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Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Foundation Makeup Brush

Hi Everyone!

I am very happy because today I am going to share one of my favorites. Like a good makeup lover I am a huge fan of makeup brushes. And today I am going to share a new fabulous brush that is one of my favorite. Who has not listen, bigger is better? Well for me that is completely truth. And that applies for the books and to the makeup brushes too. And that is one of the reasons because this brush is one of my favorites.

I received this product in collaboration with the webstore BeautyBigBang in exchange of a honest review for you my sweet readers. I choose this makeup brush because I love it the shape and is amazing for apply makeup powder and finish the face makeup.

The brush coming in this packaging~

This is how looks the brush

The texture of the fiber is super soft so is amazing If you are going to apply loose powder or pact powder because the finish is really silky and pretty. I love use the loose powder with the brush because the result is pretty good. The price of this brush is amazing only $4.59 USD and that is a big deal.

ヽ(*・ω・)ノFoundation Makeup Brush 

Where to find great beauty tools?

You can buy this Foundation Makeup Brush  SKU:67126

Please use my code SAKU10 for 10% OFF in this webstore.

(´。• ᵕ •。`) ♡ And that was all for the post of today my lovelies~
I want to know your opinions about this brush!

Bye Bye!!

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Black between Green

“The only way to survive is to believe you always will.”
― Samantha Shannon, The Song Rising

Hi Everyone!

Today I have the pleasure to share with you one of my favorite coordinates and this time I have the opportunity to share the beautiful photos of this outfit. Today I am going to share the first part in this review wich is collaboration with Zaful. The cute webstore where is this cute mini dress. And If you have some time following me you should know much I love the black and how this influences my mood.

The beautiful photos were shot by the great Rafael Mesa Sincerely I have a long time wanting photos by him because I really like his work. I love it how He captures the good angles and the wonderful light throught his lens. 

I could talk about so many things happy in my life right now. About all the stress, insomnia and about a lot of ngeatives things. But I don´t want at least for today talk about that I prefer focus in the quote with I started this post I only going to believe that I can survive because is the only way. The mind is a powerful resource and I refuse to feel differently just because the situation is not perfect right now. Because the life is about ups and downs. 

About this dress I love it the fabric because thick and like you can see in some photos the sleeves has a particular and special pattern that I love it. The particular cut in the neck is pretty and different shape. 

This item  is out of stock~
But you can find other amazing products at


The black is so perfect between all that green, the nature always teach me how to grow even in the most dificult times. And about the black is marvelous how under the natural light stand out so much.  And like always I want to know your opinions about this coordinate. Personally I am in love with all the photos in this post. I want wish you a happy day!

Bye Bye!!

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Twilight Reborn Brown

Hi Everyone!

I was expecting publish this post yesterday but was a little complicated so today I am going to share about circle lenses. And this time the turn is for the Twilight Reborn Brown a cute design of contacs from the great webstore PinkyParadise. I received this product for review purposes and I am very happy because I really like this brand brand that I´ve tried in the past PrincessPinky.

I received this product with a huge delay thanks to my postal office but I am here publishing the review and that is the important. Like always the packaging is super pretty and I love it the cute bottles. 

If you want know how care the circle lenses
I want invite you to read my post

Both Plano!

Twilight Reborn Brown Design~

Design/Pattern + Color: These lenses has two tone design and the irises looks super sparkle and the yellow color is super vibrant. Look like an star and I like that. My concern is that the design is more like for cosplay or halloween because doesn´t blend with natural eye color and looks super fake.

Comfort: These are good but I felt my eye a little dry under the AC. So you need eye drops with these circle lenses-

Enlargement: Despite the diameter the enlargement is not so noticeable and I am not If is about the design but the enlargement for me is just a little.

Overall: I guess I could pick these lenses for cosplay or halloween because these lenses with this vibrant and strong design works for me for cosplay. Because they doesn´t provide a gyaru style they provides more a anime character vibe. I like the string color and the unique design I recommend these contact lenses If you are looking yellow color like a cat for anime or halloween but not for a natural look.

Rating: ★★★✩✩

Where you can buy this and more cute Circle Lenses?.-♡*:.

If you want buy the Twilight Reborn Brown

Close-up! Twilight Reborn Brown ✨

Sincerely one the most complicated lenses for take selfies◌*.♡ 
But here my best selfie with these lenses for finish this review!
I hope you enjoyed this review~ 
Thank you so much to PinkyParadise

Bye Bye!!

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Nail Cutter Clipper Kit

Hi Everyone!

I am back with a new review because like I mentioned I have a lot of pending reviews. So today I want talk about this lovely product that I received from the webstore BeautyBigBang for review purposes and I am very happy with this product. This is the Nail Cutter Clipper Kit . First I need to start saying that the last year of my career I maintained my nails short because was more easy and simple but I don´t like in that way because If you check my first posts in my blog I really like my nails I guess these have a cute shape.

So since August from the last year I decided I wanted take care more about my nails and I needed a nail kit for the maintenance. And like I love it the kawaii stuff I found in this great webstore this lovely kit with  12 pieces and is super useful and the quality is pretty good and I am happy to share with you. 

This is the content of this (´。• ω •。`) 

<( ̄︶ ̄)> This nail clipper has a happy face

This is a diagonal nail clipper and is great for toenails

The quality is really good and the material is stainless steal so I really like that about this set, for me is a good investment. 

This cuticle cutter has great precision and is easy to use (´ ∀ ` *)

Tweezers ヽ(*・ω・)ノ

Where to find great beauty tools?

You can buy this Nail Cutter Clipper Kit  SKU:50141

Please use my code SAKU10 for 10% OFF in this webstore.

҂ I love it this multiuse scissors

(^▽^) This kit is super useful I´ve been using this a lot lately and I am very happy with the quality of this set.  The packaging is really cute and that is agood plus. Well I hope you enjoyed this review. 

Bye Bye!!

Tuesday, January 16, 2018


"Advertorial Post"

Bridesmaid Dresses MillyBridal

Hi Everyone!

I am here today for share about beautiful wedding dresses, this will be a short post for today because I want to try to be quick and precise because I have a lot of things for share to my weet readers in this month. Today I want introduce to you to MillyBridal this lovely webstore that provides beautiful wedding dresses and I want share some of this beautiful dresses for you. Probably this could be great If you are looking for a wedding dress, or for a friend there a good quantity of posibilities because you could like visit a webstore like this. I love it the great variety of dresses and the differences between the prices. For me is always good have different webstores for check.

I love it the wedding dresses with long sleeves I must confess that are my favorite because they look so magical and pretty like this dress that I am sharing with you. I love it the princess style like I mentioned before which girl does not like to look like a wonderful princess with a beautiful dress? I like look like a princess and I prefer more the subtle and cute style than the sexy one. By the way you can find in this websotre beautiful dresses for your bridesmaids.

For finish this wonderful dress with show the soulders and nothing more cure that a lovely dress with a huge and beautiful skirt like this. I am always betting on dresses with a classic princess style but like I huge lover of hime lolita japanese fashion style that is very compresible. Like always I want to know your opinions in the comments, first I am curious to know: Are you visited this webstore before? Second which of the dresses that I shared today is your favorite? I´ll be happy to read your opinions. And that was all for today I hope you can find this post informative. I want wish you a happy day~

Bye Bye!

Friday, January 12, 2018

[JOLSE] TONYMOLY INKED Lasting Mascara #01 Volume

Hi Everyone!

I had the plan to publish this review in December but I was so busy that month and thanks to my WiFi has been horrible. But I am back so I want share this lovely product that is super pretty and looks like a fountain pen and is a great mascara. Tonymoly was one of the first korean brands of surprise me with their interesting packaging of fruits like the tomatox. This brand always combines good prices with cute packaging and I guess that works pretty well. I´ve been read that many korean doesn´t like Tonymoly because in fact is cheap. But I have a question with this: Which is the problem If a brand is cheap when the product is good? Please reply to that question in the comments.

I received this product from Jolse for review purposes. I am very happy to work with this cooperation because this is one of my favorite online webstore of korean cosmetics. But like always all the opinion expressed in this review are based in my own experience with the product.

This is how looks the box~

Back Side~

Close-up! Direction & Caution

Opening the box ヽ(o^▽^o)ノ

TONYMOLY INKED Lasting Mascara #01 Volume

TONYMOLY INKED Lasting Mascara

Back Side

- The packaging & price: The price is now in $9 to $10 USD at Jolse the price is super affordable and the packaging like you can see is absolutely cute.

The Brush~

The color~

- Color and Brush: Probably one of the thing I really like about this mascara is that dries really quick and provides a good black color. The brush is very regular with a conical shape but helps to provides a good volume to the eyelashes.

Before and After~

This is my short video review ☆⌒ヽ(*'、^*)

PROs and CONs

- Good formula.
- Beautiful packaging.
- Affordable price.
- Waterproof
- Smudgeproof

- On many countries you have to buy this product online.


I have my doubts before try this product because I have sensitive eyes and I suffer of allergies reason ebcause I need a mascara that can work good in my sensitive eyes. And I know that for me I need an smudgeproof product for eyes because sometimes I rub my eyes. When I applied this product I didn´t felt any allergic or sensitive reaction and that is great because that means this product works fine in my sensitive eyes and that is the most important fact. This is waterproof and smudgeproof and that is amazing so for the price of this product with that three elements positive is good enough for me.

Now The volume effect is noticeable I applied only one coat in my before and after picture. But obviously If you apply three coats your eyelashes looks with a good volume and the effect is noticeable. The formula dries quick and the color black is really pigmented and provides a matte effect. The last but not the least important about this is that you can use this mascara like decoration because looks super pretty. Open the box of this product is all an experience because is very cute and I guess this is perfect for a gift too. If you want gift an original mascar or like me you a re a fan of fountain pens and want the best of both worlds. I highly recommend this mascara because the relation between price, formula and packaging is really good. 

If you want try these and other great Korean Cosmetics visit

You can buy the TONYMOLY INKED Lasting Mascara #01 Volume HERE

Afer use two coats of TONYMOLY INKED Lasting Mascara #01 Volume

A selfie of my after use the TONYMOLY INKED Lasting Mascara (⌒▽⌒)♡ I recorded that video few days before of Christmas! I hope you enjoyed this review!
Like always I want to know in the 
comments your opinions about this product! (´。• ω •。`)

Bye Bye!!

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Floral Garage Singapore

"Advertorial Post"

Hi Everyone!

Today I am super happy to be here writing this post because is about amazing flowers. I love it the flowers and the wonderful bouquets are my favorites. So I am going to have the pleasure to introduce to the lovely online florist Floral Garage Singapore. This amazing local florist provides same-day flower delivery service. Which I guess is great If you want gift for an special day, this is perfect. This first bouquet that a pick from this webstore is a lovely bouquet called Remy with beautiful soft pink roses and cute touches of lavenders. The roses and the lavenders are my favorite flowers so this bouquet is perfect for me. 

The standard delivery price is $9.70 and this local florist at Singapore is very know for the good reviews in google. This second bouquet is super vibrant and gorgeous and is called the "Freestyle Bouquet" which can be crafted by the flouritst according to the requirements and the customer dee´s, age and ocassion. The thing with this Freestyle Bouquet is that has a cost of just $34.90 and each is different and unique. By the way If you want to know how to place your order online check out this page on how to order: https://floralgaragesg.com/how-to-order/ And are just 5 steps for place your order so that is really easy and simple.

Valentine´s Day is very close so that is a perfect ocassion for gift a cute set of flowers. This online florist is offering an special early bird for this January when you can obtain $20 OFF and the webstore will give away amazing and beautiful stuff like I love you pillows and cute teddies all that for this romantic ocassion. Another great thing about this special in the online florist is that you can find a great variety of discounts in several products. The previous bouquet the freestyle bouquet has a good discount http://valentines.floralgaragesg.com/ If you are interested in check all these amazing discounts.

I want to let you know that you can find too fun gifts, bouquets with dried flowers, bridal bouquets and of course balloms and flower gift abskets so you have a good selection for choose for the specifical ocassion. I hope you visit this lovely webstore. Like always I want to know If you knew about this online local florist and which is your favorite from my picks, happy day.

Bye Bye!