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Friday, September 28, 2012

"·.Wonder Woman.·"

Hi Everyone!

Comic Lately have become more popular than they already are. Being very honest with you my dear readers I know very little about Comics and stuff. But when I saw a little girl in the TV animated series and one of my favorite heroines and I knew it was only the "Wonder Woman".

As Halloween approaches this character I was inspired to do a makeup on "Wonder Woman" and share it with you. To see if you dare on Halloween ~ ~ Honestly I have this character costume so my apologies for that but try to be creative by myself accessories.

A few years ago women were not appreciated (and in many societies currently the case) but this heroine was strong, brave and beautiful.

Now talking about the makeup, I used a soft golden color in the eyes, a soft brown shade to add pronfundidad with a beautiful shaded in brown brows defined and quite a bit darker.

Without Flash

The foundation is quite clear pink white, first outlined lips with red lipstick and then with a beautiful crimson lipstick.

My cheeks have a very soft peach blush beautiful accent but it makes them look very soft. Returning to my eyes I used false lashes in the corners of my eyes to add some volume or but that does not seem too dramatic. First delineate my eye with a bright blue pencil and then outlines a black liquid delieador and used black colored mascara.

No doubt this is one of my favorite makeup. now that I have dark hair was great and I liked the result. This is an ovation to the beautiful Linda Carter to believe that forever will be beautiful and of course this great of Comics "Wonder Woman"

I will keep fighting for Peace and Justice!

I hope you have enjoyed this makeup and inspires them this Halloween or are presented as an option. Thanks for supporting my blog!

Bye Bye!!


  1. Nice - I love your make-up and your sweet face :** - ~~~> nice lips :^^

  2. Yay! Wonder Woman! *--*
    Your eyes your eyes are beautiful!
    Thanks vor visit! I follow you!
    Kisses ;*

  3. Woa you look really like wonder woman ! Very nice and suitable make up. It's a nice halloween idea ! And I LOVE Halloween haha

  4. Hello my Dear wonder woman! Haha Love the look Goregous! <3

    I always love the style and the hotness of wonder woman. Awesome makeup ^^

  5. the wonder woman costume is pretty awesome, I still don't know what I want to be for halloween yet!!


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