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Friday, July 31, 2020

Hello Kitty Compressed Face Mask

Hi Everyone!

I must confess that for reasons that I still do not know to publish about this product it has been a real headache. Because when I had the article already complete for some reason it was simply published incomplete, that was yesterday and I was tired and exhausted which is why I decided to leave it like that. I received this product as part of a free sample when I bought some contact lenses and I was quite excited because it was my first time trying out a compressed face mask.

I think quarantine has given me moments to reflect on a bit of everything, so one of the things that have been crazy to control has undoubtedly been skincare. This is a mask sheet that is something like a DIY for you to apply the essence or tonic you want. In my case, I will be using a moisturizing toner.
This looks like a candy~
Adding the toner~

Adding the 

After adding around 15 mL o Toner~

I applied the face sheet mask on my skin for 15 minutes 

Before and After

PROs and CONs

- Cheap
- Easy to use
- Good for homemade masks
- Nice Texture

- On many countries you only can buy this product online
- It is such a waste of toner or essence


I think that in the skincare industry there are many things that they have wanted to popularize and part of these things has been DIY masks. I used a toner that I normally use on my skin on this product. I like the concept because it's like an interesting experiment to do. What I don't like is that I have to use around 15 ml of product in the compressed face mask when applying it directly I spend less than a third of that.

One of the things I like is that it is a good experiment in the sense that you can make your own sheet mask with the product that you like best, whether it is essence or tonic, but as I was saying, I don't think I would buy this product again. Because it generates a large amount of waste that is unnecessary by directly applying the product. But of course if you want to experience something new and fun it might be fun to use this product.


(´。• ω •。`) This was my review for today the last day of July
 My best wishes to you~
 Happy Day 

 Bye Bye!!


  1. Adorei o post, e a tua opinião... que é exactamente a minha também!...
    Cada vez mais, devemos de considerar os impactos ambientais de tudo o que compramos!
    Beijinhos! Bom fim de semana!

  2. This mask seems very interesting :)

  3. So cute but so unnecessary lol

  4. ah I know this pain 😉
    I would like to meet the mask - cute 💞

  5. oh I tried this type of sheet mask before but my method was a bit different. I soaked it in water until it's fully expanded, and as for the 'lotion' I learnt from my favorite beauty youtuber that you can use your favorite essence/cream mixed with distilled water. I looove the result! (I used Laneige cream skin toner and moisturizer)

  6. Wow, looks interesting!  

  7. Very nice products! Thanks for sharing!
    Have a nice day <3

  8. Thanks for your honest review ☺️


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