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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Pray for Venezuela

Political language... is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind. 
George Orwell

I wanted publish an updated about my life. But sincerely I can´t continue posting like nothing is happening in my county, my city and in my life. Like some of you know I am student in my last year of medical school but that is not the only point here today. Today I want talk about repression, death, poverty, sadness nnd the large number of human rights being violated in my country.

Since a month ago started a wave of continouos prostests around several cities around my country against the actual goverment. I am not a political and the reply is simple to this problem. The people is protesting because in my country is stablished a Dictatorship so simple like that.

If you want examples about this Dictatorship I am going to start with: The Goverment regulate all the comunication media. The Goverment regulates all the food that is importated to the country. All the oil reserves are controlated exclusivity by Goverment. All the public services are controlated by Goverment. And I can´t forget that all the medicines are regulated by the Goverment. And those are so few examples but all these thing has something at common: None of these things serve. 

I can comment that something as basic as Water here is a problem. In 90% of the city water only comes in the faucet twice a week nothing more. Water Twice a week! By the way that water is not for consumption, it is not drinking water.

Here neither radio nor television mentions absolutely anything that is happening because if they do the government closes them. Returning to the matter of medicines, they have not been vaccines for certain diseases for a little over two years. There are high rates of malnutrition. The poor people is eating from the trash.

So the people are tired of this goverment. The people doesn´t want more Dictatorship in our country so the people is prostesting because our constitution says that each venezuelan is free for protest. But that is the problem, we are not really free. We are in a Dictatorship and the Goverment doesn´t care If they kill innocent people. So they are repressing to the people.

Many innocent people dies everyday in my country. Not only that people that is protesting for better country. People dies of prevenible and treatable diseases but here we don´t have the medicines for treat them.

So many universitary and young people has died from only be protesting. They are repressed with pellets, with marbles. With tear gas. Many people have been hit with tanks. Even many have died from gunshot wounds. That is fair? I don´t think so.

My country Venezuela is bleeding right now with the blood of so many innocent people.
The people is being reprising and I am not sure about the tomorrow
I only wanted share the real perspective about someone that is living this hell

By the way over 60 people have died since the started the protests
And today there are hundreds of injured~
I´m sorry is hard for me be happy with so many death everyday.

That was all for this post~ If you read this far

Thank you...



  1. So sorry to read about the happenings in Venezuela. This is becoming the order of the day in most countries. End times I guess..


  2. Reina, ten mucho cuidado, por favor.
    En el extranjero, desde luego asi sucede en España, mi país, estamos al tanto de vuestra situación y de las barbaridades que están sucediendo...no estáis solos aunque seguro que podríamos hacer más.
    Me reitero, ten mucho cuidado y se prudente, incluso en la red, casi nada en este mundo merece que pongas en riesgo la vida.
    Besos grandes, ciao

  3. All you explain is terrible. Sounds like a nightmare...


  4. I"m so sorry to hear that. I remember the last post you made about the unrest. I really wish I could so something effective.

  5. I wish all the best for your country.


  6. Wish you to go through it and hope everything will get better!

  7. That does sound terrible....I'm aware that the situation in South America is very difficult. What is going on in Venezuela right now is such a tragedy... It is horrible, to think of all those people who have lost their life protesting. I don't know what to say...

    I wish I could say something to make you feel better, but I'm too much aware of the fact that there is no such thing as an international community that is going to help or make things right. There are so many international organizations (like UN) that are supposed to help people but in reality they only do what the politicians tell them.

    Surely they could do something about it...but they don't...or perhaps there isn't such a thing as International community.

    In European Union, the unemployment is as high as 50 percent in some countries and nobody ever talks about it. There is so much corruption in EU and yet everyone pretends that everything is ok. I'm not comparing it with the situation in your country, I'm aware that things are a lot worse there, especially at the moment but I'm saying that a lot of us feel used and misused by the corrupt politicians and government.

    I grew up in a war, felt how it feels when absolutely nobody cares about what is going on in your country...but I think that it is more complex than just people don't caring. People (in general) do care but they don't know what to do about it. Most of us, no matter how educated we are, simply don't have the information those in power have- one way or another the power groups control everything. What the media serves us is only a part of the truth and sometimes it is not even truth.

    Somehow we've (as a world) have gotten to the point when we all pretend that we live in this perfect democracy and none of it is true. It is all a lie. That's the reality of this world. Certain control groups control the politics of this world and I'm not even sure what we can do about it at this point.

  8. I hope it will gonna be better soon :/


  9. I'm so sorry to hear that, I've heard before about situation in Venezuela - it reminds me of the stories from old times when there were nothing at shops other than vinegar and if someone wanted to buy something to eat you had to take a little paper card and stand in front of shop whole night and hope that next day they'll have something to eat at shop. I really wish that your country will get better. It's also really sad that for example in Europe - especially in Poland, I've never heard polish media to talk about this situation, all I know is from US/UK media :(

  10. Wish you all the best dear! xx

  11. Amazing all your post!

    Please visit my Blog!


    Alessa Bernal

  12. Stay strong and fight for the better days!

  13. I have read about the protests in your country and I am sincerely sorry for all the problems and bad things that are happening in your country. Hope things are getting better soon.

  14. What an interesting post! Fantastic!

  15. Interesting post dear
    Dictatorship is very scary, we also have a war in our country (
    I wish good♥
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  16. I can totally understand why this has been getting you down and you needed to share on your blog. I've been hearing from a few bloggers now about how difficult things are over there right now, I really hope they improve a little - and most importantly, that you stay safe!

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice x

  17. I can only imagine how you're feeling. I know I feel scared! I truly am praying for venezuela and the whole world <3 hope you stay safe.
    The Fancy Cats

  18. I'm so sorry. Keeping you in my prayers.

  19. It's really sad what is going on. You're definitely in my thoughts and prayers.

  20. I'm so sorry to hear of all the troubles that you are having to deal with in your country and pray that things get better for you soon. Look after yourself and stay safe. x

  21. Italy is with you my dear
    A big hug

  22. I'm so sorry this is happening in Venezuela, lady! So sad and scary. Sending you love!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  23. so sad to know this facts! praying that you are well and hoping that the country will get better soon

    style frontier

  24. That's so sad...i wish things will get better soon<3<3


  25. So sorry to hear that, sweetie! I've always wanted to visit Venezuela. Hope peace will come soon.......... xoxo

  26. Looks really interesting) Thanks for sharing!

  27. If we could do anything for your country it would be the best... Here we are, all from different countries, sharing our empathy with you but can't do anything. I just can agree to Ivana's statement here... every year it is told in Germany that the rate of the unemployed is decreasing and that there are so many chances. Really? Statistics are made to be wrong! There are so many people who aren't in it but still haven't got enough money to live freely (and I don't mean "being rich"). They manipulate us, they try to convince us that everything is fine. Or that they care.
    The last thing is the hardest... if they care, if they REALLY care, there would be much better understanding and support for the world's REAL problems...

  28. So sorry to hear about what's happening in your country. All our prayers and best wishes are with you. Hope everything gets better soon in your country. Sending loads of love to you. Take care.

  29. It has been terrible!
    I've been following the news on television! And I remember you a lot!
    I hope the situation improves very soon!
    And may the people not give up fighting for a better future!
    My thoughts are with you, my dear!
    A big kiss!


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