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Sunday, July 5, 2020

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Hi Everyone!

I have continued with my wifi problems which apparently are not going to be solved any time soon. So well I have tried to fill myself with courage because these last few days have not been easy. Again trying to establish a routine. Because when I had Wifi it was not much of a problem now my routine changes according to when I can work with tethering. Today I went to a place to be able to work with Wifi and it turned out to be a great waste of time and money because as I was not using my laptop or my usual pc, gmail started sending me alerts and I couldn't even access my email. I decided that since the situation of the Covid-19 has worsened in my city not to leave home and well the money that I am going to pay elsewhere simply invest it in data on my phone.

The new normality is very strange, because the effusion of the first days was over when we were all too excited. I have continued working as a doctor and it has not been easy, it is a constant stress despite not being inside the hospital. Because lately I have seen patients at home when I go to visit them although I take all the security measures, their relatives in many cases are very careless and then doubt begins to arise in my head. What if some of these people are infected with Covid-19?

On the other hand I know that I must keep working from the pc. Because it is a fairly big risk not only for me but for my family to expose myself like that is very difficult. I want to decide that today is going to be a new stage for me and for my life. Adapting is not easy but not impossible, I must keep working and continue with my exercise routine.

Working from home is a luxury that not everyone can afford. This quarantine has made me wonder many times why I decided to become a doctor and not something else. My blog has been a great source of support at the moment because it helps me to express part of the frustration that I feel kept within me. Despite all the family problems I have had (if that part has been fatal) I have managed to wait for many obstacles with my boyfriend and we have had very good moments together and creating memories even though the world seems to be falling apart.

If I want to wish all my readers something, it is health.(๑˘︶˘๑)♡ This week I saw a human being born.And I saw someone die. If there is anything I have no doubt about, it is that we will not be the same people when this is all over.

Bye Bye!!


  1. Yo también te deseo mucha salud, guapa.


  2. Take care dear. big hugs :-)

  3. Holaa!! te deseo mucha salud y mucho ánimo.


  4. I hope your plan will come true, good luck my dear!

  5. I really hope this situation will get better and everyone will keep safe and healthy!! Lots of love to you xx

  6. I'm wishing you health as well and I hope that you work through all of your problems. We have a lot of family in Cuba, and it's not easy with limited Wifi access and everything being so expensive. :)

  7. This is just another phase of our life. Stay strong and stay safe.

  8. Oh I do feel for you...being a doctor during a covid pandemic must be really difficult. And you medics are true heroes...thank you so, so much for being there for us...we couldn't survive without you!💕
    And I totally agree, when this is finally over we will all be changed in some way...

    Have a great day...and please stay safe!

    Hugs xxx


  9. I wish you healthy and beautiful days..

  10. Te deseo mucha salud! Te mando besos y abrazos! Te amo! Recuerda que darse por vencido es garantizar el fracaso

  11. You are a great person for helping persons in this crucial moment. There are people that can't leave their home and they are lucky to know persons like you that taking all the security measurements, decided to help those in need.

  12. As a doctor, I'm sure you see many stages of life. I'm sorry this has been a difficult time for you. Hugs!

  13. Hope You are OK. We have really difficult time now :/

  14. Stay strong Sakuranko
    Being a doctor have to be mentally strong
    to deal with the patients and solve problem

  15. I like the first dress. Its beautiful.

  16. So inspired! Thanks for sharing

  17. stay healthy and be safe ya!

  18. Esta pandemia, veio mexer com o lado emocional de toda a gente... parece que todos estamos a ser testados, quanto aos nossos limites! Como médica, calculo que estejas a viver diariamente um rodopio de emoções... da mais pura alegria, à mais profunda tristeza... mas assim é a vida...
    De facto, seremos pessoas diferentes depois de tudo isto... quero crer que mais conscientes, solidárias, atentas... e melhores!...
    Gostei imenso desta tua publicação, deveras inspiradora e autêntica!
    Beijinhos! Votos de tudo a correr pelo melhor, contigo e com os teus!


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