Thursday, March 5, 2015

TONYMOLY Fruit Princess Lip Gloss

Hi Everyone!

I have few time for write this review because this is my lunch interval so I need move my hands fast. Today I want share with you one of my favorite products that I bought for me because I needed a Lip Gloss and since I saw this cute product I really wanted try it. \(^o^)/ This product is called TONYMOLY Fruit Princess Lip Gloss the name is very pretty just like the product.



Right side Boxヽ(*^ω^*)ノ

Downside box~ 

TONYMOLY Fruit Princess Lip Gloss ♡

Packaging: A lovely and packaging very cute for  me the packaging has five stars because is gorgeous.


Color + Texture + Price: The color is transparent nacreous color and I love it that because the color is not very intense and add volume to my lips. This has a liquid tecture and is non sticky.  The price was very good because is pretty affordable (reason why I want buy more) The price was around $6 USD at Jolse. I recommend this store because has very good offers and great products. The name of this color is #2  "Plum"

PROs and CONs
◕ PROs
- Lovely packaging.
- Good price.
- Sweet scent.
- Natural but cute effect.
- Non sticky.

- On many contried you only can buy this product online.


(。vωv。`)♡ I love it this lip gloss, I must admit that I love it more the scent (that is like a candy) and the packaging than the effect itself. I love it the effect, well is not the effect I was looking but this lip gloss is perfect for everyday because look pretty but no to much heavy. A great good point is that is non sticky and I really enjoy that. On many store are out stock but you can find this on ebay too. I recommend this product to 100% and now I want try another shades.+゚。*(*´∀`*)*。゚+ 

★ ★ ★ ★ ★


I hope you enjoyed this review ɷ✧⃛*:・*。⋆
(∩∀`*) I hope you have a good day~

Bye Bye!!


  1. ¡Qué bonito! Es una pena que este tipo de productos no me vayan mucho >_<

  2. So cute! I absolutely love TonyMoly packaging <3

  3. How cute! I love this packaging!;)

  4. The packaging is really cute ^^ & the gloss color is gorgeous ~

  5. sweet :)



  6. Que bonito, me encantan los packagings de esta marca, lo quiero todo!

  7. I love the packaging, it's very cute. I like the color of the gloss.

  8. Very cute, is like a victoria's secret gloss, smell well, no? is really cuteee <3

  9. Cute packing and lovely colour :-)

  10. Para ser honesta, odio los gloss ;__; no me gusta sentir los labios pegajosos o que luego se estén pegando en mi cabello, pero si dices que no es de esa textura entonces probablemente en un futuro lo pruebe, el empaque es muuuyyy lindo ♡.
    Saludos, linda<3.

    pd. Siento haber puesto el comentario dos veces, no sé qué le pasó a mi móvil y envió mi mensaje antes xD.

  11. the packaging looks super lovely! :D

  12. Love this shade so much <3 ...thx for sharing

  13. awww this lipgloss is so cute :3

  14. This is the cutest packaging ever, I love it ;)) xx

  15. It looks nice but very natural. It's good that it's not too glittery I think :D

  16. The packaging is too cute! ^^

  17. OMG, this gloss is so pretty and cute. ^^
    New post is online....

  18. I really miss buying beauty products in Korea! They really have the best products and I loved Tony Moly! Such a cute gloss and the color is great!


  19. This sound wonderful! I love the packaging and the colour ♥
    Amy xx

    Perfect Imperfections

  20. Que bonito, me encanta el envase, es tan adorable! En general los envases de Tonymoly son adorables y muy originales, yo la verdad no uso brillos labiales pero igual me dan ganas de comprar algunos de estos por lo bonitos que son ^^

  21. *-* i am in love with the packaging! So adorable and colour is really pretty too.

    xx Courtney

  22. This lip gloss look really cute! I've haven't heard of this product, but Tony Moly is pretty reputable. Thanks for sharing your review.

    Janelle | Styles & Prints

  23. So cute! Loved your blog, following :) **

  24. I have a similar one! I think maybe a more coral color would suit you better, but it's so subtle that I think this one is OK too. :)

  25. Oh~ I should have got this one!!! I bought a different colour (a peachy colour) but the colour is really light for my skin T-T so I wear it over dark lip tint or something for moisture. The packaging is super cute~
    I really like this colour :D

  26. that is the cutest packaging!!

  27. So cute ! I really love this product, the packaging is so adorable :)


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