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EOS V-Check 2 Tone Brown Lens "Review"

Hi Everyone!

Starting the year a new circle lens review, I love circle lens in my search for the perfect brown circle lens I have done many reviews. These are some of my favorite circle lens because despite the marked design looks nice and natural. These circle lens are sponsored by the great LoveShoppingholics store which has a huge variety of circle lens this time are about circle lens EOS brand.

If this is your first time reading my blog and you want know how care circle lens
I want invite you to read my post

Inside the cute box the Circle Lens  (´,,•ω•,,)

The model and brand is EOS V-Check 2 Tone Brown 

Bottle specifications~ .ヽ(*´ω`)ノ゚

The pattern~ 

Design/Pattern + Color: It has a medium brown edge labeled intensely. Then a soft brown color that cross some lines to the center. Small lines are not very marked and fade into the soft brown eye, a person with brown eyes completely natural, it gives me a dolly effect but still naturally because my eyes are green / gray. Provides a look of the larger eye but subtle and gentle way. You can see the sparkle in the eye light brown towards the center.

Comfort: They are quite comfortable, they bother or anything like that, all you have to use eyedrops because they feel dry eyes while using the lens circle. I have no problem with eyedrops to use even if it is a little uncomfortable with eyedrops everything is solved.

Enlargement: Increase significantly but the eyes do not look like an alien, I like it gives a subtle dolly but not over the fact I do not use much makeup but the elongation is noticeable. A nice enlargement for 14.5 mm always enlarge my eyes.

Overrall: At the beginning you had my doubts, but after use with makeup and see how you look, I realized that they are really a beautiful lens circle to give a beautiful and very natural effect, I do not like the fact that I do feel dry eyes. Well I think it's always important to use eyedrops. The effect they give is of innocence and cuteness that I really like and it is not exaggerated and although the detailed design is ultra intense color. For that and other reasons I will give five star to those great circle lens. If you want a circle lens that look innocent and pretty definitely recommend these, not so much a style gyaru because they look quite natural, but if for ulzzang style that I love and give puppy eyes effect.

Rating: ★★★★★

Where to buy?

Please use my Discount Code 1000160035 for USD 2$ OFF in your purchase

You can buy the EOS V-Check 2 Tone Brown 

Now the selfies~♡

(p*'v`*q) Me!

I'm watching you! ( ・ω・)∩

*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。. Close-up! 

☆。゚.+゜( ,,・▽・人・▽・,, )゚+.゜。☆ My last and fav pic~

Now surprise +.゜。☆ EOS V-Check 2 Tone Brown  Video Review~

(๑ºั ³ ˘๑) Love the video review because you can see many details about the circle lens that does not capture the picture, is very short video review lasts a little more than a minute.  ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ I hope you have enjoyed this review and hope you like the video. ♡

 I hope you liked this review having a great weekend love you ♡♡

Bye Bye!!


  1. Cute photos : D

  2. I follow you now via GFC and Facebook :)

  3. Happy new year :-D Beautiful lens, I would like to try ^_^
    la zia consu

  4. Nice pics :)
    I think the lenses look really nice :)

    Svetlana from Lavender Star

  5. Loving the natural looking lenses on you ^^

    You look wonderful with them ~

  6. Lovely post :)
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  7. Very nice colour! I have never tried contact lenses.

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  8. cute set ... heres my new post..

  9. The circle lenses look so natural, I love natural circle lenses the best! And you're so so cute in the video and on the pictures! :> Thank you for sharing this tutorial with your readers ^u^


  10. Beautiful effects, it looks very natural. Love them.
    Have a lovely weekend sweetie :)

  11. Wow, it's so great! Beautiful eyes! : )

  12. This colour suits you exceptionally well, I have to say I like it most on you from others that I have seen.
    Thanks for sharing your fashionable thoughts on my last post. Happy Weekend!

  13. Amazing circle lens! Your eyes are so big 。o♡ You look beautiful! x3
    ✿ Rinako ✿

  14. Very pretty! And it look natural too! :D

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  16. You look very pretty! ^_^

  17. Gorgeous colour for contact lens! They really give you doll eyes. Suits you perfectly hun. :)

    Take care always, love Christine ~ xo
    Chriissydollxo Blog | BlogLovin'

  18. Thanks for the review. You look wonderful with them!!!

  19. Great lens color, they look pretty on you

    PS: I am following you!

  20. I like the colors of the lens, looks very natural.

  21. Beautiful blog!:)
    I follow you back now.:)

  22. Beautiful! Loving the color<3

  23. Really pretty circle lenses!

    x Angela

  24. The EOS packaging is so cute plus the lens looks pretty on you! :)
    Love your new blog layout! xx

    Jasmine Catches Butterflies ʚϊɞ

  25. Pretty colour but I'm not really a fan of coloured contact lenses. Thanks so much for your visit and comment.

  26. Hi sweet!!
    So pretty circle lenses! Loving the color and you look so pretty!!


  27. I've also received my circle lenses from loveshoppingholics :)
    Mine looks really like yours :p
    I still want to review them, but I just lost my usb cable from my camera, so I'm not able to upload the pictures on my laptop xD

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  29. very lovely! I love the colors dear,and they look good in photos :)))
    Happy New Year btw! and of course belated Merry Christmas! :)))

    love lots,

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  31. Nice lens, they look very good on you! ;)

  32. Nice review!

  33. Hello! I like the color of the lenses.
    Are - you well.

  34. They look gorgeous on you! Kind of natural, but even more awesome!

  35. loving your eyes! the lens looks perfect in ur eyes :)

  36. You always have the loveliest pair of eyes whether or not you have circle lens on!

    I hope the first week of 2014 has been treating you well!

  37. What a nice colour, it really suits you. ^^

  38. These circle lenses look so cute (^O^)

  39. You looks so cute.^^ And I like your circle lenses.

  40. Love it on your eyes sakuranko! Also did you darkened your hair??? love it! Also the new layout.

  41. Great post
    Looks good

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  43. Those lenses are really pretty. I like the fact they are subtle for a dolly look.

  44. cute!!


  45. They look very pretty and unique, I need to check them out, xoxo.

  46. I have never tried any lens in my eyes, but I like the idea that I could easily switch things up & make my eyes look completely different!
    Really great review, the lens look fabulous in your eyes! :)

  47. Menuda mirada que hacen, nos encanta. Nosotras también tenemos un blog, si te apetece pásate y si te gusta no dudes en seguirnos


  48. They look great on you! I never tried lens, but those look very natural! :)
    Cute pictures and great review! :D

  49. These lenses look very nice on you! They are very natural after makeup and you look adorable with this color. I really want to try lenses for my own, but I am afraid of the dry eyes part hehe!

  50. this sounds so interesting! Doesn´t it hurt?

  51. These look amazing, indeed!

    I've just followed, I would be more than glad glad to see you in my list as well!

    Style Nirvana

  52. They look so amazing and natural~ :D You have really pretty eyes by the way!! <3 <3


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