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Thursday, August 30, 2012

SKIN79 BB Cream Hot Pink "Review"

Hi Everyone!

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to purchase another BB Cream, this is brand SKIN79 and seen that it is one of the most popular variety of BB Cream INMESA so I decided to do a Review of this product.

Well first of all a BB Cream or Blemish Balm Cream is a cream that helps improve skin imperfections. The BB Cream a technology first developed in Germany where they gave prescriptions creams that helped people in post operative surgeries. In Korea at how effective they were started to use them until they become popular until published public versions.

One of the things I loved is that it comes in this presentation of 40 Grams and I love pink and cute is your presentation (you know I love the pink * .. *) Although my hands are small here I am holding the box in my hand.


So you see the box the product in its front side. Sunscreen says it has also to be whitening.

Back Side

At its back side shown as the product works so that ingredients do have this effect and have cream on the skin.

Right Side Box

This is the right side of the product box where you see the amount of igredientes you own that are super weird names.

Left Side

The left side is in Korean and the truth I have no idea what it says.

There you can see the expiry date of the product and the date it was made ​​(very important when buying a makeup product).

Product Pack


In the back of the pack is shown as the product should be used. Although my personal recommendation is Use it as a simple foundation and apply one or more layers as needed.


So my skin looks without any makeup, lip balm I have only to issues that always use lip balm because my lips skin is sensitive to cold sun and wind more than usual.

Here you can see how it looks in my hand Bb Cream. It has a texture like a moisturizer. It has a pretty nice smell.

Here you can see my face much more even after using the BB Cream. It's quite moisturizing and in my case if it is not all good. Bb Cream applied with a foundation brush.

Close Up

(I know it's not my best angle) Well even though in the previous picture looked much clearer than my skin color after a few minutes I took another picture for this approach and can see that it matches well with the tone of skin, because there you can see the skin tone of my neck and my face.

Well there is with my full makeup. Only used pressed powder after the BB Cream, blush and eye makeup course. But I mean I did not use concealer to other imperfections in addition to BB Cream.


The Hot Pink BB Cream SKIN79 brand is a very good product that definitely works as an excelent foundation but is actually a moisturizer for the face. The genius of it is that we should not use any prebase. It has many natural ingredients and solar Protective believe is essential for the care of facial skin. However, the photograph of then you can notice how my skin looks bright, and an hour after I makeup my skin looked completely bright and somewhat greasy. And it was pretty cool one day in which there was hot.

I think it's an excellent product for those with dry or mixed skin and moisturize your skin need more. For me it was over-wetting and the truth that I did not like my idea because there is a face look greasy.



- It is an excellent product for skin care because it has great moisturizing.
- It has natural ingredients.
- It is well adapted to the skin tone.
- Do not use prebase to use.
- Can be used as a concealer.
- Supports a more even skin tone.
- Helps protect the delicate facial skin with UV protection.
- Comes in a very practical presentation.


- No it´s very ideal if you have oily skin.
- In some countries can only be purchased online.


★ ★ ★ ★ ✩

This product deserves 4 stars for the fact that my skin becomes more fat than normal was not exactly the result I expected. And there are a lot of people with oily skin, to which this insurance product will seem too moisturizing. However all the other advantages and benefits that they have not be denied.

Bye Bye!!


  1. Great product review!

  2. I always thought it's more than 40g actually since the tube looks so big! :o
    Must be a good product tho since everyone are talking about it! ^^

  3. Thanks for tho great review! I have a similar skin as you, so I think it would not be perfect for me!
    Follow you now!

    Kisses from Hong Kong,

  4. you're just too cute :3 i can only wish that most bb cream brand would come out with better shade selection :c

  5. :) Where did you buy it ? (because in some website they sale fake BB creams) ??


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