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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Nivea Sensitive Ultra Moisturizing Sunscreen "Review"

Hi Everyone!

Maybe this post should have done in summer, but also throughout the year where I live (I live in a tropical country Venezuela) is sunny most of the year. And for those who do not know we do not have four seasons. We only have two seasons: rainy season and warm season (no rain). The truth is that here a lot of sun and is very strong, and to care for my skin I need a good sunscreen.

This product seems great, because apart from offering good sun protection, moisturizes the skin and is very much for sensitive skin helping to prevent allergies.


Back Side

This is the back of the bottle, comes in this presentation containing 125 ml, there you can see the maturity date (near the bar code). There are instructions and ingredients it contains


The instructions say that you should apply 20 minutes before sun exposure.


Just  a small amount of product in my hand.

Distributing all the product in my hand. 

Taadaaa! ^^

PROs and CONs


- Excellent protection.
- Very good moisturizer.
- It has a pleasant smell.
- Can be achieved in most pharmacies.


Not is rapidly absorbed.


Definitely a great product, with excellent protection, since it has an SPF of 60 which I consider great. It is also very moisturizing which I think is great because our skin is not dry.

This is the sunscreen I'm using lately, I hope you liked this review. my beloved readers remember that your skin is very important and that prevention is better than repair.

Bye Bye!!


  1. I love sunscreen that absorb quickly onto skin :D

  2. Today and tomorrow will be the last sunny days for me I guess :D But still nice review :3 the con you mentioned is actually quite important to me because I don't like sitting around and waiting for it to be absorbed ^^

  3. malaysia have have this product yet >.<

  4. Wow i've never had an SPF 60 sunscreen before! Since it moisturizes well I guess it's ok to use it on face instead of face cream as well?

    1. It serves very well for the face (and the rest of the body) is not greasy, is super moisturizing and protecting the skin thoroughly.



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