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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

ETUDE HOUSE Dear My Wish Lips Talk

Hi Everyone!

I´m very happy because this is one post that I worked a lot ot, because I´m very busy with the Hospital + College so I need make the things step by step, I love it make the reviews to my way and for that reason I´m  very happy for write this post for you. The video review finished upload to youtube today (=゚ω゚)ノ♡ This product so pretty is the ETUDE HOUSE Dear My Wish Lips Talk PK001 When I saw this new serie of lipsticks of Etude House I said  I need one pink liptick of  that serie. 

Back Side of Box~

Right Side of Box~

Close-up  to Ingredients~(´・ ・`)

Left Side Box~

(♡ノ ´ 〇`)ノClose-up! Directions + Caution

Downside box~

ETUDE HOUSE Dear My Wish Lips Talk  (*´∀`*)


Packaging: I don´t have to much to say about the packaging because is lovely, pretty and pink (≧∇≦) For me is a kawaii packaging and I love it! The packaging has five stars because is not only pretty is functional so I like that. \( ´ω` )/  You can use this or decorate your vanity table too.

*:・꒰ ૢ●௰ ૢ●✩꒱

*:・꒰ ૢ Downside lipstick!
This is the name of this color "PK001"

Color + Texture + Price: I love it the texture is very creamy the color is very pigmented, I´m impressed  because the price is under $10 in Cosmetic Love and the color is very pigmented. The price is $7.95 USD a great price for a product like this this has a great variety of colors.  The intense color is not long lasting but after some drinks or drink and eat leaves an effect like tint. You need see the swatches:

ETUDE HOUSE Dear My Wish Lips Talk 
After rub is the same color on my lips after drink or eat~

I love it the both ways because for me this is my perfect pink!

ETUDE HOUSE Dear My Wish Lips Talk 
Video Review + Makeup Tutorial!
Here you can see how I make the two previous styles with this lipstick~

PROs and CONs

♤ PROs
- The price is affordable.
- The packaging is lovely.
- Provides a cute and pigmented color.
- Leave a tint effect after some hours.

♤ CONs
- You can buy only online this product on many countries (inluding me).


I love it this lipstick, because is very pigmented, has a cute packaging and a great price (ˊo̶̶̷ᴗo̶̶̷`)♡ another good point about this lipstick is that moisturize my lips and doesn't leave my lip dry and unpretty. I hate when I need use tons of lip balm with a lipstick. My lips are very dry but with some lipstick can look even more dry. The texture is creamy and my best comment about this product too is the price is weird find good lipsticks ith a good price.(๑•௰•๑) ♡ I recommend this to 100%

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Where to buy this product?

You can buy the ETUDE HOUSE Dear My Wish Lips Talk

ETUDE HOUSE Dear My Wish Lips Talk (`・∀・´)! Full Lips!

ETUDE HOUSE Dear My Wish Lips Talkヽ(*^ω^*)ノ Gradient Lips~

(^ν^)♡ My last selfie~ I love it gradient lips!

(^o^)❤︎ I hope you enjoyed this review!
I love it this product!
Happy week~

Bye Bye!!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Lioele Dollish Cera-V CC Cream

Hi Everyone!

(‐^▽^‐) Probably I should be finishing my homework for psychology class but I feel better writing this review. Sometimes we say we will do many things and end up doing nothing, so I feel right now because I had two days off and all I did was rest. But sometimes we need rest the life is not only work. Today I´m here with this product the LIOELE Dollish Cera-V CC Cream this was a very nice surprise because I was very disappointed with the previous products from the brand because  were to much oily for skin type. This product was sponsored by the store Cosmetic-Love but all the opinions are based on my own experience with the product and are 100% honest.

Close-up! ♡

Back Side Box~


(^▽^) Instructions~

(゜▽゜;) Upbox side~

Lioele Dollish Cera-V CC Cream\(^▽^)/

Packaging: Absolutely pretty like  the most of products of Lioele. The box is intense pink with pearl white very lovely. And the bottle hast this cute metallic color with a pump and this lovely transparent pink top. This is easy to carry because is not much big. 

Back side~


Manufactured date~(^▽^)/

Price: This is $16.53 USD at Cosmetic-Love with Free shipping for me this is a very nice price because this contains a good amoun of product.

A nice pump~

A drop of Lioele Dollish Cera-V CC Cream

Texture + Aroma: The aroma is soft and very floral but the scent is not very strong is very subtle and I liked that. The texture is creamy but very lightweight and that is very nice because you can add two coats of product and doesn´t look cakey.

Bare Skin and with Lioele Dollish Cera-V CC Cream ♥

( ・ω・)∩ This is my video review + demo + opinions ❣ 
Please support my video review~

PROs and CONs

♔ PROs
- It has a lovely packaging.
- The price is affordable.
- Contains 30 grams.
- It has SPF 34 /PA++
- Coverage Light / Medium.
- Provides a good control of sebum.

- On many countries you only can buy this product online (including me).


I´m very happy with this product, the first reason is beauce provides a light to medium coverage without a cakey effect and that is very good for me. ヾ(。・ω・。) The effect of this product is long lasting so that is perfect for everyday. This provides a great moisturizing effect and I really like that,  this provides a cute and natural brightening and you can see that very clear on  my video review. This fulfills the expectations that I had about this product, this is the best CCCream that I tried and the reason is because has an excellent control of sebum, but without make the face look cakey. I have to add that provides brightening but doesn´t make me look like a ghost. ヾ(^ ^ゞ This is a very good product my new favorite for daily so  I recommend this to 100%


Where to buy this product?

You can buy the Lioele Dollish Cera-V CC Cream

\(^▽^)/Selfie after use the Lioele Dollish Cera-V CC Cream ♥

I hope you enjoyed this review~
This is a very cute and great product!p(*^-^*)q
I hope you have a wonderful week~

Bye Bye!!

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Geo Eyevelyn Brown Circle Lens

Hi Everyone!

Happy Valentine´s Day for all  my sweet readers~ ♡( ´ ▽ ` )ノ Today I´m here with a new lovely  review. I love it this review because I love it the product is very cute and makes a gorgeous effect. I have a weird love with the brown circle lenses because like I have light green/gray eyes is complicated normally doesn´t look natural but this provides a cute and natural effect and I love it. This circle lens are the Geo Eyevelyn Brown from the webstore Lensvillage. Remember that all the opinions are based on my own experience with the product and is 100% honest. 

If this is your first time reading my blog and you want know how care circle lens
I want invite you to read my post

〜(`・∀・´) All that I received~

This circle lens are made of Silicone Hydrogel and I want share the info about this new material and why is great. This info is from LensVillage:

Eyevelyn is the world's first biocompatible silicone hydrogel circle contact lens that is approved by the US FDA. Unlike regular cosmetic lenses made from 2-HEMA, Eyevelyn's silicone hydrogel material offers enhanced oxygen permeability, moisture retention, durability and resistance to protein and bacterial adhesion.
H2O Natural Wettability: silicone hydrogel retains twice as much moisture as hyaluronic acid, protecting your eyes from dryness and irritation.
O2 Breathability: silicone hydrogel lenses are thinner and are more densely packed with microscopic pores, allowing your eyes to breathe. 
Clinically Tested Resistance to Protein and Bacterial Adhesion: as published in J Chem Edu and Biomaterials, MPC/PC coated silicone surfaces are smoother with less ridges, conferring resistance to accumulation of proteins and microbes.
UV Protection: Eyevelyn contact lenses have a special coating to block UV rays from contacting your delicate eyes.

Like this circle lens Geo Eyevelyn Brown Circle Lens are from the Brand Geolica "geo Medical" I received the instructions~

(*˘︶˘*).。.:*♡ Bottle Details``

❁´ω`❁)Plano circle lens

The pattern~

Design/Pattern + Color: The pattern is very natural are just two shades,  light brown and medium brown the edge is very defined but blended so provides a natural and dolly effect. I love it the design because the mix of two shades makes that the color blends on my natural eye color. 

Comfort: This are the most confortable circle lens that I used. Seriously I feel my eyes naked because I can notice the difference with them or without circle lenses. 

Enlargement: For me a medium natural enlargement, but for the diameter is very good on my opinion. 

Overall: I love it because are so comfortable and the design makes a dolly natural effect very pretty. Maybe on eyes with brown or dark/brown color the effect dolly is less and looks more natural and a more solid effect. This are the first circle lens that I used that provides a natural effect but the same time a dolly effect (but remember the dolly effect is to cause to the more dark edge on my light eyes). Apparently the comfy is because the material of this circle lens retains more moisture and water and because the lens  is mo thinner that the usual circle lens.  I recommend this circle lens because are very pretty and 100% comfortable.

❁ Rating: ★★★★★

Where to buy?

You can buy the Geo Eyevelyn Brown Circle Lens 

(*σωσ)♡Geo Eyevelyn Brown Circle Lens Close-up!


Before and After~

ପ(⑅ˊᵕˋ⑅)ଓ Geo Eyevelyn Brown Circle Lens

\(^ω^\)My last pic with the Geo Eyevelyn Brown Circle Lens

I hope you enjoyed this review (^∇^)
Remember that the most amazing and powerful LOVE ♡ is the Love for yourself~
My best wishes for you~ Happy Holidays~ or and any case Happy weekend!

Bye Bye!!