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Monday, July 29, 2019

[JOLSE] Peripera Ink Matte Blur Tint 3.8g Review

Hi Everyone!

I am back with a new review and I am very happy I was expecting to publish this post two days ago but due to some issues I am here publishing today. but the important like always is the quality. I am very happy today because I am going to share a great product. This time is about a lovely product Peripera Ink Matte Blur Tint. It has been a while since I published a review about a lip tint and this time I decided to try a wonderful lip tint from the brand Peripera. This brand is known about the great lip tints that are very popular.

When I saw this shade I decided I needed this lip tint. First the color and that blur effect It was super interesting to me. By the way, I received this product from Jolse in exchange for my personal opinion about this product.

I like the packaging~ But I must confess is not practical

Back Side~

Close up πŸ˜˜

Directions & Caution

Expiration Date

Peripera Ink Matte Blur Tint 3.8g #07 Blushed Pink

Back Side Details

Tap Detail~ #07 Blushed Pink

Expiration Date on the Bottle

Creamy Texture


The color blends so gorgeous

This is how looks the color on my lips~

✿ Texture & Color: The texture is dense and creamy, so rich and wonderful with a lovely and high pigmented color. Of course, everything depends on how much quantity you apply on your lips but the color has good pigmentation. 

I want to invite you to watch my video review and demo ⊂((・▽・))⊃

PROs and CONs

- Lovely packaging
- High pigmentation
- Affordable Price
- Matte Effect
- Creamy Texture

- In many countries, you only can buy this product online.


When I tried this lip tint I was a little skeptical. But when I did the test on my forearm for the swatch I was impressed about how this product blended so well with my skin. But the issue is that my lips are so dry in fact I need to use several times during the day lip balm and lip oil before sleep and well that is an issue with my lips that sometimes this kind of format doesn´t work well with my lips. The texture is so creamy and rich and homogeneous that when I apply this on my lips feel soft and nothing dry.

If you watched the video you probably noticed two things. First I applied the lip tint with small lines and that was because this lip tint has high pigmentation and this way helped me to have more control about the application. the second thing I blended this with a lip brush and the reason for that It was because If you want to blend a lip tint use the same applicator that comes with the product is not a good idea because is full of product, so I needed a clean brush and in this case a lip brush and blended the lip tint.

If I could describe the texture and how feels this lip tint I could describe this as a mousse and this provides a wonderful velvet blur effect. The effect is long-lasting so you don´t have to worry If you have to drink. I really recommend this product to 100%.


If you want to try this and other great Korean Cosmetics visit (♡°▽°♡)

You can buy the Peripera Ink Matte Blur Tint 3.8g 

By the way, I have ginger hair now (´∇οΎ‰`*)γƒŽ

I hope you enjoyed this review ( ̄▽ ̄)γƒŽ

Bye Bye!!

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

[JOLSE] CLIO GELPRESSO Waterproof Pencil Gel Liner

Hi Everyone!

I am here with a new review and If you read my previous post  Korean Makeup Haul VIII probably you already know a little about this item and this time I am talking about. And I was super excited to try this item because I really needed and wanted a new Korean gel eyeliner and this shade is so pretty reason because I picked this one. Like always I want to inform you that this is a collaboration between the webstore Jolse and me but all the opinions are based on my own experience with the product.

Ο‰ Packaging: The packaging is super simple and I don´t have to much to say about the packaging. First is a black-brown box and must confess this could be a better design because is not easy to read brown letters with a black background but is a pencil so I don´t have to much to say. 

CLIO GELPRESSO Waterpoof Pencil Gel Cinnamon Cocoa #11

This has a sharpener because this is an automatic gel pencil~

Expiration Date

CLIO GELPRESSO Waterproof Pencil Gel Liner 0.2g

The smooth and vivid colors of the gel liner have been planted into the fine pencil.
The trendy colors can be used as eyeliners and shadows, from wearable to point eyes.
The integrated smudge tip and sharpener helps complete an even more delicate and vivid eyelines.

This is how looks the pencil gel~

This doesn´t have too much pencil~

The sharpener is removable~

This is the sharpener~

#11 Cocoa Cinnamon

This is how looks the eyeliner on my eye~

If you want to see how I apply this eyeliner please watch this video (‐^▽^‐)

PROs and CONs

- High Pigmentation
- Nice packaging
- Creamy texture
- Smudgeproof

- Non-Waterproof Formula
- The pencil is so fragile
- On many countries, you only can buy this product online


I first a little sad and disappointed with this product because first is a big lie that this is waterproof. This is not waterproof and the more easy form to try this theory was that my eyes are always crying because I suffer from allergy and my eyes started to run the pigment of the eyeliner on my cheeks. The color Cinnamon Cocoa #11 is super cute. By the way, this has a sponge on top of the sharpener and I guess is for blend the gel pencil. But this gel pencil dries to quick and makes almost impossible to blend the color on my eyes so my recommendation uses this only like an eyeliner.

My second biggest disappointed It was the formula. despite the fact that was not waterproof this formula is smudge-proof always if you don´t use water If you start to rubber with water all the product is gonna fall. My big issue with the formula It was that is so fragile the gel pencil. Writing this review I broke four the tip of the gel pencil and sincerely is good that is creamy but is so creamy that makes so difficult the application. I have several years applying eyeliners on my eyes. Believe when I said I am not a novice in this of applying eyeliner but this gel eyeliner is so fragile and soft that the tip brokes and I needed to use the sharpener but in few applications, the tip It was again deformed because is too much soft. Sincerely there a two big no for this product, first If something says waterproof needs to be waterproof, and second this too soft formula makes almost impossible to apply the product without to bee annoying. 

Now my resolution for the few quantities of product that I at least have yet is to use a brush and take a little of the product and apply on my eyelid. But sincerely that is not the point of a pencil gel, because for that is better to buy a pot of gel eyeliner instead of a pencil. I only can recommend this item for the high pigmentation which is great. 


If you want to try this and other great Korean Cosmetics visit (♡°▽°♡)

You can buy the CLIO GELPRESSO Waterproof Pencil Gel Liner


Well, that was all for my first review of this Haul~ (‐^▽^‐)
I hope you enjoyed my review~ I hope that the other products could be a better experience. But this is all about the experience of one review share the honest experience.
I feel so happy because this time I received everything so quickly. °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°
Happy day~

Bye Bye!!

Friday, July 19, 2019

Korean Makeup Haul VIII "Jolse"

Hi Everyone!

I am very happy to announce a new haul of cosmetics. This is probably the first that is composed only by really makeup and not by skincare products. But I guess that is good because the name said Korean Makeup Haul. If you are following me at Instagram you probably already know that I received several packages. Two of that packages that I received yesterday were by the amazing website Jolse I received these packages before reach the month so the shipping It was insane of fast because I had to wait around two or three months for receive some products of Jolse. But thanks to heaven I received these packages yesterday and today I am publishing my first post about this great haul.

This is part of one collaboration with Jolse in exchange for my honest reviews about these items. I just tried only one of these items today and I feel super excited because each product look super pretty and the brands are great. Thank you so much again to Jolse and I hope you can enjoy this post.

I received this good amount of samples with the packages which are great because now I am sharing mini-reviews at Instagram about samples.

A'PIEU Juicy-Pang Mousse Tint 5.5g

The fruity mousse tint adheres lightly and smoothly, expressing lively and fresh lips.
The moist mousse texture spreads the color smoothly and softly with superb tenacity.
3-step rolling technology expresses clear and vivid colors with long-lasting adherence.

I am super excited because I needed a new lip tint and It has been a while since I tried a lip tint with this format of mousse tint. I love it because this is a summer edition and I like the packaging and the concept overall because remind me a lot of Gfriend (Korean Pop Girl Group) Fever which is great. So I am super excited to try this new mousse tint. 

 MISSHA Natural Fix Brush Pen Liner 0.6g

You can draw eye lines delicately with a soft ultra-thin brush.
Gel-quid texture. A clear eye line lasts for a long time. Smooth & Sharp Marker Pen Liner. Sharp Marker tip for sleek lines

I love it the Pony makeup tutorials and that was the reason because I picked this eyeliner because I felt I needed a new black eyeliner. My old black eyeliner was dying and of course, I needed to buy a new one. So well, I watched this makeup tutorial of Pony and she was using this same eyeliner and he finish It was amazing and that was all why I needed. The effect it was so amazing so I decided to pick this one. I haven´t tried this eyeliner yet but I have big hopes about this one.

CLIO GELPRESSO Waterproof Pencil Gel Liner 0.2g

The smooth and vivid colors of the gel liner has been planted into the fine pencil.
The trendy colors can be used as eyeliners and shadows, from wearable to point eyes.
The integrated smudge tip and sharpener helps complete an even more delicate and vivid eyelines.

I have a love relationship with eyeliners of CLIO because these eyeliners are really good are always my first recommendation for anyone which is looking for one eyeliner and that was the reason because like I needed a brown gel eyeliner I picked this one. For experiences with this type of eyeliner is probably that I have to use this fast I mean even before the 6 months. But I can work with that. I already tried this on my hand and the formula is super waterproof. 

peripera Ink Pocket Shadow Palette

A pocket-sized palette filled with the necessary base, glitter, shading, and point colors.
Express various images from brilliant to meek, depending on the situation and your mood. The long-lasting powder of fine particles adheres to the eyes without cluttering.

The description looks pretty good the packaging like you can see is super lovely. This Pocket Shadow Palette is the #2 Once Upon a Pink and is super pretty. I picked this one the pink instead of coral because I needed a pink shade in one palette. The four colors are super cute.

peripera Ink Matte Blur Tint 3.8g

Highly concentrated coloring pigments express the lips without glossiness unlike any other. Self-blurring effect smears the lip colors smoothly and naturally in the wrinkles on the lips. Cloud Fit System fixes the colors on the lips with concentrated color pigments and silicone gel.

Like the box says this color is the #7 Blushed Pink this will be my first time trying a lip tint by this brand. I tried a lip balm some years ago and It was great reason because I decided this time picked a new lip tint by their new collection. The color looks super cute in the package. I am excited for try the formula.(*^▽^)/

MISSHA Ultra Powerproof Mascara 8g

The 24-hour waterproof effect expresses the eyelashes clearly throughout the day.
MISSHA's Smudge Shielding System maintains the C-curl without smearing easily.
Curl Up Volume: expresses ample eyelash volume with C-curls.

When I saw this mascara I knew I needed this one. The packaging looks super pretty, the box is something like definitely you would like to buy. Of course, I have not tried this one yet because the time with the mascaras start to run at the moment that you open the mascara so I haven´t tried this yet but soon I will be trying and sharing my experience with you.

And this was all that I received in this haul. I am going to start to share the reviews in two days which is super good because I am excited to try and share with you my experience with each product. I received this with super fast shipping and I am very happy about that. Like always please let me knows in the comments what you think about these products and which seems more interesting for you. 

Bye Bye!!

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Repurchase! COSRX Low pH Good Morning Gel Cleanser

Hi Everyone!

I want to back to an old but not forgotten section here in my blog and is about a good product that I repurchase because It was so good and that previously I reviewed on my blog reason because this is gonna be not exactly a review but this type of post is to publish the best of the best. Because sincerely I repurchase only that items that I love it so much. By the way, the package of this product has been renewed and that is the reason because probably this tube looks a little different than the tube on my review of several years ago.

COSRX Low pH Good Morning Gel Cleanser It was probably my first item by COSRX and definitely I repurchase so many times because is great sincerely. This has a pH of 5 which is great for my skin. This is a great and gentle step 2 of cleanser for me with this item. By the way, I already published a review about this product you can check that review here -> COSRX Low pH Good Morning Gel Cleanser

The design has not changed so is simple and nice~


The texture is like a liquid gel~

Before and After

The relation between the price and the quantity is essential for me. And this last around 5 months for me which is great. This is a good cleanser with a good price and a nice effect and pH which is great. I purchased this item several times because my skin loved. I must confess that this is in my personal opinion this product suits better, an oily, normal or combination skin but never a dry skin.  I love it because removes pretty well the residues of the first step of my cleanse but t the same time doesn´t leave my skin feeling dry. I highly recommend this cleanser.

( ̄▽ ̄)γƒŽThis was all for the post of this day. I hope you have enjoyed this post.
And probably you could find this post informative.
Happy day~

Bye Bye!!