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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Wallet "Hatsune Miku"

Hi Everyone

Good, now I want to show this cute purse or wallet is not as you call you. I really like because it is small and cute. Kokoro me my gift about a month ago but had not used it recently I had bought one in a cute black. Well due to a problem that occurred in the bag I had carried out all of my old wallet and found a good occasion to inaugurate the new.

I love the motive because it's a character called Hatsune Miku is repreentativa image as a music software. Japanese has that style because that software is originally from Japan and as you my dear readers I love Japan.

Inside the bag! :D

Front Side!

Inside! ^^

Back Side~~

Well that was all that was going to show my new wallet, I like it because it is different, I always use very classic wallets, black, red, neutral colors and this is very colorful and cute.

Thanks for visit my blog!

Many thanks for comment!

Bye Bye!!


  1. Thank you! Super cute wallet!

    xx Marije

  2. I love miku so much~! the wallet is so cute <3

  3. awesome wallet~~
    Hatsune Miku is cool (:

  4. Awh this is so cute! I love it ;3 <333 It's too small for me though if it was a bit bigger i would love to have this!
    You have a cute blog <333 New follower~

  5. Aww so cute! I want one too!!


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