First moisturizes the skin, absorbs quickly second, third is not sticky. It is light and soft is not at all dense. I used it daily and just saw that my skin was radiant at the end of the day. Usually at the end of the day I look tired with this product is the opposite. Whitening, because if subtly clarifies but I think giving a healthy glow and more really clear defect. But this product helped me improve a scar that had a few pimples stress. Essential oils from plant extracts I feel putting on  my face. Has good control of oily even on hot days and provides a glowing and healthy. Only a small amount is enough for my face so sure this product will last me until next year, has been a surprise that this primer was so good. (●*>∀<艸) Fully recommend, I really liked is now part of my daily makeup routine. Even using only this product, I can see the difference on my face.p(*^-^*)q I was surprised the proper control sebum on the oily face, I remind you that my face is oily and really turned out pretty well, was worried about moisturizing too my face and I leave pimples but really the opposite now my face looks healthier and nice.


Where to buy?

Use my discount code KSP1R for 3% Discount in Cosmetics in KPOPTOWN

You can buy ETUDE HOUSE Face Conditioning Cream 

゚+.(ノ*・ω・)ノ*. I´m using the ETUDE HOUSE Face Conditioning Cream here~

I´m just using ETUDE HOUSE Face Conditioning Cream +
and of course blush and lip balm (つω^*)

+.゚(*´∀`)b゚+.゚ Now my Video Review~.+゚ヽ(`・ω・´)ノ.+゚ Yu can se how I applied and how looks the ETUDE HOUSE Face Conditioning Cream  + ETUDE HOUSE Dear Girls Be Clear BB Cream

I hope you enjoyed this ETUDE HOUSE Face Conditioning Cream Review ~

And yeah you can see in this video my bare face~ But the purpose is show the product on my Bare face.(っ´∀`)っ I hope you enjoy the video~

I hope this review (゛ω゛) can be helpful for you. This is a great product and is very cheap,  so many thanks for your support. Any questions place in one comment! (ノ)^ω^(ヾ)
 I´ll be glad to response you. I hope you have a nice day~(★´・ω・):;

Bye Bye!!


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