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Saturday, June 26, 2021

[JOLSE] Real Barrier Control-T Spot Clear Patch Review

Hi Everyone!

I am not sure how to explain what complicated is to publish with my Wi-Fi But I feel happy to have the opportunity to share my review with you. I was very excited to try acne patches several months ago and I found these interesting patches of this Korean brand Real Barrier. This is my first time using this brand and I decided to try these patches. I have sensitive combination skin but I have occasional hormonal acne with some breakouts but that is completely normal. Ok, I am not happy with occasional breakouts but that is how works my body.

By the way, this product was sponsored by Jolse but I am not receiving any monetary compensation for this post. All the opinions are based on my own experience with this product. 

Protects the spots from external hazards and prevents secondary infections.
Completed skin stimulation test for sensitive skin.

Security Seal



Real Barrier Control-T Spot Clear Patches



- Thin
- 128 Patches
- Easy application
- Different Sizes
- Affordable Price
- Protects the pimple of the environment
- Helps to heal quick

Does not absorb exudate
- Not sweatproof
- Not favorable for oily skin
- In many countries you only can buy this product online


First I had an expectation about this products. I must confess that I guess this product is ok but is no good enough to buy it again. The product is thin and has two sizes which are great and the adherence is good the issue for me with these patches is that they don't absorb the exudate and they are not sweatproof and on hot days I tend to sweat a lot and they fall out. Some days my skin is really oily and on those days these patches not work on my skin because they don´t adhere to my skin.

These patches are good to keep the pimple-covered and help the healing process but I don't feel like it has a real anti-inflammatory process. To be honest it feels like a sticker rather than a hydrocolloid patch. This product only works as a barrier and is nice for protecting the pimple but nothing more. I don't recommend this for summer days or oily skin. I am going to continue using this product but not on humid or hot days.


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I hope you can find this review useful
My best wishes to you πŸ’—

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Saturday, June 19, 2021

[JOLSE] NATURE REPUBLIC By Flower Wood Eyebrow Review

Hi Everyone!

I am happy to share a review about one of my favorite Korean brands and about a product that is pretty good. For me, the eyebrow pencil is essential in my makeup routine my last eyebrow pencil was an automatic and sincerely I don´t like auto pencils.  NATURE REPUBLIC is a brand that has excellent products and I haven´t read recent reviews about this brand which is sad because you can find good products with affordable prices. 

This review is part of my collaboration with Jolse but all my opinions are based on my own experience with the product. I am not receiving any monetary compensation for this review. 

The soft wood type eyebrow expresses the eyebrows naturally with the smooth texture.

Color 01 Deep Gray

- Color & Texture: The color exactly is a deep gray which is perfect for dark brown hair color or black hair. I love it because doesn´t have any hint of yellow or light brown and is a really deep gray. The texture is a semi-hard pencil with an easy application. 

Before and After

PROs and CONs

- Easy application
- Good pigmentation
- Semi-hard texture
- Long-lasting effect
- Affordable price

- In many countries, you only can buy this product online.


I am happy to say that I find a good eyebrow pencil, for me the requirements are pretty simple. First, the pencil must have good pigmentation, second needs to be semi-hard and long-lasting and this eyebrow pencil fulfills all the requirements on my list. This pencil is waterproof and long-lasting which is great. Sincerely the color is nice this product has 3 different shades Deep Gray 01, Deep Brown 02, and Brown 03 for me are a good variety and the price is around $6 at Jolse.

I highly recommend this product is a good investment and has a great price for the quality that you receive I am going to repurchase another one to have in my stock of makeup.


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I hope you enjoyed this review
Happy weekend!

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Saturday, June 12, 2021

Korean Makeup Haul XIII "Jolse"

Hi Everyone!

I have several days trying to publish this post but this week has been super heavy. My aunt died some days ago of Covid-19 and I had the worst days in my job, I quit the job I had and well that has been part of my chaotic week. After that very horrible introduction, I am back to the post of today that is about a great Haul that I received from Jolse. After several months since I placed my order and I am very happy with all the products that I received. This post is part of my collaboration with Jolse but I have not received any payment from this website. 

I received seven products from Jolse the majority of these products are makeup products I will be very happy to share with you all the new reviews in which I am working now.

TONYMOLY Back Gel High Tech Flat Liner 1.2g

A sweat-proof, tear-proof, and oil-proof eyeliner.
The gel ink tank helps draw eyelines vividly and continuously.
Adjust the eyeliner thickness to fit the eye shape with the high-tech dual brush.

.I am a huge fan of TONYMOLY and when I saw this eyeliner I decided I wanted to try this product. I am not sure how many Korean eyeliners I tried, but I always have good experiences with this brand.

Peripera Ink Black Cara AD 8g

Create extravagantly full and glamorous lashes to turn heads from all angles. Lasting long hours without getting smudged.

Peripera has become one of my favorite brands but something that I have not tried yet is the mascaras by this brand. So I will be happy to share my experience with you.

NATURE REPUBLIC By Flower Wood Eyebrow 1.6g

The soft wood type eyebrow expresses the eyebrows naturally with the smooth texture.

I prefer the eye pencil and not an automatic pencil for my eyebrows for me that is the best way to make my eyebrows.

Peripera Pure Blushed Sunshine Cheek 4.2g

Contains a soft and clear pastel pigmentation with its fine particles.
Long-lasting with the ability to withstand sweat and sebum.

The blushes are part of my daily routine, I look very dull without a proper blush and I have big expectations about this product.


I wanted new spot patches during a long time and I decided to try these one because this box contains a good quantity of patches. 

Isntree Hyaluronic Acid Trial Kit

Hyaluronic acid kit containing hyaluronic acid and moisturizing factors that reduce skin aging from external environment and stress. Consists of toner, toner plus, essence and gel cream. Hyaluronic line products that helps to provide the extra moisture and strogner moisture barrier for skin. Perfect kit for trying Isntree hyaluronic line products.

- Isntree Hyaluronic Acid Toner Plus
- Isntree Hyaluronic Acid Water Essence
- Isntree Hyaluronic Acid Aqua Gel Cream

This kit I know I am going to love this kit because already has one of my favorite products Isntree Hyaluronic Acid Toner. This kit contains several mini sizes and I will be super happy to share my experience. 

Peripera All Take Mood Palette 6.8g Muteful Rose

Shimmering and gorgeous glitters provide glamorous eye makeup.
Lasting long hours without getting smudged.

Lately, my palettes were coral or neutral colors this time I picked a palette that combines rosy and matte cool colors. 


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Which product do you would like to read the first review?
Thank you so much to Jolse for this chance to collaboration πŸ’—
I want to wish you health and happiness

Bye Bye!! 

Thursday, June 3, 2021

Barunu Aloe Vera Facial Soapy Gel "Gel Jabonoso Facial con SΓ‘bila Barunu"

Hi Everyone!

It has been a while since I published a review about a local brand, I decided to share this soapy gel because I´ve had a very good experience with this low-cost product. The past year I had to reconsider my routine due to the postal office delays and due to the postal offices stopped working in my country.  Now, this is a Soapy Gel with an extract of Aloe Vera for normal skin types. This product is not sponsored, I purchased this product in a drugstore with my own money. 

This was my first time using this brand even when I saw it several times in the drugstore I was not very interested due the packaging is not something special. 

Barunu Aloe Vera Facial Soapy Gel is made from our exclusive Sinergy-Aloe complex that cleanses the skin of the face without drying it out, maintaining the natural balance of fresh and healthy skin during the day and at night.

How to Use
Apply the gel with the fingertips, making circular movements on the face and neck. Moisten your hands to achieve a light foaming effect with the massage. Remove with lukewarm water and rinse very well with plenty of water.

Secury Seal


pH 5

Before and After

PROs and CONs

- Easy Application
- Gel Texture
- Removes the impurities and sebum
- Calming Effect
- Odorless 

- Only can be purchased in local drugstores in Venezuela


I started to using this product without any expectation, my usual cleanser was empty I wen to the drugstore and I purchased this one. My first impresion was the packaging is nothing special and the plastic looks cheap but fine, the next I noticed is that that had a security seal which is great. The texture is amazing is you are a fan (like me) of gel textures, the texture is a liquid gel, you only need a little for your full face and this removes waterproof makeup too. Of course I prefer use this product like my 2nd step in my daily routine. This gels promises that is good because contains extract of Aloe Vera which is why I guess this provides a good moisturizing effect. 

This cleanser is gentle and removes the impurities of my skin but my skin feels calm and moisturized after use this soapy gel, because that is the description of this product. The cost of this product was around $4 which is a good price considering that is a gel with acidic pH and that has so good effects in my skin. I never noticed any allergyc reaction on my skin and is a very good option If you are looking for a product low-cost. I sincerely recommend this product.


Thank you so much for your support and love πŸ’•
My best wishes to you

Bye Bye!!