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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Eve!!

Hi Everyone!

Well I hope are having a Happy Holiday. I for one am having great with my family, this is a time of reunion. This is a time  to remember those who are not with us and share with those who are with us and love ...

Most of the day I was at home resting for the weary ... previous day (the day of the hallacas), then went to buy wrapping paper to wrap my Christmas presents ... I was like giving her all my family and friends but my budget. . (Because sales were low) was quite limited ...

At night, after to dress, the respective Christmas photographs ... Here I leave some ...

This is Me in my home with the Christmas Tree!!

Here I was in the Church listening the bless of God!!

In the Church!!

After I left the church I went to my grandmother's house to share with my family ... ^ ^
My grandmother did not want to take pictures with me ... : S

After music and share with my grandmother back home .. at last .. but was very hungry T.T ...
I was about 5 hours without eating ... and wanted to eat ...! Thank God when we got home (all hungry) ate a Christmas meal! Wiii: D

Yawwmm! A Hallaca, Chicken salad and... A Caramel Banana!

It was a nice Christmas I hope you continue having fun I love them!

Bye Bye!


I will always comment back!