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Friday, September 28, 2012

"·.Wonder Woman.·"

Hi Everyone!

Comic Lately have become more popular than they already are. Being very honest with you my dear readers I know very little about Comics and stuff. But when I saw a little girl in the TV animated series and one of my favorite heroines and I knew it was only the "Wonder Woman".

As Halloween approaches this character I was inspired to do a makeup on "Wonder Woman" and share it with you. To see if you dare on Halloween ~ ~ Honestly I have this character costume so my apologies for that but try to be creative by myself accessories.

A few years ago women were not appreciated (and in many societies currently the case) but this heroine was strong, brave and beautiful.

Now talking about the makeup, I used a soft golden color in the eyes, a soft brown shade to add pronfundidad with a beautiful shaded in brown brows defined and quite a bit darker.

Without Flash

The foundation is quite clear pink white, first outlined lips with red lipstick and then with a beautiful crimson lipstick.

My cheeks have a very soft peach blush beautiful accent but it makes them look very soft. Returning to my eyes I used false lashes in the corners of my eyes to add some volume or but that does not seem too dramatic. First delineate my eye with a bright blue pencil and then outlines a black liquid delieador and used black colored mascara.

No doubt this is one of my favorite makeup. now that I have dark hair was great and I liked the result. This is an ovation to the beautiful Linda Carter to believe that forever will be beautiful and of course this great of Comics "Wonder Woman"

I will keep fighting for Peace and Justice!

I hope you have enjoyed this makeup and inspires them this Halloween or are presented as an option. Thanks for supporting my blog!

Bye Bye!!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Flor Silvestre

Hi Lovelies~~

I have always had a special interest in photography. In fact it is one of the main reasons why I decided some time ago to start this blog. I love nature because it is perfect and beautiful and can have a simple beauty. I love macro photography because it shows details that are imperceptible. By the way these and all the photographs in this post are taken by me.

Our hectic way of life sometimes makes us unable to see the beauty in nature. I think most women should be like a "Flor Silvestre".

I do not mean the Mexican film "Flor Silvestre" but do as the wild flower that appears in the middle of the bush. Small and yet with a unique and simple beauty.

Many times we are in our little bud, fighting the world to move forward and fight for our ideals

Sometimes people try to hurt us, to harm us for no apparent reason and we must be strong and stay standing.

Not to mention those dark days that "not only women" but that all people face in our lives. For these people, these acts of life circumstances that make us hurt us live dark and sad times.

But life is about to blossom, to heal, to heal, to forgive and be happy wherever possible it should not take life so seriously as to after all no one has come out of this alive.

Thanks for visiting my blog and see these pictures that inspire me to continue managed life with a fresh attitude, positive and green.

Bye Bye!!

Friday, September 21, 2012

.·Simple Bunny·.

Hi Lovelies~~

This  was my outfit yesterday. Before go to the ophthalmologist, normally I don´t do post about my outfits becaus are really simple. But this is me, this shirt i think i lovely with the bunny. The truly i don´t remember where I bought this outfit. 

I have to say that this shoer are really confortables. The black leggings i think is nice. 

I don´t know why in this picture i look some tired~~ 

My makeup really natural and soft just a little of eyeshadows en brown eyeliner i put in my eyes. Just a little gloss and soft blush.

Me :D

Me :)

I love you sweet readers you´re my biggest inspiration... I feel blessed for know blogreaders so cool like you are...

God Bless you~~

Bye Bye!!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Nivea Sensitive Ultra Moisturizing Sunscreen "Review"

Hi Everyone!

Maybe this post should have done in summer, but also throughout the year where I live (I live in a tropical country Venezuela) is sunny most of the year. And for those who do not know we do not have four seasons. We only have two seasons: rainy season and warm season (no rain). The truth is that here a lot of sun and is very strong, and to care for my skin I need a good sunscreen.

This product seems great, because apart from offering good sun protection, moisturizes the skin and is very much for sensitive skin helping to prevent allergies.


Back Side

This is the back of the bottle, comes in this presentation containing 125 ml, there you can see the maturity date (near the bar code). There are instructions and ingredients it contains


The instructions say that you should apply 20 minutes before sun exposure.


Just  a small amount of product in my hand.

Distributing all the product in my hand. 

Taadaaa! ^^

PROs and CONs


- Excellent protection.
- Very good moisturizer.
- It has a pleasant smell.
- Can be achieved in most pharmacies.


Not is rapidly absorbed.


Definitely a great product, with excellent protection, since it has an SPF of 60 which I consider great. It is also very moisturizing which I think is great because our skin is not dry.

This is the sunscreen I'm using lately, I hope you liked this review. my beloved readers remember that your skin is very important and that prevention is better than repair.

Bye Bye!!