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Circle Color Brown Lens Review

Hi Everyone!

I´m super happy to be writing this review~ Because wow I´ve been very busy lately and and I was making this review step by step.  (⑅ ॣ•͈ᴗ•͈ ॣ) I´m happy because these are one of my favorite circle lens of this year 2015~ ♡ Probably one the most cute and dolly circle lenses. For me the dolly circle lenses is complicated to use because I have light eyes so is easy for me  looks with eyes of death fish. Now these circle lenses were provided for Klenspop for review purposes but like always all my opinions are based on my own experience with the lenses.

If this is your first time reading my blog or you want know how care circle lens
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Design/Pattern + Color: The design is like the iris  is a mix between a medium reddish brown and black and  I love it that because  the color to inside is not straight is more like smooth brushstrokes to inside the iris with both colors, but the edge is very black, outside is very defined and inside the color blends perfectly with my natural eye color. The design makes the eyes more brighter and with a dolly and cute effect. 

Comfort:  Super comfy I feel like I´m not wearing circle lens.

Enlargement: Like the most of circle lenses with a black edge for dolly effect the enlargement is very noticeable but not exaggerated.

Overall: I love it these circle lenses ɞ(ू•ᴗ•ू❁)because are perfect for a super dolly cute effect but to the same time are perfect because the color and the effect blends with my natural eye colors and not looks fake and my eyes looks more innocent and pretty~ I love it that mix between black and medium brown is super lovely. These are super comfortable and I don´t need use eye drops for moisture my eyes and that is very cool for me. The effect is different of others circle lenses and I love it how changes my makeup and my selfies thanks to these loveleis circle lens. I´m very happy and (●´∀`)ノ♡I recommend If you want a dolly and cute effect. Maybe the effect is less noticeable on eyes with black or dark brown color but I don´t know for light green/gray eyes like mine are very cute!

Rating: ★★★★

Where to buy?

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(〃・ω・〃)Selfie time~


Before and After~
 ( ˭̵̵̵̵͈́◡ु͂˭̵̵̵͈̀ )ˉ̞̭♡

(⌯˘̤ ॢᵌ ू˘̤)

(*´▽`*)My last selfie of this review~ I love it these circle lenses~

I hope you enjoyed this review~  (⋈◍>◡<◍)。
My best wishes for you!
Happy day~

Bye Bye!!


  1. These are great, you look amazing! :D I've always thought brown circle lenses are the prettiest <3

    Lipstick and Mocha

  2. I love how these lenses blend on your eyes very well. It looks very natural and radiance.
    Klenspop never fails me about the comforts as well. Love it!

  3. These look so natural and cute on you.

  4. Wow lovely, it looks so natural but enhanced ;)


  5. ;)

    Amei essas lentes!

    Ótima segunda!

    Beijo! ^^

  6. They look so pretty! Your eyes are beautiful with and without!! :))

  7. I've never tried circle lenses... These look really cute on you! :)

  8. wow amazing!!


  9. Great lens! I would like to try it!

  10. You look great with those lens.

  11. These look great on you. So pretty :-D

  12. wow, wow really wow ! i love it

  13. Great review. The lenses do look really nice indeed.

  14. I love the dolly look, babe! xoxo

  15. *O* son tan bonitos y naturales, y obvi te quedan muy bien.

  16. Great post! Love your Blog :)
    Hope you will visit me too.
    Greetings from Pakistan.

    Maria Speaks Prada

  17. your eyes transform so well..looks beautiful..

  18. Fantastic post dear! Hope you have a lovely day.

  19. Your eyes look amazing with these lenses!

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice

  20. The color is perfect for you! You look great in it!

  21. Just beautiful!

    God bless,

    XO, Claire


  22. Wow these are dramatic, you eyes look incredible xox ... I used to wear contacts and my first pair were purple, I loved them... ♡

  23. Very pretty, your eyes look very doe-like :-)

  24. Nice post! :*


  25. So cool!

  26. Love the color!
    Nice and lovely! Gorgeous post!!!!

  27. Wow, amazing lens! You look very pretty :)

    Pop over to my blog!


  28. Esas lentillas te quedan preciosas!!!
    Un beso

  29. Blends beautifully on your eyes^^

  30. i really like klenspop too! And these lenses make your eyes look so pretty and big! I'm a big fan of natural lenses too and they look so cute :-) Most regular brown lenses make me look like a soul eater hahah but these lenses don't seem to do that! ♥

    Have a nice blogging day or something!

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