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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Red Moon ☪ Dolly Red+

And in the dark vastness of the night I get there, with an incredible desire of your blood that your body will shiver, to worry shhh ... It will only be in those nights of "Red Moon".
Raimar G.


No doubt I waited a long time to make a post so many things I really needed a nice makeup inspiration and a great contact lenses. No doubt the Dolly Red+ give me that look so cool vampire that  I want. These were bought in Lens Village where they have a variety of contact lenses which I personally love it!

These lenses to be 16 mm in diameter are quite comfortable, they adapt very well to the surface of the eye and as you can see their color really intense, I found them very easy to install and remove. Without doubt quite the eye and enlarge the pupil. Some time ago I made a post about a vampire-style look but more to the Gothic style, here is the link.


Elegant Makeup!

I have wanted a delicious snack today!


Bye Bye!!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Wallet "Hatsune Miku"

Hi Everyone

Good, now I want to show this cute purse or wallet is not as you call you. I really like because it is small and cute. Kokoro me my gift about a month ago but had not used it recently I had bought one in a cute black. Well due to a problem that occurred in the bag I had carried out all of my old wallet and found a good occasion to inaugurate the new.

I love the motive because it's a character called Hatsune Miku is repreentativa image as a music software. Japanese has that style because that software is originally from Japan and as you my dear readers I love Japan.

Inside the bag! :D

Front Side!

Inside! ^^

Back Side~~

Well that was all that was going to show my new wallet, I like it because it is different, I always use very classic wallets, black, red, neutral colors and this is very colorful and cute.

Thanks for visit my blog!

Many thanks for comment!

Bye Bye!!