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Thursday, July 2, 2020


"Advertorial Post"

Hi Everyone!

Well I still do not have wifi internet so it is no longer news for me to be upset. I decided to focus on what I can do with what little I have to do is stay connected with tethering. Despite being difficult times, life continues in one way or another and we must continue. Who knows when this will be solved, but today I want to share a new store for you to review if you are interested the name of the store is SposaDressesIt is specialized in different models of wedding dresses or for bridesmaids.


The beach wedding dresses that you can find here are very beautiful and have a wide price range, here you can also choose something that fits your budget. I like that the wedding dresses look very beautiful, especially those designed for the beach have that fresh and organic style that one is always looking for. Right now I know two girls who are looking for wedding dresses and with this pandemic issue their plans were up in the air. I think it is always a good option to search online about everyone if you can receive packages from abroad.

I found a new concept that I really like and is mismatched bridesmaid dresses which I find really interesting. I have always thought that I do not like it when the bride has several bridesmaids and they all look like small minions all with the same vetto in addition that it is more than evident that the same style of dress can favor one person and disadvantage another. I think it is more beautiful to use the same color palette with different styles of dresses for the bridesmaids and in this webstore you can get this exactly and I think it is ideal. Well my lovelies that was all for the post of today. I want to wish you the best, health and happiness, I want to know in the comments what you thinks about these dresses and webstore. 

Bye Bye!


  1. Magnifici, saluti belli :)

  2. Stunning dresses, I really love the first one, incredible!! x

  3. Nice dress. I like that fashion.

  4. So sorry to hear about the wifi:( But love the dresses!

  5. I understand you, I was quarantined for more than 100 days and the end of June has just ended, it is true life continues and we must continue to move forward and adapt to change, I loved your selection of wedding dresses I will go take a look. Kisses.

  6. Hello Skuranko😎,I come back again , I also had some difficulties to connect to the internet.
    About these dresses I like it, its first time i see it, I like more the second one.
    I see you in my blog "sewing cloths at home" 😉

  7. This dresses are so beautiful 😍😍

  8. I like the first dress in your post and the color of the last dress. I also like the idea of bridesmaids wearing different dresses within the same color scheme. I agree with you, not every dress flatters every body type. Have a great day.

  9. All the beautiful shapes of the dress. Especially the first photo dress.

  10. I love them both! So elegant x

  11. these dresses are beautiful 😍
    best regards

  12. The first dress is gorgeous

  13. Mais uma série de escolhas lindas! Adoro casamentos na praia!...


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