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Monday, July 20, 2020

Celebrating Children's Day

Hi Everyone!

Today I decided to share a little about my day of yesterday with my little brother Diego. Diego is 9 years old and sincerely I guess I shared during the years so little about him and about my family. I must confess that my relationship with my parents is not the best but my brother is just a kid and He doesn´t know nothing about adults issues. 

He is a happy kid and despite all my family issues he is very smart and cute so yesterday we celebrated the children´s day that is celebrated the third Sunday of July in my country. I know that the date is different in each country so I want to share a little about what we do yesterday. He wanted to eat sushi because was his special day and recently he finished school at home with good grades which is a great accomplishment considering the currently situation.

Just like me Diego also suffers from myopia and astigmatism which means that he has to always wear glasses. Sometimes I think it bothers us that we have to wear glasses to see well. On the other hand, it is something that my father and I also suffer, so he is someone with genetic inheritance and we cannot do much. 

By the way Diego was very happy to be able to use his new shirt. It is the shirt he is wearing in the photo, he loves superheroes so he was very happy to wear his shirt. If they checked my Instagram stories you can check more photos that whta we do yesterday. We eat sushi and for him special chicken with french fries but sushi too. After that the dessert was Ice Cream of his preference.

Happy after lunch~

Relaxing before the Dessert ( 〃▽〃)
By the way, my hair is long now~ yay (*♡∀♡)

Trying to take a photo with Hana 💗

She was so sleepy~ She didn´t wanted a photo with me. 
She is not fan of photos.And she is so cute!

Well my lovelies that was all for today I decided to share a little about me and my life. I hope you enjoyed this different post of me. When is celebrated the children´s day in your country? Please reply me in te comments I would like to know. This was all for the post of today  my best wishes to you.♡( ◡‿◡ )

Bye Bye!!


  1. Me alegro que hayas pasado un día agradable con tu hermanito.


  2. can i say i love Hana more than i love you? hahahhaa just kidding... here in Malaysia we celebrate children's day on October. happy children's day to Diego

    p/s more pic of Hana pleaseeeeee

    1. Oh sure I need to post more photos of Hana

  3. are you a cat lover?

    Me, too

  4. In my country childrens day is 1st of June, cute cat :-)

  5. It's nice that you have a good relationship with your brother - I don't get along very well with my parents
    in Poland, Children's Day is celebrated on June 1st 😀

  6. Lovely time with your brother!

  7. It's lovely that even though you don't have the best relationship with your parents, you are still close with your little brother. You and Diego look so sweet together.

  8. Sounds like you have a great brother. Nice way to celebrate him here. :)

  9. Great photos of you and your brother and loving your cat :-D

  10. ¡Hola! ^^
    Se nota que sois hermanos. Os parecéis mucho. Y no puedo decirte cuando es el día del niño en España, porque no lo sé xD
    Un abrazo!

  11. I'm too late but still HAPPY CHILDREN'S DAY!
    In Poland we celebrate it on 1st june ;)

  12. Hola.
    Pues me parece muy bien que mantengais al niño fuera de las discusiones familiares, lo hacéis genial.
    Ay las gafas, mi hijo también tenía miopía y astigmatismo, y llevaba gafas. ahora es mayor y se ha operado.
    Muchas gracias por pasarte por mi blog y feliz tarde.


    Amiga que bonito, dulce, cariñoso, tierno, y delicado es tu mensaje, pinta de cuerpo entero la pureza de tu alma, dejas latente, felicidad y dicha tras cada una de tus palabras, y la escenografía familiar que aportas con tu hermanito, enternece, y alegra el corazón.

    Te dejo un besito perfumado, que lo pases rico, chica, te cuidas.


  14. Your top looks so cute! I kinds wish I could the rest of it. Thanks for posting your charming cat too. Looks like you had a great day!

  15. Hello from Poland :-) We celebrate the Children's Day on June 1st. All the best to Diego, you and your whole family - talk to each other a lot, it will all work out. Good luck :-)

    PS. You have beautiful big eyes. I also have astigmatism, but I am far-sighted.

  16. The relationship with your brother is something special

  17. you look so pretty.....you have a handsome brother.... great family

  18. He definitely has a wonderful big sister

  19. Very sweet photos :)
    You look very beautiful :)
    This cat very cutie :)


  20. Grata por esta partilha tão especial! Adorei saber que passaram um dia super agradável, e adorei ver como dois irmãos se dão tão bem... o que nem sempre acontece em muitas famílias...
    Adorei as fotos! Estão lindos ambos! E adorei conhecer a tua gatinha tão amorosa!
    Beijinhos! Bom fim de semana para todos!


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