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Monday, May 29, 2017

Temporary Stag Tattoo

Hi Everyone!

I know has been several days since my last post sincerely I was hoping for a short post and continue quickly to my next post but my WiFi was horrible so I am here today publishing my new post. Few months ago I bought at eBay this temporary tattoo. The reason was because I love it the stags. And I don´t have a particular reason. I guess is the same reason because I love the goats. The stags and the goats has a place in my heart and I don´t care If that sounds really weird. My few days has been really pathetic but I want share this lovely temporary tattoo because is super lovely. 

Years later reading one book from my favorite book series I discovered that the stag there in that universe was a very presentative figure and I was so excited. By the way probably of the reasons because I love the stag is because in the celtic mitology the white stag is always desired and is related to the wild hunt and that for me so amazing. I want share with you one of my favorites quotes about the stag.

“That’s the stag,” Celaena breathed. “The Lord of the North.”
“Why does he get a fancy title? What about the swan and the dragon?”
Celaena snorted, but the smile faded when she stared at the familiar constellation. “Because the stag remains constant - no matter what the season, he’s always there.”
Celaena took a long breath. “So the people of Terrasen will always know how to find their way home. So they can look up at the sky, no matter where they are, and know Terrasen is forever with them.“
   - The Assassin and the Desert

I wanted share with you this part really sad about one of my favorite books⁝(˚͈͈͈͈̥̆₍₎˚͈͈͈͈̥̆⁎)⁝
Obviously I cried a lot with that scene because was a pretty hard scene
but was one of my favorites too.

Here the temporary stag tattoo on my skin~ (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

Oh I really love it how looks on my skin. The tattoo only lasted four days but for me is fine. I love it how looks the color. I forgot to mention that the flowers in the antlers are lycoris radiata probably my favorite flower. This temporary stag tattoo is perfect for me. I want to know If you has used some temporary tattoo in the past. I want use more designs and is a simple a cheap way for decore my skin.

I want mention that even f this is a random post is part of mt too and I wanted share this with my sweet readers. Sometimes I need share random stuff too. I want to know your opinions about this temporary tattoo.

Bye Bye!!

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Pray for Venezuela

Political language... is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind. 
George Orwell

I wanted publish an updated about my life. But sincerely I can´t continue posting like nothing is happening in my county, my city and in my life. Like some of you know I am student in my last year of medical school but that is not the only point here today. Today I want talk about repression, death, poverty, sadness nnd the large number of human rights being violated in my country.

Since a month ago started a wave of continouos prostests around several cities around my country against the actual goverment. I am not a political and the reply is simple to this problem. The people is protesting because in my country is stablished a Dictatorship so simple like that.

If you want examples about this Dictatorship I am going to start with: The Goverment regulate all the comunication media. The Goverment regulates all the food that is importated to the country. All the oil reserves are controlated exclusivity by Goverment. All the public services are controlated by Goverment. And I can´t forget that all the medicines are regulated by the Goverment. And those are so few examples but all these thing has something at common: None of these things serve. 

I can comment that something as basic as Water here is a problem. In 90% of the city water only comes in the faucet twice a week nothing more. Water Twice a week! By the way that water is not for consumption, it is not drinking water.

Here neither radio nor television mentions absolutely anything that is happening because if they do the government closes them. Returning to the matter of medicines, they have not been vaccines for certain diseases for a little over two years. There are high rates of malnutrition. The poor people is eating from the trash.

So the people are tired of this goverment. The people doesn´t want more Dictatorship in our country so the people is prostesting because our constitution says that each venezuelan is free for protest. But that is the problem, we are not really free. We are in a Dictatorship and the Goverment doesn´t care If they kill innocent people. So they are repressing to the people.

Many innocent people dies everyday in my country. Not only that people that is protesting for better country. People dies of prevenible and treatable diseases but here we don´t have the medicines for treat them.

So many universitary and young people has died from only be protesting. They are repressed with pellets, with marbles. With tear gas. Many people have been hit with tanks. Even many have died from gunshot wounds. That is fair? I don´t think so.

My country Venezuela is bleeding right now with the blood of so many innocent people.
The people is being reprising and I am not sure about the tomorrow
I only wanted share the real perspective about someone that is living this hell

By the way over 60 people have died since the started the protests
And today there are hundreds of injured~
I´m sorry is hard for me be happy with so many death everyday.

That was all for this post~ If you read this far

Thank you...


Sunday, May 21, 2017

Eglips Shadow 2.5g Beauty Series Elegant Beauty Color

Hi Everyone!

Wow I don´t want count the days since my last review. But I really wanted share my review about this product that I really love it. By the way lately I am trying I new range of new korean brands and I find that are really good and the price is very reasonable and affordable for my budget. Like some of you know right now I am only student in my senior year and this year my budget has been very tight due so many expenses and now I am just buying the only neccesary. 

Since a long time ago I discovered this single eyeshadows from the korean brand Eglips and I was curios because I found colors really cute. I am a huge fan of neutral and matte colors so I putted in my wishlist this product.  Several months later I bought this product and now I really love it this product.

This color is Elegant Beauty #4

Eglips Shadow 2.5g Beauty Series Elegant Beauty Color  

Back Side
Expiration Date~

Packaging + Price: I bought this single eyeshadow in $5 USD at eBay and I guess is a very affordable price. The packaging is nothing special but I like the fact that i can see the color of the eyeshadow and for that price I guess the packaging doesn´t looks cheap even when is made of plastic.

The color ✨

Swacth Elegant Beauty #4

Eglips Shadow 2.5g Beauty Series Elegant Beauty Swatch in Natural Light

PROs and CONs

๑ PROs
- Good price.
- Good pigmentation.
- Long lasting effect.
- Nice packaging.
- Great quantity.

๑ CONs
- On many countries you only can buy this product online.

Closep-Up in natural indoor light~


When I bought this eyeshadow I was looking that lovely and specific shade called elegant beauty. I found that the application and the texture of this single eyeshadow is really easy because the texture is super soft. This product provides a good pigmentation and that is amazing because the price goes around to $5 to $7 USD so the price is affordable the color is cute and this product contains good product. My problem with some palettes is that I find colors that I really love it and another colors that I know I am not going to use so frequently so I decided buy this because I needed a color like this and because the color is really cute too.

If you are looking neutral colors this serie of single eyeshadows from Eglips Beauty Series is perfect for you. The color is long lasting without primer and of course the pigmentation is good but If you want a better and more strong pigmentation please use eye primer. By the way I love it how subtle and matte this color is in natural and indoor light. I want try more colors from this serie and you can find this product at eBay for $USD with free shipping from retable sellers and store and I think this is a good deal. I want try Charming Beauty #2 and Glamorous Beauty #5 now. I hope try more products from this brand in this year. I really recommend this product.

 ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Well that was all for the review of today.
I hope you enjoyed this review~ 
I am working in more reviews~(。⌒∇⌒)。

I want wish you a happy day~ (┌・。・)┌

Bye Bye!!

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Dresses of girl

"Advertorial Post"

Hi Everyone!

Has been several days so complicated because I am in my last week of finals and that means a lot of stress. So today I decided for relax a bit share some beautiful dresses here in my blog. Today I decided share beautiful wedding dresses that has that princess design with lace and tulle. I love it this first dresses and is so perfect because is not so big but looks super lovely. I love it the sleeves and the long and cut of the skirt. I know that I am not a professional about wedding dresses and like always I am only sharing my personal tastes about dresses. By the way I don´t have even a boyfriend and I am not planning to marry soon but I love it the wedding dresses. And I don´t know I hope in a future maybe get married.

Dressesofgirl is a webstore that offers a great variety of wedding dresses, but you can fin in this webstore prom dresses with a huge quantity of models and designs. Like some of my regular readers know I am a great fan of short dresses and that is the first reason because I pick this lovely dress like one of my favorites for this posr. I love it the skirt and the subtle detail of lace in the top of this dress super lovely and really romantic. I don´t know but I guess the short dresses for a wedding provides a very cute charm.

I can´t undersatnd how is possible that exist some people that spent several hours inside a store and they can´t find a product and spent hours inside that store. For me is really simple I have a very distintive style that I could say is a mix between romantic and casual I like both I like be really kawaii too. But when I am looking for a dress or for any specific item I see all the group of items and there are some product with a feel that I made click. If I can´t find that well sorry I go to another store so simple like that. I don´t like spent  my time and money and a product that I know that I am not going to use or that I am not enterely sure about it. I guess that is stupid loss time in that way. But that like always is my personal opinion. I want invite you to visit this webstore and please leave me a comment leting me know which was your favorite dress between these three dresses.

Bye Bye!

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

It Ends with Us by Colleen Hoover

“All humans make mistakes. What determines a person's character aren't the mistakes we make. It's how we take those mistakes and turn them into lessons rather than excuses.” 
― Colleen Hoover, It Ends with Us

Hi Everyone!

I am super tired right now and that is because almost midnight and I should be sleeping because tomorrow I have to wake up early very early. I am not happy but that is my life for now. And that is the reason because I love the book because in a way they made me forget the reality. Today I am here for share a book that was super special for me and is another book from one of my favorite authors (I have a lot of favorite authors sorry but not sorry). Colleen Hoover knows well how introduce to one story full of everything when you finish with your soul really touched.

This book is more than a romantic standalone. This book is about life and like how everything that you believe know is not like you think that really is. That all is about perspective and that sometimes. This is a bout for meditate and cry If you are a cry baby like me. 

About the book


Lily hasn't always had it easy, but that's never stopped her from working hard for the life she wants. She's come a long way from the small town in Maine where she grew up - she graduated from college, moved to Boston, and started her own business. So when she feels a spark with a gorgeous neurosurgeon named Ryle Kincaid, everything in Lily's life suddenly seems almost too good to be true.

Ryle is assertive, stubborn, and maybe even a little arrogant. He's also sensitive, brilliant, and has a total soft spot for Lily, but Ryle's complete aversion to relationships is disturbing.

As questions about her new relationship overwhelm her, so do thoughts of Atlas Corrigan - her first love and a link to the past she left behind. He was her kindred spirit, her protector. When Atlas suddenly reappears, everything Lily has built with Ryle is threatened.

With this bold and deeply personal novel, Colleen Hoover delivers a heart-wrenching story that breaks exciting new ground for her as a writer. It Ends With Us is an unforgettable tale of love that comes at the ultimate price.

This book contains graphic scenes and very sensitive subject matter. 


I published my review with spoilers in Goodreads. When I started this book I haven´t read any review and that is the way that I recommend to you to read this book, without read any review before. In this review I am not going to mention nothing really relevant about the plot. Because If you decide read this book I want that you find the surprises that I found when I was reading too.

Sometimes I made click with a character and I don´t know I feel all this emphaty I feel some type of conexion  between me and that character. But the main character of this book is not that type of character. For me Lily the main character well she has an interesting personality but is not definitely someone that I could like like my friend. The reason well I don´t know I guess she is a type of girl with a personality weird but that is not bad because I learned a lot about her.

I want share in this last paragraph what I learned with this book. First I learned that is not smart rush the things even If you feel really in love with all the hormones there, you only need wash your head with cold water and stop. And never take decisions the really ones with all this thing of love. That is a huge mistake. I prefer wait and I learned that is very important wait to respect meet other people. Because is head is an universe. This book taught me that doesn´t matter If you start with nothing you can be great amazing and never stop to dream about a better future and never stop to work for a better future because If you work pretty hard and make the things right even If are really slow you are going to obtain good results.

And for finish we can learn about out mistakes and we can change our future. Nothing is forever. By the way Atlas It was a character that really touched me and inspired me. 

 ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

If you want Add me at Goodreads
My Goodreads Account ✧٩(・ิᴗ・ิ๑)

This book was one of my favorites the last year~
I hope find more amazing books like this one this year.
By the way I love it all the photos that I made for this post. 💗

I hope you enjoyed my review~📚
My best wishes to you.

Bye Bye!!

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Peripera Milk Moist Lip Balm Strawberry 10g

Hi Everyone!

I am starting May with a new review. I am not sure why sometimes is so complicated upload photos for review. Sincerely I want ask today, which server you use for upload your photos? I am using Google Photos but I must confess that sometimes is a pain in the ass upload my photos there. So well I have a lot to share today first never believe those people who say be your friends. Only believe in those who desmostracte with actions that are your real friends. Like many of you know I have super dry lips and is super annoying has to deal with my dry lips but that means I have to put extra care for my lips. So today I am here sharing my first review of Peripera with this product called Peripera Milk Moist Lip Balm.

I love it that looks like Milk Carton~▿

Close-up! *⑅


Peripera Milk Moist Lip Balm 10g

Peripera Milk Moist Lip Balm Strawberry

Price + Packaging: The price of this this product is around $5 to $7 USD in several online I guess is a good price considering the nature of this product. The package is super cute look like a milk carton and that is super cute.

The texture is a like a gel~


PROs and CONs

- Affordable price.
- Moisturizing effect.
- Sweet aroma.
- Lovely packaging.
- Provides a soft pink color.

- On many countries you only can buy this product online.


When I bought this product I expected a creamy and milky and moisturizing lip balm, instead I received a bit like gel texture super moisturizing but nothing creamy or milky. The milk I guess is only about the kawaii packaging where the box looks like a milk carton  (๑>ᴗ<๑) I was worried because I tought well probably this is another cute lip balm but doesn´t works properly and I was wrong this product really provides a moisturizing effect to my dry lips like you can see in the previous pic and to the same time a lovely pink color that is very sheer.

I must confess that the about the pink tint that contains this product I am not very excited because If you have the peeling lip the lip balm doesn´t look cute because obviously is very noticeable the peeling on the lips. (*⌒∇⌒*) Using this product everyday you can see the difference on your lips and that is important for me. I prefer use this product in the mornings instead of serum plus lip tint because is more easy. I like the convenient packaging but I don´t like the fact that like the product contains tint can be a bit messing the top of the lip balm. But overall I really like this product and I want try more products from this brand. If worked in my dry lips works for everyone. But even when I really like I am not going to repurchase this product. By the way I must confess that I like the quantity of this product because is 10 grams and that is enough product for several months.

★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

ヾ(@^∇^@)ノ Yay~ I am happy to publish this review for you~
I hope you enjoyed this review and can be informative and useful.
I am working in more upcoming reviews~ *・゜゚・

Happy day~

Bye Bye!!

Tuesday, May 2, 2017


"Advertorial Post"

Hi Everyone!

This last week has been complicated because has been a mix beetwen be tired and sleep plus work. So today even when I have in less of two hours go to the hospital (It´s for work I am not sick) because like Senior at Medical School I need be there the most of my time that means everyday. But today I have my round at hospital. VBut not for that I am not going to share my first post for May. And I guess is amazing how the time flies is so incredible. Each month I believe my time is so limited for everything and even with that and with the fact that I have a cold today I guess I have many reasons to be happy. So because I guess the dresses are one way to make me happy is buy cute dresses reason because today I am here with this lovelies and amazing lace wedding dresses from this webstore Muee.

The short dresses are a fantastic option If you want a more casual style. I love it the short dresses reason because 95% of my dresses are short so It´s something like a must have for me publish short dresses in my blog and the best part is that you can find great short dresses and with great prices. Something that is very important for me with my student budget is the price and the quality. 

I know that many poeple has a bad relationship with the lace but I really love it the lace. For me can´t be possible a wedding dress without lace. The lace is romantic and the lace is perfection. Reason because today I shared three gorgeous dress with lace. I love it the fact that Muee has great different designs of dresses and of course not only wedding dresses this has too prom dresses and of course formal dresses. So like always I want invite you to visit this srote and find great designs. By the way I want to ask you what is your favorite dress between my picks. I want wish you an happy day.

Bye Bye!