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Sunday, June 26, 2016

CLIO Waterproof Brush Liner Kill Black + Salon de Cara Back Comb

Hi Lovelies!

I am happy to be here writing this review first because took me a while for publish this review. I think this is my first review since a long time with two products in a review but this is a set from CLIO and let me say a great set. This contains a Waterproof Brush Liner + Mascara and the quality of both products are very good and I am super excited to receive this set because CLIO is one of my favorite korean brands due the quality of their products. I received this product from Jolse for review purposes but like always all the comments and opinions are based in my own opinion about this product.

I need open a parenthesis here and say Thank you! To all the people that commented my previous post with support and love, sincerely that kind of support made my day because to the end that is really sincere and I appreciate that,  and for all the people that asked how help. Just please share the News from CNN about Venezuela in any social network because the only way to find a light to the end of way is that more people know about this.


Back Side~


Upside box~

٩꒰・ัε・ั ꒱۶ 

CLIO Waterproof Brush Liner + Salon de Cara Back Comb

Packaging: I like the packaging is just a box with the colors of Clio Strong Yellow and Black but is useful. The product itself the eyeliner is nothing cute but is funcionaland practical. The mascara is not  full size but the packaging is nice for carry on my daily makeup bag.

CLIO Waterproof Brush Liner ~


Formulated in Japan~
Color 01 Black

The tip~

Formula & Color: This product has a great formula because the color is very pigmented (please if you want see the color watch my video) but sinserely I love it that is really waterproof and smudgeproof, of course is long lasting too. Something great about this is that is super easy to use but even If is super waterproof is very easy to remove with makeup remover.

CLIO Salon de Cara Back Comb~


Long & Curl Fix!

One side of this brush is long and the other flat!

This mascara contains a synthetic fiber is the 
formula that provides a great volume effect!


( ★ω★)

Watch my video review~o(〃^▽^〃)o

PROs and CONs

Affordable price.
Great formula of both products.
Long lasting effect.
Easy to use.
Smudge proof.
Easy of remove.

On many countries you only can buy these products online (like me).


Wow I love it these products and the reason is simple: They works pretty well. This brush liner is easy to use perfect for sensitive eyes because I didn´t  have any allergic or sensitive reaction and to the mascara either.٩(^ᴗ^)۶ And that is great because I use several eye makeup products and one product that cause me allergic reaction can make my face and eyes swollen and red and believe me that is not cute. The formula of both products is long lasting, smudge proof and waterproof and that is great because is what I need from a mascara and eyeliner.

  ヽ(*⌒∇⌒*)ノ When I see the price this was around $13 to $15 and I think that price is incredible good because the quality of booth products is very good. Now I need talk about this mascara, is great for sensitive eyes the brush is amazing because I can reach the more tiny eyelashes and creates a great volume effect due the fiber that contains the formula. The mascara Salon de Cara Back Comb is easy to remove with eye makeup remover and that is good because I don´t want a mascara where I have to rub my eyes with makeup remover for quit of my eyes. This mascara doesn´t smells to nothing specific and is very minimal. The formula is creamy but dries quickly.  I highly recommend this set because is super great. By the way the tip brush is perfect for me because provides a great control. 

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

You can buy this and more amazing korean cosmetics at ▽

(❛ัॢᵕ❛ั ॢ)✩*ೃ After use the CLIO Waterproof Brush Liner
 + Salon de Cara Back Comb~ I love it the effect! ♡

I Love it thses products~ Last selfie~  (๑>ᴗ<๑)

・*\(^O^)/*・゜゚I hope you enjoyed this review!
And this review can be useful to you~

Happy day!

Bye Bye!!

Thursday, June 23, 2016

My Country is Starving

Hi Everyone!

This won´t be a cute post and this is not a suposition this is a reality a very sad reality. And I feel is like is my duty make a post about this. Tomorrow will be a new review and I hope continue blogging for more several years about my favorite and not so favorite beauty products. But talking back about the horrible situation that we are living right now I need start since where everything started.

When I was around six year old a new person become president of Venezuela with presumptions new changes of mentality,  and  sincerely I don´t want talk before that because I can´t remember, but is obviously that my country like all the countries of Latin America had problems about corruption and poverty, but we were not the most poverty country of latin America. For me I have this belief about democracy that doesn´t work with the mayority are stupids. But back to the problem this person was in the presidency during over 12 years and during all that time was a completely loss of time and obviously he and his family only was stealing since he arrived to the power. Another fact since he arrived to the presidency he called himself the President of Poor People and of course that started a brain washing from all the government and that was started a division in my country the people who supported that goverment and the people who was against that. But I am not an expert I am just another civilian so that was everything since my point of view. Now in the presidency is another man but he was delegated from this person who arrived to the presidency 17 years ago (and he is death) before his death. The electoral system is corrupted thanks to the  government and that means that the authorities from the electoral are the same from 9 years even If their period was over. But the reality is that with that goverment each after year my country was worst.

Now I need back to today June 2016!


Here in Venezuela there are not FOOD!
There are not Medicines! There are not clean water!

I am going to start with all the things that are seriously bad here
and I am talking from my Point of View:

 The Health System doesn´t work because all the hospital on my country NOT receive the insumes for work. First we don´t have SALINE SOLUTION and that is one the most basical items for work at the hospital. We don´t have Medicines for work. 
We don´t have STERILE GLOVES And I know that because I have my rounds each week at the hospital.

I don´t want talk about MEDICINES the problem is that this goverment imposed a system of currency exchange is problematic for pharmaceutical companies work here and many of they left the country three or four years ago.

Many people can´t find the reatment for Diabetes, Hypertension or Cancer. 
And here people dies like consequence of that...

The Food... Something basic like
Rice, Milk, Sugar, Butter, Corn Flour, Coffee, Fruits, Vegetables they are  super hard to find and really expensive.

And talk about basics like toothpaste, shampoo, aconditioner, soap, sanitary pads and toilet paper is hard to find and really pricey.

Now today exist people who goes to supermarkets with the only purpose to resell the products even more expensive to the original price... The only goverment here is the anarchy. And by the way the security is completely out of control.

The electricity is a problem~
EVERYDAY I don´t have electricity around three hours

Many people can´t afford a meal 
Many people are dying daily here... And I am suffering too all the difficulties with my family because sometimes is very hard to find some stuff. I have to deal everyday with anxiety when  I go out to my house to the Hospital because I am worried for my life due the insecurity.

here are a reality...

Right now many people are going to sleep not more with only one meal from today...

Venezuela is in crisis the people is starving!
The children are dying due malnutrition and several more because their parents doesn´t care about theirs. This is not a joke this is my reality.

And I am sorry but with a crisis like this I can´t be indiferent because I live here
I suffer too...


Sunday, June 19, 2016

Stylish Lace

“You belong where you're loved.” 
― Cassandra Clare, Lady Midnight

Hi Lovelies!

Some days ago I finished this book called Lady Midnight by Cassandra Clare and wow I feel right now with a hole in my heart because Oh Jesus is super good and from that book there are so many good quotes like that quote above. I feel so identified  with many beautiful and amazing quotes and the story is amazing I hope share my feelings about this book in a review without spoilers (the spoiler review is in Goodreads). 

This time I am here with a super comfy and really funny coordinate and the funny part is because the two principal items from this coordinate are big for me. I received the shirt from Newchic. This blouse is one size but is really big for me is like a lot of fabric~ If you see the next pic you can see how big this looks.

If you want buy great clothes and accesories~

But this shirt is super comfy even If is really big for be one size, always when I think about one size for me is small but this wasn´t the case, but the quality of fabric is very good. I love it the lace, the lace in this blouse is very pretty. I hope you enjoyed this review. Thank you so much to Newchic for this blouse.

Bye Bye!!

Friday, June 17, 2016

Holika Holika Lip Rescue Trio Moisture

Hi Lovelies!

Wow has been several days since my previous review but I´ve been super busy with hospital and classes. Like I said in previous year I am in my senior year and has been really complicated but I am here doing somethin I really love it and is write a review for my dear readers.(^・o・^)ノ”By the day on Thursday I attended my first delivery probably I am going to sound very cold but doesn´t was nothing magical or cute, but I did my best effort to make everything with my best professional and human effort I felt happy because It was a little girl that was around 3:58 Am.  I need study more always and put always the best of me with each patient. I was super worried (even If I wasn´t alone) because this time I wasn´t attending one patient I was attending two patients: the mom and the baby. I was super worried because one thing is the theory and another completely different is the practice but everything proceeded really good. And one hour after the mom was perfectly  with the baby (click here for see a pic). 

Now back to this review, like some of my frequently readers know I have super chapped lips and that is really horrible and I need always a good lip balm like my regular nivea was over I decided try this new lip balm from Holika Holika  and this is the Lip Rescue Trio Moisture because I love it the brand and I fell in love with the packaging (like always). So I decided purchase and try this product by myself.

Back Side and Unopened~

٩꒰ ˘ ³˘꒱۶I don´t have idea what says there because I don´t know korean~

꒰●꒡ ̫ ꒡●꒱Swatches~

Before and After~  ꒰ɵ̥̥▿ɵ̥̥꒱  

PROs and CONs

● PROs
Affordable price.
Cute packaging.
Vanilla Aroma.
Soft moisturizing effect.

● CONs
On many countries you only can buy this product online.
The effect is not long lasting.


This lip balm is really pretty I like it the packaging since arrived, but the mechanism it broke without use in a wrong way. This was the same problem that the ETUDE HOUSE Don't Worry Happy Change I am not sure but this lip balm it broke the mechanism the same way. But well the important the moisturizing effect feels like vaseline just the same texture and the same effect for my lips, but ths effect (just like the vaseline) is not long lasting so you have to re-apply several times on your lips. The moisturizinf effect is noticeable but you need apply everyday for see better results. I feel good but I prefer that lip balm with a more long lasting effect or not with the vaseline texture because I have already vaseline in home. ू꒰ꇐωꇐ ू꒱ This is a good product but I don´t want repurchase this product because I prefer a more long lasting effect lip balm.

★ ★  ☆ ☆


I hope you enjoyed ths short review~
Happy day~

Bye Bye!!

Saturday, June 11, 2016

O-Lens Shining Gold

Hi Everyone!

Wow this week has been tired and I am sure the next week will be the same. I am here with a new lovely review of circle lenses from the cute store Pinkicon. And I am super happy to be writing this review because today I spent several hours editing and that was because yesterday I was really tired after my round at hospital. I really love it the style of these circle lenses and of course today will be ready a cute review.

If you want know how care the circle lenses
I want invite you to read my post

These lenses are from Pinkicon~

I received this cute poster with the lenses where you can  check more items from this store~(`・⊝・´ )

I love it this because you can find more circle lenses and next going to buy at the online store and sincerely I fell in love with several~(・⊝・)

Relevant information~

One of my favorites girls~ She is an Ex-AKB48 member Tomochin *w*)/



My short video review~

Design/Pattern + Color: These circle lenses has a super lovely and cute color soft brown to medium brown and is very lovely. The design is like radiant iris that makes a soft edge  love it how the color blends so soft and perfect with my natural eye. I think the design is more noticeable on my light gray/green eyes because this design is so cute that probably on brown eyes looks even more subtle and cute.

Comfort: I feel like I am not using nothing with these circle lenses.

Enlargement: The enlargement is dolly and noticeable but miantain a natural and lovely effect. 

Overall: I love it the fact that the design is super subtle and this provides a more innocent looks to my eyes, I love it the natural dolly effect that these circle lenses because mades my eyes instantanly look more kawaii event with not  much makeup and I really enjoy that. I feel these circle lenses are great for a ulzzang makeup and I could use during the day comfortably. By the way I can´t forget mention that these lenses are super comfortable and I feel like I am not wearing circle lenses so these are great for my sensitive eyes.

✵ Rating: ★★★

Where to buy cute circle lenses?

( ͒ ु- •̫̮ – ू ͒)Now selfie time~

Before & After~

o(≧∇≦o) Close-up!

✩⃛( ͒ ु•·̫• ू ͒)
Because I am not always so serious~

I hope you enjoyed this review~
Thank you so much to Pinkicon for sponsor me these cute lenses.
Happy day~ 

Bye Bye!!