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It´s Skin Power 10 Formula VC Effector

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(*´・v・) Today new review~ I been working pretty hard lately on my reviews because are so many. But I'm doing my best effort to improve more and more because I love it make reviews~ Well lovelies this product is very interesting and was on my wishlist since November of last year. And I'm talking about the  It's Skin Power 10 Formula VC Effector. (^v^) This was a No. 1 Product in Korea~ talking about serums and I love it the serums. This product is sponsored by Honestskin but all the opinions and this review are based on my own experience with this product.

(▰˘◡˘▰) Close-up!

∩(︶▽︶)∩ Unopened Product~

Back Side Bottle~

Close-up! Back Side(◡‿◡✿)

❂ Packaging: Is very simple and looks like medicine for kids, because has a dropper and a clear cap. I like is of glass so looks more like medicine. But it´s good to me this type of packaging because looks like a serious product. 

Clear Cap~

Quantity & Price: This product has 30 ml I think has enough product because I use two drops on all my face and an extra drop for mi neck so is enough quantity, the price is just $12 without shipping but the shipping is very cheap so is less of $15 in total. Is very cheap to be a skincare product specially a serum. 

The dropper with product~

A drop of product~

Texture and Aroma: Is very watery but like a gel watery and lightweight fresh and is not oily is 100% watery. I love it the watery and lightweight because my skin is very oily and I don´t need heavy products. This serum smells to softly to citrus essence and I love it the citrus but s very soft, so you can´t smells the product on your face.


You can see the difference~ (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧


- It´s cheap.
- It´s lightweight.
- Smells softly to citrus.
- Brightening instantly the skin.

- Has Vitamin C and Green Tea Components and this is good for my oily skin.

- On many cuntries you only can buy this product online (including me). 


(。・ω・。) When I tried this product for first time I think well this doesn´t works because the mousturizing effect was a little. But this is a serum not a moisturizing cream, after 2 weeks this product  helps to improve the large pores and the elasticity on my skin.  This has improved to my skin and looks more brightening to the time to apply the makeup.  Without makeup my skin looks brightening too. I recommend this serum to 100% and now I want try another formula from this serie. 


Where to buy?

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You can buy the It´s Skin Power 10 Formula VC Effector 

Me after use the It´s Skin Power 10 Formula VC Effector (ノ>▽<。)ノ

Now my video review about the (,,◕ ⋏ ◕,,) It´s Skin Power 10 Formula VC Effector 

I hope you enjoy my review and my video ヽ(^‥^=ゞ)
And this review can be useful to you~
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  1. Gracias por este review!! Es como si me leyeras la mente en las cosas!xD
    También tengo estos serum en mi wishlist, especialmente la versión Syn-Ake, ya que a mis 30 y algos ya necesito cuidado antiarrugas :) y estaba esperando leer algunas reseñas sobre esta línea.

    Aprovecho de agradecerte el dato de HonestSkin, el descuento en Etude House es muy valioso para mí, gracias nuevamente!

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  3. Hi. :) Thanks for the nice review. I started using serum last week and so far, it's great. I will also try this after I finish the one that I'm using.

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  4. Looks great, I saw there is a lot of variety, and price is reasonable, going straight to my wishlist :)

  5. Beautiful post, really interesting...thx for sharing..:-)

  6. Looks like a great product. Very nice review! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Very nice review!

  8. looks like a great product! too bad it's only available online on my country..
    nice review, Sakuranko! :)

    Lova // clovers and carousel blog

  9. Once again another excellent review. Thank you! Seems like a good product. ^__^

  10. Wow, now i need to buy it, thank you :)

    xx ML EDITOR


  11. I love products containing vitamin see, because the effect is always nicely visible. Thuis is a product I would love to try after finishing my OST Vitamin C serum. :) Thanks for the review!

  12. lovely blog :)

  13. This looks great! I wonder if it would get rid of freckles, I want to lighten mine :(

    LilynotLouise | Beauty and Food

  14. I'm not sure about this particular one, but I might try to get a serum from this brand later!
    Take care*

  15. Hi doll, this serum looks great. I would be to try it! Kisses dear

  16. Thank you for the tip! Seems really good :D
    lots of love,

  17. You inspired me so much dear! love this post! very impressive ♥

    New post on the blog sweetie!

  18. Sounds good!
    Julie |

  19. I love the way you create posts! Thank you to share them with us!
    Your words are so ... inspiring! Thank you that you are! :-*
    Amazing product - I mjust try it!
    You are my inspiration!

    Katherine Unique

  20. You have such pretty eyes. :)

  21. I'm a big fan of serums, too! :)


  22. Great Review... seems like a good product indeed <3

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  23. it's skin tiene muchos variedades de serums a mi me gustaria probar alguna con colageno y tmb vi una con Ácido hialurónico...

  24. Thank you for the review and for sharing the shop..a friend of mine wanted to try this since last year but the only shop that she found sells it in an expensive way!

    Secrets Of Camille

  25. Intresting review! Thanks for your comment on my blog <3 Your blog looks super cute and I followed you back ^^v

  26. Sure, I followed you back :)

  27. Great review, It looks like a great product ; D

  28. I love the effect

  29. Like you, I also like serums. I like the fact this one contains green tea extract. T.

  30. the color looks like lemon... :) im really curious to try this product too.. thanks for sharing...

  31. Wooow, the price is very good as you say, especially for a serum! And the brightening effect sounds very good too!

  32. I should absolutely add "It's Skin' to that guide into budgetising-but-not-compromising on cosmetics: I love they used powerful ingredients for a good price. Your skin looks amazing so it must do wonders :)

  33. This looks great! It's not available in my country though :-(

    -- Alex at Cashmere Kangaroo

  34. Oh wow this sounds like a really lovely serum! I love products like this xx

    Gemma //

  35. wooow! you have a great blog! I love it !!!!
    and you, you are so pretty!!!!
    I wanna to ask you how about follow each other? Let me know, please. I always follow back so don`t worry :)
    have a nice day sweety!
    xoxo from Spain

  36. we want to try it!
    Un abbraccio,
    Eva e Valentina The AnarCHIC

  37. Super review doll, I'd like to try it :) xx

  38. I've been wanting to try out those serums, they have such a wide variety.
    Good review and I'm glad that it works.

  39. Seems like an interesting product. The color alone would brighten my skin!

  40. I like the colour and design of the bottle. Sounds like a good product. Thanks for your support over at mine, hope you're having a great week so far!

  41. Nice blog. Follow for follow?

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    When you follow my blog, write me on comment. - MY BLOG

  42. Great review dear!! I didn't know this product!


  43. Looks really good! X

  44. This serum looks very good. Thank you for this review :)

  45. Seems a very good product! :D

  46. Great review girl! Love that you shared the pros and cons :)
    xo TJ

  47. I heard of this serum, I really like Korean beauty products because they are cheap and effective. Thanks for commenting on my blog ^_^

    Laila from Townhouse Palette ♥

  48. awww... hope i can find same product like this in our country. :)

    Great review as always!

    Jewel Clicks

  49. hey dear! thanks for this review :) i wanted to have a new skin care regimen and adding serums is one of my goals ;)


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