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Monday, July 29, 2019

[JOLSE] Peripera Ink Matte Blur Tint 3.8g Review

Hi Everyone!

I am back with a new review and I am very happy I was expecting to publish this post two days ago but due to some issues I am here publishing today. but the important like always is the quality. I am very happy today because I am going to share a great product. This time is about a lovely product Peripera Ink Matte Blur Tint. It has been a while since I published a review about a lip tint and this time I decided to try a wonderful lip tint from the brand Peripera. This brand is known about the great lip tints that are very popular.

When I saw this shade I decided I needed this lip tint. First the color and that blur effect It was super interesting to me. By the way, I received this product from Jolse in exchange for my personal opinion about this product.

I like the packaging~ But I must confess is not practical

Back Side~

Close up 😘

Directions & Caution

Expiration Date

Peripera Ink Matte Blur Tint 3.8g #07 Blushed Pink

Back Side Details

Tap Detail~ #07 Blushed Pink

Expiration Date on the Bottle

Creamy Texture


The color blends so gorgeous

This is how looks the color on my lips~

✿ Texture & Color: The texture is dense and creamy, so rich and wonderful with a lovely and high pigmented color. Of course, everything depends on how much quantity you apply on your lips but the color has good pigmentation. 

I want to invite you to watch my video review and demo ⊂((・▽・))⊃

PROs and CONs

- Lovely packaging
- High pigmentation
- Affordable Price
- Matte Effect
- Creamy Texture

- In many countries, you only can buy this product online.


When I tried this lip tint I was a little skeptical. But when I did the test on my forearm for the swatch I was impressed about how this product blended so well with my skin. But the issue is that my lips are so dry in fact I need to use several times during the day lip balm and lip oil before sleep and well that is an issue with my lips that sometimes this kind of format doesn´t work well with my lips. The texture is so creamy and rich and homogeneous that when I apply this on my lips feel soft and nothing dry.

If you watched the video you probably noticed two things. First I applied the lip tint with small lines and that was because this lip tint has high pigmentation and this way helped me to have more control about the application. the second thing I blended this with a lip brush and the reason for that It was because If you want to blend a lip tint use the same applicator that comes with the product is not a good idea because is full of product, so I needed a clean brush and in this case a lip brush and blended the lip tint.

If I could describe the texture and how feels this lip tint I could describe this as a mousse and this provides a wonderful velvet blur effect. The effect is long-lasting so you don´t have to worry If you have to drink. I really recommend this product to 100%.


If you want to try this and other great Korean Cosmetics visit (♡°▽°♡)

You can buy the Peripera Ink Matte Blur Tint 3.8g 

By the way, I have ginger hair now (´∇ノ`*)ノ

I hope you enjoyed this review ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ

Bye Bye!!


  1. It has a very nice natural color:) Regards:**

  2. Hola guapa. Un producto interesante con un color precioso. Besos.

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    I also like your new hair color.

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