Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Year Persunmall Wishlist!

Hi Everyone!

It´s a new year and it will start making a post on my wishlist for a clothing store, accessories and more named Persunmall. I personally did not know this shop, but to revise many great items I found so designed two looks of course some Store items basing on my personal taste and I like things to be forming a wishlist. (^ω^)

Look 1 

It's a pretty comfortable Casual Look, I use jeans so often think that this look is not only comfortable but also very girly.ヽ(*´ω`)ノ゚

Very cute and pink is very cute and I love it.

I hope you have enjoyed these two outfits, tell them they can see all the information on each item giving click the corresponding number below the picture, you can see sizes and colors, this was all for today, I leave not start the year with resolutions but with wishes and dreams become realities then. (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))♡

Bye Bye!!


  1. You are such a cute girl! I'm sure you would look lovely with those cloths! I like yours style, so cute innocent and sweet. I love you sweetheart! I love this kinds of posts, I learn more about you, where to buy stuff for you, and which kinds of cloths and accessories you like. Please :D keep it up I'm sure you help more than one guy out there get the prefect gift from the prefect place for their girlfriends.

    Keep it up!! you know you count with me and my support always sweetheart.


    Your Kokoro.

  2. Aw wow! That site has a lot of nice stuff - will definitely check it out now! Thanks for sharing hun x

  3. Heya there. I come again :))

    I always find something new here. I really do. Having seen those two outfits, well, those are well and fits for you. I really like them really. However I am a man, and It does not mean I did not appreciate what woman or ladies are wearing. :))

    I think I have something that the same opinion as yours. I don't have any such as common resolutions that people always telling me but I would love to make my dreams to be in reality with strong effort or struggles

  4. This like a haul for me xD
    nice post :D
    anw im inviting you to join my giveaway ft Dressale to win gorgeous dresses worth $200!^^

    Thank you ^^

  5. All so fashion!!!

  6. The sweater with the fish on it is super cute

  7. I love the first look
    is very cute

  8. The clothes are so pretty!! Love your selection :D

  9. love everything on your wish list :)

  10. I love the second set
    is very cute!!!kisses

  11. Hello again

    I love "flower rain" effect from your Blog. By the way, Thanks for dropping by to my blog. I really appreciate it. Unfortunately you forgot something. You have not followed my blog so far :))
    You said " If you have your blog I´ll go to visit your blog. If you follow me I will follow you back! ".
    Am I right?

    I followed yours already. :))

    Greetings from INDONESIA

  12. Thanks for visiting my blog! ; )

  13. cute stuff dear :)
    Btw Happy New Year :)

  14. aww, i want the t shirt and dress! happy new year! :)

  15. What cute outfits! I really love number 1. The top is so cute!! It's little pockets - aawww!
    I hope you had a really good new year!

  16. A lot of beautiful things!
    Happy New Year

  17. Great wishlist! Happy 2014!


  18. I love both looks, especially the second one is so cute and elegant. <3

  19. I love the second one! Happy new year.

    Corinne x

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  21. I love your wishlist! So many cute items! ♥
    Happy New Year 2014! ♥

    Thank you for your nice comment on my blog. I follow you back dear! ♥
    ✿ Rinako ✿

  22. Cute outfit ordinates! I love the dress in the 2nd look.

  23. Happy new year to you! Love the 2nd look because it's so pinky and sweet!

  24. Great stuff, they are all absolutely gorgeous!
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark

  25. Cute outfits ... love the items you picked! :-)


  26. Cute stuff you've choosen :)
    I follow you now via GFC and bloglovin!!


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