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Monday, March 16, 2015

Bioré Skin Care Facial Foam Moisture

Hi Everyone!

Today after a long week ヾ(o´∀`o)ノ and I was pretty busy and a crazy exams week I´m here. Yesterday was my birthday I want send a HUGE HUG for all that cute people that commented with good wishes~ (♡ᵉ̷͈ัॢωᵉ̷͈ัॢ )‧₊°♡I love you~ I think today I´ll be making 2 reviews because this post must be here the last friday but I was so tired and sleepy so I´m making this post today. This time I want  talk about this product that is a great product from the brand Bioré this is called Bioré Skin Care Facial Foam Moisture this is a foam for all skin types and I decided tried in  November of last year. And I had very good result with this product.

(´・` )♡ Back Side~

This says KAO about this product: 

Bioré Skin Care Facial Foam Moisture for oily skin, normal skin, and combination skin
Verification of the effects with a touch by fingertips and palm
• Smooth and lubricating foam easy to apply to the skin 
• Completely washes off to leave the skin moisturized
• Leads to smooth and healthy skin with each wash
- Elegant, fresh floral scent


● Packaging: Completely normal just a white tube with a blue top but I can carry to this everywhere so for me the packaging is fine. 

Price + Quantity: The price was around $6 USD with shipping included the quantity of this version is 60 grams and is enough for 4 months. For me the price is very affordable. 


Before (/∇\*)。o

(。’▽’。)♡ After "Clean and Soft"

PROs and CONs

- Floral scent.
- Affordable price.
- Cleans very weel and remove waterproof makeup.
- Leaves the skin soft and and pretty.

- ON many countries you only can buy this product online.


♥(✿ฺ´∀`✿ฺ)ノ I love it this product, the reason is because cleans very good but the same time leaves my pores soft and pretty and that is super important for me. I used many foams and this makes very well the job, the same time leaves my skin soft and pretty. The price is very cheap but the product works very good. The texture is more into a gel that a cream and the foam is very fine, I´m impressed how removes waterproof makeup very well. The scent is floral but really soft nothing strong or annoying(♡´౪`♡) I recommend this product to 100% 

★ ★ ★ ★ ★


♡(  ૢ⁼̴̤̆ ꇴ ⁼̴̤̆ ૢ)~ෆ♡ I hope you enjoyed this review 
Thanks for your comment and support!

Bye Bye!!


  1. i should give it a try. looks great facial foam!

    Tom and Tins Blog

  2. Thanks for such a detailed post!

  3. Wow the results look great! :) ♡ I love any skin product that's has a gel - like consistency, it just feels better for me

    Happy belated birthday! ♡

    xx Courtney


  4. i will try it for sure, thanx for sharing with us

  5. This sounds so wonderful! They have a lot of really great products.

  6. Wow, impressive!! I really want to try it :D


  7. oh, I can say it really works! Thank you for such a detailed review with swatches. I enjoyed the post very much, would love to try it!
    Have a nice day!

  8. happy belated birthday pretty ^^
    wow, its work really well, clean any makeup even the waterproof one ^^
    thanks for sharing


  9. i'm such a huge fan of biore. I've tried a few of their cleansers and I think they're so light and great. a lot of their smells are cucumber scent and thats my favorite scent for cleansers! so relaxing! and now thanks to ur post, i know they deep clean too! good to know! :)


  10. I really like biore products, I feel like you can't go wrong with them~ They just have to many products, it's so hard to choose haha! thanks for the review, now i know what to try next from them :)

  11. Wow, it cleanses really well! I will definitelly consider this product once I run out of my current stash.

  12. I remember loving these biome foaming cleansers when I had super oily skin and lived in a humid country. When I use them in Australia's dry climate though, my skin just gets super dry :(. Lovely to hear it works for you!

  13. wow! it has makeup removing properties, that's awesome! wonderful way of testing the cleanliness <3

    <3 Celly
    ❤ TheSnowFlowerrr ❤ Beauty and Makeup Blog ❤

  14. I must buy it ! ; D

  15. I use several biore products and I really like them but I haven't noticed this product yet.

  16. Wow, it did a great job removing the makeup :)

  17. I would try it but, as you said, I can buy it only online!

    My last post: Look like... Blake Lively

    Shopping Girls

  18. Nice review! I think this product suits well on me :D thankyou so much for sharing! :D
    have a great day! :D

    From Bali, Indonesia - with love, Imme ❤

  19. Great review

    Love Vikee

  20. WOW! It fully removes your arm swatches o.o that is amazing!

  21. They sell this at every drugstore in japan! I was using it for a while, it's pretty good!

  22. Biore is quite popular in Singapore too. It's good & affordable :D

  23. This product is amazing ! Thank you for this review :)


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