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Saturday, February 13, 2016

Etude House Rosy Tint Lips After Blossom

Hi Everyone!

I feel very happy to be here writing this post I have the time runing (lately that is the story of my life) and right now I feel sleepy is like all the time I´m tired but that is another story too. I´m trying very hard to be continuing making post on my blog. Recently I reproved an important test at College and was very dissapointed so now I´m studying more hard. But I´m taking few minutes for write this post too~ I received this product from ฅ ̳͒•ˑ̫• ̳͒ฅ♡a lovely blogger friend because I won the giveaway that I was participating in her blog. I was participating for try my luck and I wonヾ(*Φ∀Φ)ノ and that was great because this is one of my favorite products from Etude House. And yeah I know that are more recent products from this brand and I should make this post before but well that is not the point today.

Back Side

 /◉ ᴗ ◉\

Directions + Caution *♡

Box Upside~ Color #8 After Blossom"

Etude House Rosy Tint Lips After Blossom

Packaging + Color + Texture: The apckaging of this product is super lovely the box has cute flowers designs and is very lovely. The product itself is a deep sory color with cream top. Now this product has a cute cushion applicator and the application is very easy. The color is a deep and a bit burgundy rose color. I love it the color because is perfect for gradient lips. The texture is very creamy I used before another color other from these lip tints and the problem that was I felt my lip very dry but with the properly lip balm before I don´t have any problem. (。⌒∇⌒)。

  (~ ̄▽ ̄)~


PROs and CONs

- Cute packaging.
- Lovely color.
- Long lasting effect.
- Good pigmentation.
- Easy application.
- Affordable price.

- On many contries you only can buy this product online.


For me this product is one of my favorites lip products I have another color from this line the color is the Etude House Rosy Lip Tint English Garden you can read my review If you want (*´◕ω◕`*) for me is funny because wow that was almost two years ago and the funny fact was all the prologue for that review I talked so my any stupid things on my life but I miss all that bullshit? No, sincerely not I don´t miss that. But well focus in this lovely product, I feel that I love it more this color that the color of english garden (´・ω・`) This product for me has four of five stars because has a cute and lovely long lasting effect a bit like a tint but the strong color it´s gone drinking a sip of water. I want try more cute products from Etude House but this is one of that products that I use almost all the time and I wanted write this review. Btw this has a price with less of $7 at eBay and at some online stores and for me the price is very good.


This is me using the Etude House Rosy Tint Lips After Blossom~~♡✧

I hope you enjoyed this review~ I´m working in more reviews~ ヾ( ´ /// ` )ノ゙
Thank you so much for
 your cute comments and support!

Bye Bye!!


  1. congrats on winning the giveaway :3
    this lip tint looks so good on you <3

  2. This is a great color for you! I've never heard of this but now I definitely want to see if we have it here!

  3. Beautiful shade, it looks great on you. Good luck with your studies!


  4. Awww, such a shiny shade! Love it)

  5. Rosy lips for Valentine day is only fitting! I saw a couple of these often but scared it's too dry on my lips, thankfully it doesn't seem to be the case. Thanks for the reviews!

  6. el tono es chulisimo ,me encanta como te queda

  7. Awww, it look so pink and fresh! Always love etude house.

  8. Sounds very positive and amazing.

  9. It looks like a very convenient product for the gradient lip style!

  10. And it looks so nice, on you!...
    Good luck with your studies! It will be all right next time! I'm sure of it!...
    All the best!


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