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Lioele Carry Me Blusher Cutie Pink

Hi Lovelies!

I´m back with a cute review about a cute product, and honestly I´ve been waiting a long time for me this review, but I´m not sure why exactly ♡ Now today I decided make this review because this is a very good product, not excellent but very useful and super kawaii~ Liole was my first korean brand a long time ago and I´m very happry with this brand. This is not an sponsored review I bought this product sometime ago and now I´m  writing this review.

This comes with this mirror on the top! 

And this has this cute sponge! +w+

And this how looks when I remove the sponge~


Pink Pigment~⋆*ೃ:.

And this is how looks~ 

The color on my hand~ Looks very sheer~

This is how looks on my skin and yeah like you can see o(U・ω・)⊃my face and my neck are more fair than my forearm~

PROs and CONs

- Good Price.
- Super kawaii packaging.
- Easy application.
- Great concept.
- Long lasting.

- The formula contains a lot of talc because looks more white and less pigmented. 
- On many countries you only can buy this product online.


I really like it this product because is super cute and is my best friend when I´m hurry in the mornings, but the problem is the pigmentation first this product is for people with a fair skin tone and I´m not so fair so I need use just a little,  and I say this not because the product is super pigmented but is because this contain a lot quantity of talc and is like put a white layer over my face If I apply a bit more of the exact quantity. (^-^) The pigmentation is a very important point about a blush. I use this when I want a more fair makeup and I use almost only bb cream, powder, mascara and foundation but the point about the talc is something I don´t like. But this is great because this doesn´t cause me any allergic reaction (^▽^)and that is great because I used some blushers in the past that caused me pimples and that is the worst. ͂͂(˒̩̩̥́௰˓̩̩̥̀⁎) This product has two shades I decided buy this that is the "Cutie Pink". The price is around $8 to $12 USD and for me is a  very affordable price because this contain a good quantity of product. 


٩(・ิᴗ・ิ๑)۶*This is not so good for 5 stars but very good for 4 stars~(*^▽^*) I hope you enjoyed this review~ I will always love the packaging of this product (*≧▽≦)

Happy Day (◍•ᴗ•◍)❤  

Bye Bye!!


  1. Good review, have a good week

  2. The packaging is so cute! I love that pretty pink color. Thanks for the review.

    xo Azu

  3. lovely!

  4. This looks super cute but it's a shame it's not that pigmented!

    Lizzie Bee //

  5. This looks so cute, love the applicator as well :) x

  6. El color casi no se nota!

  7. A pitty the blush is not pigmented enough, because I like how the packaging comes with a mirror and a applicator on the same time. The color itself looks nice too...a light pink...

  8. Wow, that blusher looks awesome! The mirror is perfect, wow!
    Really thinking about getting that one too, great review!
    xoxo, Merce

  9. I absolutely love Korean products! My entire daily face routine uses Korean beauty products :) I'll have to try this blusher. Thanks for sharing!

  10. es precioso pero si a ti se te aprecia poco , a mi ni con lupa me lo ven

  11. Packaging is so super cute! I like the idea too, and for the price it looks like a really great product, thanks for introducing it! ^^

  12. Great review, the packaging is so lovely

  13. Good to know that it's long lasting and has great price :)

  14. I really like the idea of this product, it does seem less messy and easier to use than some other powered blushes/face color. Great review!

  15. Great review sweetheart...thx for sharing!

  16. Nice blush!
    Thanks a lot for your last comment : )

  17. Looking great!
    Have a nice evening!
    Angela Donava

  18. I didn't know the brand but it seems a great product.

  19. This is very pretty and cute :-)

  20. The packaging is cute, and the price is nice, too :)

  21. The small mirror sitting on top of the product is just brilliant!(´∀`)♡ I've never heard of this Korean Brand before o_o (where have I been) so I googled and found out it's available in Singapore. Can't wait to try it myself. :D

    ieyra h. | blog

  22. This seems like a good Korean blusher, love the pink packaging.

  23. It seems easy to apply and color looks so natural!

  24. Tiene un color muy bonito y natural!!!
    Un beso

  25. the packaging is really cute ^^

  26. Wow. This blusher is so cute! And the mirror on top is so convenient. It's a plus point for me.

  27. Looks so lovely, it's awful that in shops in my city I can't buy it!

  28. This product is so cute !

  29. Great review. It looks so pretty and appears to be very fine.

  30. Great review. It looks so pretty and appears to be very fine.

  31. Love the packaging, it seems easy to use :) the color is also pretty


  32. Seriously this is so cute! Easy and I love the color so cute =)

    Sharon Lee

  33. Oooo I love the cushion puff!! That's super cute. Sad that it doesn't contain much pigment but I think it'd be suitable for light skin so you don't have to be afraid of applying too much :)


  34. I like that it is translucent and natural-looking!

  35. This packaging is very cute. Kisses and have a lovely week :)

  36. It seems to be a great product!
    Lovely effect!...


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