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Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Homecoming Dresses

"Advertorial Post"

Hi Everyone!

Like I mentioned in my previous post the delay in the post is real due to my issues with the wifi. But I am here working in my articles and reviews because I can and I hope to finish my night with another post in addition to this. If you have some time reading my blog you probably already know how much I love it the lace. And not that is not a relationship love-hate like other things, my crush with the lace is real. And that is the reason because I have so my items made of lace. I have a dress very similar to this but now I guess I need a black dress of lace like this.

This second dress looks so elegant and with a touch of sassy, I really like red dresses even when I am not a fan of red color. This short dress is so stunning and this was the reason because this lovely dress was my second choice.

This is a two pieces dress and I love it how the tulle mix so well with the lace. I love it the simplicity of this design and I am in love so much with the top that with the skirt. You can find these and more amazing dresses on 27dress.co.uk so like always I want to invite you to visit this website If you are looking for an amazing dress this is the right place for you. I hope you can find this post interesting.

Bye Bye!


  1. Nice dresses, nice website!

  2. Amazing dresses, dear!!
    The red velvet look so amazing!!

  3. I love the black dress :)

  4. Muy bonitos, me encanta sobre todo el negro. Un beso

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  6. I love lace items too. These are beautiful red dress. The red one is my fav.

  7. Love that two-piece dress!

  8. Interesting post dear! thanks for sharing, xx

  9. Very cute, I love the red dress ^^

  10. Os vestidos são lindos... mas de facto, o vermelho... é super elegante!
    Gosto imenso de vestido e blusas em renda!...

  11. I like specially the first dress 😊


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