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Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow.

That is a good phrase to be taken into account since only a few days to finish this 2010 ...
Than few days he has left this year 2010...
Many Blessings!!
For All My Followers...!!

Bye Bye!!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Movies!! Go to Movies "Megamind"

Hi Everyone!!

Yesterday I went to the Movies!! I watched an incredible movie called “Megamind” . Was amazing that movie have everything,  romance, action and was really funny i can´t stop laughing...

I was waiting for  hour 1:30 for watch the Movie… But worth the wait it´s a great Movie…
In the beginning I had my doubts because I had not seen the trailer but it is certainly a beautiful film. When I go to the movies most times is to see animated films... I have seen many animated movies like Age Ice, Tangled, Cars, Shrek and Despicable me among others...

While we were waiting for the hour of the function, went to eat at Wendy's I ate a hamburger because I ordered a big hamburger and gave me a small and apparently I was billed another (stupid employees) ...

Here is a photo while waiting to eat at Wendy's 

I had the curls…Hehehehe..^^

I was waiting to enter the function ... ^^ Wii..

My Ticket..:D

Well I hope you have enjoyed each day sharing a bit more!


Bye Bye...

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Eve!!

Hi Everyone!

Well I hope are having a Happy Holiday. I for one am having great with my family, this is a time of reunion. This is a time  to remember those who are not with us and share with those who are with us and love ...

Most of the day I was at home resting for the weary ... previous day (the day of the hallacas), then went to buy wrapping paper to wrap my Christmas presents ... I was like giving her all my family and friends but my budget. . (Because sales were low) was quite limited ...

At night, after to dress, the respective Christmas photographs ... Here I leave some ...

This is Me in my home with the Christmas Tree!!

Here I was in the Church listening the bless of God!!

In the Church!!

After I left the church I went to my grandmother's house to share with my family ... ^ ^
My grandmother did not want to take pictures with me ... : S

After music and share with my grandmother back home .. at last .. but was very hungry T.T ...
I was about 5 hours without eating ... and wanted to eat ...! Thank God when we got home (all hungry) ate a Christmas meal! Wiii: D

Yawwmm! A Hallaca, Chicken salad and... A Caramel Banana!

It was a nice Christmas I hope you continue having fun I love them!

Bye Bye!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Tired or super tired?

Nobody said it chores, home with easy things. But there is a difference between doing chores and cleaning the whole house ...

Apart from anything having to do Hallacas ... Well for those who do not know the Hallacas are a Venezuelan dish very rich indeed ... but very very time consuming to do, look like Mexican tamales, but development is much more complex ...

Anyway I'm about to go to sleep, to 00:00 on the dot ... Anyway stop blogging and go to sleep ...

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve .. ^ ^ A share with the family will write you at Christmas ...

Have a Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Hi Everyone!

Hi Everyone!

Well after trying many recognized Blogs decided to create my own personal blog on Blogger. Yeah, well I know it's not a very original idea and that perhaps no one reads my entries until after a while but.. the fact is it will be fun ... ^ ^

Not begin this, my talk later for now I'll just say this is my home and for my fans hope to have someday ... hahahahaha!

Bye Bye!!