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Thursday, June 3, 2021

Barunu Aloe Vera Facial Soapy Gel "Gel Jabonoso Facial con Sábila Barunu"

Hi Everyone!

It has been a while since I published a review about a local brand, I decided to share this soapy gel because I´ve had a very good experience with this low-cost product. The past year I had to reconsider my routine due to the postal office delays and due to the postal offices stopped working in my country.  Now, this is a Soapy Gel with an extract of Aloe Vera for normal skin types. This product is not sponsored, I purchased this product in a drugstore with my own money. 

This was my first time using this brand even when I saw it several times in the drugstore I was not very interested due the packaging is not something special. 

Barunu Aloe Vera Facial Soapy Gel is made from our exclusive Sinergy-Aloe complex that cleanses the skin of the face without drying it out, maintaining the natural balance of fresh and healthy skin during the day and at night.

How to Use
Apply the gel with the fingertips, making circular movements on the face and neck. Moisten your hands to achieve a light foaming effect with the massage. Remove with lukewarm water and rinse very well with plenty of water.

Secury Seal


pH 5

Before and After

PROs and CONs

- Easy Application
- Gel Texture
- Removes the impurities and sebum
- Calming Effect
- Odorless 

- Only can be purchased in local drugstores in Venezuela


I started to using this product without any expectation, my usual cleanser was empty I wen to the drugstore and I purchased this one. My first impresion was the packaging is nothing special and the plastic looks cheap but fine, the next I noticed is that that had a security seal which is great. The texture is amazing is you are a fan (like me) of gel textures, the texture is a liquid gel, you only need a little for your full face and this removes waterproof makeup too. Of course I prefer use this product like my 2nd step in my daily routine. This gels promises that is good because contains extract of Aloe Vera which is why I guess this provides a good moisturizing effect. 

This cleanser is gentle and removes the impurities of my skin but my skin feels calm and moisturized after use this soapy gel, because that is the description of this product. The cost of this product was around $4 which is a good price considering that is a gel with acidic pH and that has so good effects in my skin. I never noticed any allergyc reaction on my skin and is a very good option If you are looking for a product low-cost. I sincerely recommend this product.


Thank you so much for your support and love 💕
My best wishes to you

Bye Bye!!


  1. Me han entrado ganas de probar este producto después de leerte

  2. Allright this looks really good! I should get it and try it for myself

  3. Very nice product review! It looks useful and great. Aleo vera brand is very popular here and i should check out this product you advised.

  4. It Looks intetesting.
    And it's good that you promote local brands.
    Greetings from Poland.:)

  5. Good review. I have used products with aloe vera and so far, I find them to be good.

  6. A very interesting review. I also really like products with aloe :)

  7. Me encanta tu blog. Tengo un tatuaje de Sakura en la espalda... ja, ja, ja. Gracias por la recomendación de este producto, lo tendré en cuenta.

    Un besazo,

  8. Que lástima que solo se pueda comprar en farmacias de Venezuela, yo estoy en España.


  9. ¡Holaa!

    Gracias por esta entrada tan completa, no soy mucho de utilizar este tipo de productos pero muchas gracias por tu opinión.


  10. ¡Hola! ^^
    Pues lo buscaré, porque me encanta cualquier producto que lleve Aloe Vera.

  11. Es un gel interesante. Parece un buen producto.


  12. I love aloe vera products ❤

  13. Una gel davvero ottimo, grazie per la presentazione.

  14. I really like products with aloe vera.

  15. I like aloe products. I like the effect of this product :)


  16. Gracias por la recomendación. Que buena pinta.

  17. ¡Hola! Qué lindo, además de que el aloe vera es realmente bueno. Besos ♥

  18. Fajny, ciekawy produkt. Podoba mi się.

  19. Hola!! Está muy bien este producto, no lo conocía y tomo buena nota. ¡Genial post! Besos!!

  20. Hola Sakuranko!! Me encantan los geles jabonosos, yo también los utilizo para mí rutina de limpieza diaria. La piel te ha quedado muy bien tras sus uso. Está bien encontrar productos así fácilmente. Besitos.

  21. I love products that contain aloe vera.
    Thanks for sharing.

  22. Great post! thnks for sharing. X

  23. Que buena crema :o ya la buscare :D

    Un beso desde Plegarias en la Noche.

  24. Very interesting product 😊

  25. Hola ^^
    No lo conocía, pero tomo nota porque lo veo bastante bien
    gracias por tu review
    besos ♥

  26. The results looks very good

  27. This sounds like a good cleanser and it is really affordable as well.

  28. This sounds like a nice cleanser and it's certainly affordable as well.

  29. Gosto muito de produtos, à base de aloés vera! Ainda não conhecia este, a que irei prestar atenção futuramente! Excelente sugestão, Sakuranko!
    Beijinhos! Feliz semana!

  30. Hola.
    Te deja la piel increíble, con lo mal que la tengo sin duda tengo que probarlo.
    Muchos besos.

  31. I love aloe vera is something for me

  32. Looks like a wonderful product.

  33. wow your skin "after" looks so smooth:)

  34. I can really notice the difference in your skin using this Soapy Gel with an extract of Aloe Vera.
    It looks really good, I loved the review!

  35. ..thank you for the recommendation, I love aloe ❤
    great photos!

    - greetings :)

  36. I would love to try it, it's a pity that it is only available in drugstores in your country

  37. Hola Sakuranko, no he probado este producto pero si he probado otro y el aloe vera es una maravilla!

  38. Hi Hi!
    I don't usually use these little things but it catches my attention because it has Aloe vera, I am glad that you liked the product and it is a pity that they only sell it there :c

  39. Thank you so much for this review, seems to be a fabulous product!
    Have a lovely day!

  40. I would like to try them cause your skin after looks much cleaner and nice :-)

  41. I think it will be a wonderful wash. I do believe in aloe vera products and have quite a number of pots of aloe vera at home as it is hot and sunny here - aloe vera climate!

  42. It looks like it's working great.

  43. Hola n.n
    Wow estoy encantada con la foto que nos muestras con el antes y el después de usar el producto en la cara *u*
    Ay! Como desearía encontrarlo en mi país porque me sería de mucha ayuda :c
    Nos leemos pronto, besos <3

  44. Do you ever used it on your hair?

  45. Hola bonita, unos productos muy completos, no los conocía pero pinta muy bien, lo siento por lo de tu tía y ánimo en el despido, un besazo.

  46. I loved the before and after, it seems to be really effective :)

  47. no doubt that aloe vera is very good for our skin����


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