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Monday, July 13, 2020

Anxiety in Quarantine

Hi Everyone!

Today I want to talk about a topic a little different from my usual posts and this time I want to tell you a little about the anxiety we are feeling in these days of quarantine. For me, anxiety is something so common that it seems strange to me that someone does not know what it is about. But, the American Psychology Association defines anxiety as:

Anxiety is an emotion characterized by feelings of tension, worried thoughts and physical changes like increased blood pressure.

People with anxiety disorders usually have recurring intrusive thoughts or concerns. They may avoid certain situations out of worry. They may also have physical symptoms such as sweating, trembling, dizziness or a rapid heartbeat.
 Living with anxiety is something that I think all human beings have to deal with at some point. But it is different from feeling anxious at some point than feeling anxious every day. Unfortunately, confinement and quarantine are something that has been changing the behavior of many people and many people are beginning to feel in a state of perennial anxiety.

I want to share small tips to know how to handle the anxiety during this quarantine:

- Identify your feelings and emotions: I consider it is good and necessary to identify our feelings. If we feel sad, acknowledge that we are sad or if we feel fear (which is very common in these times), recognize that you feel the way you do. We don't always understand when we have anxiety about why we feel fear, but the fear is there. It is important that you learn to recognize your feelings and most importantly to accept them and not to invalidate them.

- Create a daily routine: Or if you feel that you cannot create a whole routine, try to create certain elements in your day-to-day that are maintained in the long term. Creating routines like making your bed, watering the plants, or playing with your pet at certain times will help you keep a rhythm and that will decrease anxiety levels.

- Stop to SNS: Social networks are the best to maintain contact in these harsh days but sometimes we saturate ourselves with negative information. The bad news here bad news there and constantly reading about the number of defunctions and thinking in all the possibilities to sick. And that is not good so sincerely If you start to notice that you are reading a lot of bad news, decide to stop the social networks for a while.

- Support in your Loved Ones: The best way in these hard times is the support, the support with your family, friends, pet, or partner. I know that we are living in a pandemic state but don´t forget to celebrate the small accomplishments of your loved ones. And the best important don´t stop celebrating life. The anniversaries, the birthdays, and all the small accomplishments are celebrated in the best and creative way at home.

Find Pleasure in the Small Things: Try a good warm coffee, start a new interesting book, and If you started a book that is boring change to another book. Listen to new music or you can find pleasure listening to the old ones but start to notice the lyrics. Life is composed of small things. Try to find new mechanisms to cope with this situation. Find and enjoy good ASMR. You may be able to find some relief using things like CBD oil but please be careful, and please talk to a medical professional before starting any new treatment, whether prescribed or otherwise. 

I am not a Psychologist I am a Physician and I have to deal with a lot of anxiety lately. And sincerely I find that these tips that I am using currently in my life are helped me a lot. I hope these tips can help you to improve your anxiety during this quarantine. My best wishes and blessings for you darling. Thank you for your support and love (´。• ᵕ •。`) ♡

Bye Bye!!


  1. Great tips:) Definitely trying times we are living in right now.

  2. in my country, the national quarantine is long over - and I hope she doesn't come back because I will never forget the weeks in which I had to sit closed alone at home
    anxiety, depression - this is just a substitute for what I felt
    best regards

  3. Thanks for these tips, I am a natural worrier.

  4. Great tips to cope the anxiety problems, thanks :)

  5. My dear, the quarantine was a dreadful time for me. Have anice day. Best regards Jana

  6. The quarantine is something really frustrating for me, how easily they can deprive us of civil liberties and rights.

  7. Good tips. Even though there is less restriction now people are still worried about going out.

  8. Very interesting and helpful post :)

  9. It's great that you cover such important topics on your blog.


  10. Thanks for sharing this!

  11. Hi!,
    I think these are great pieces of advice. It is normal to be anxious in this situation.
    Thanks for sharing.

  12. hope, everything goes well with your and yours

  13. thats's so importent to tell about that ;)

  14. Our emotions can get the best of us, especially during quarantine. You have some sound advice on how to cope through these hard times.

  15. Oh yes this mask is so cute, I love Alpacas <3 :D

    Interesting post with nice tips. This quarantine is so annoying, I hope this year ends fast and 2021 gets better :D

  16. i feel and behave normal. I do not panic. This is the same kind of virus ass flu

  17. What a wonderful post and very needed during COVID times.

  18. I think for a lot of people anxiety has definitely been heightened due to the pandemic. I already had it before and being in quarantine has brought it out at times. This is good advice especially beginning with recognizing and accepting your feelings.

  19. I needed this, thank you for your article, it helped me 🌷

    I'm following you, if you would like to become blogger friends, you can find me here :) Shades of Silvie

    Have a lovely day 🌻

  20. It was a difficult time, and now we will not soon return to what it was. In Russia, this story is not over yet. We still can't go abroad, restaurants and shopping centers in my city are closed. The state has paid us practically nothing and people will recover their financial situation for a long time. So these tips are really very relevant to me

  21. thanks for the tips... just look at positive side of quarantine...we'll be amazed how we went through this difficult time soon

  22. I have to create a daily routine for myself, because I like to be organised but now in the summmer my days are chaotic and I don't like it

  23. Aquí la cuarentena ya se ha acabado. Afortunadamente no la he pasado mal.


  24. Oh, these tips really make sense to me! Thanks for sharing and all the best!
    xx Rena

  25. This advice is really helpful...many, many thanks for sharing!
    I must be rather unusual...as a sufferer of agoraphobia, I have experienced less anxiety than usual. Not having to force myself to go out had allowed me to relax more. However, I imagine I will probably be in a worse situation when lockdown is finally lifted.
    Then, your tips here will, I'm sure, be invaluable.
    So, thank you again...so much!😊😊

    Hugs xxx

  26. Interesting post my dear, thank you for sharing ) 

  27. It's very important to care about ourselves and our beloved ones. Stay safe!

  28. I got to the point where I would have to only let myself check the news twice a day and that really helped me. Self care is so important, thanks for sharing.

  29. stay safe and be careful ;) thanks for your advices for this diffucult time

  30. ¡Hola, Preciosa!

    In this confinement there are many human beings who have suffered anxiety, I still continue with it. The truth is that the virus is there and as long as there is no medicine to cure it, we cannot trust ourselves, we must wear a mask and always keep our distance.

    Thanks for the advice that seems very successful.
    I leave you a fraternal hug full of blessings that will always accompany you. And my gratitude for your footprint in my space.

    Be very, very happy.

    En este confinamiento somos muchos los seres humanos que hemos padecido ansiedad, yo aún sigo con ella. La verdad es que el virus está ahí y mientras que no aparezca un medicamento que lo cure, no nos podemos confiar, debemos llevar mascarilla y guardar las distancias siempre.

    Gracias por los consejos que me parecen muy acertados.
    Te dejo un fraterno abrazo lleno de bendiciones que te acompañen siempre. Y mi gratitud por tu huella en mi espacio.

    Se muy, muy feliz.

  31. This was really insightful, well said! I wish the best during this trying times!

  32. I always try to find joy in small things and I often succeed.

  33. Uma publicação repleta de preciosos conselhos!
    Eu e a ansiedade, já somos velhas companheiras, ao longo de muitas fases da minha vida... confessando que tenho acusado de facto algum desgaste extra, neste super enervante 2020, por causa da saúde frágil da minha mãe, depois de recuperar de uma crise respiratória no ano passado... há dias em que a pressão que se sente nos ombros, é mais do que muita... mas tento de facto, ir lidando com ela o melhor que consigo... tentando achar em pequenas rotinas uma fonte de prazer e distracção... como bloggar, por exemplo... :-))
    Beijinhos! E votos de tudo a correr o melhor possível por aí... com saúde para todos!


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