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Kiss Lash Couture Faux Mink Collection - Pitch Eyelashes

Hi Everyone!

I am here today with a new review for you~ Yay~ I´m happy because is about of one of my favorite products of daily. And yes I am talking about false eyelashes. Few days ago I published a review about falsies well today I am back with a different model of false eyelashes. I love it the effect that produce the false eyelashes in the makeup reason because almost all the time I use falsies. But I want clarify that I don´t use falsies for everyday thanks to my genetic and my good natural eyelashes.

Few days I published a review about Gala Eyelashes~ Today is about the  Pitch Eyelashes
Thanks to MadameMadeline for this product for review purposes...πŸ’—

Packaging & Price: The packaging is really nice because I can properly  see the eyelashes. The price is $5.95 in MadameMadeline and I guess is a very good affordable price because you can reuse these falsies over ten times If you use then correctly.

Quality: The fiber is very lightweight but these  false eyelashes are more short and less thick than the Gala Eyelashes. The fiber looks super natural and is super easy to apply.

My short video review about these falsies~ πŸ’«
Please watch my video!

Kiss Lash Couture Faux Mink Collection - Pitch Eyelashes

PROs and CONs

◦ PROs
- Beautiful design.
- Great quality.
- Affordable price.
- Easy application.
- Reusable.
- Strong band line.

◦ CONs
- You only can buy this product online on many countries (like me).


When I saw these falsies I thought I am going to make a more simple makeup. But when I started to made the makeup I found that I a wanted something more colorful and cute so I decided that I wanted a more noticeable makeup. I love it the effect because these false eyelashes are not really long or very thick but provides a very cute and good volume to my natural eyelashes and i guess this fit more for  more cute makeup but without exagerated eyelashes. I love it the fact how these eyelashes blends perfectly with my black eyeliner and looks amazing. I want invite you to see my video review 8that is very short) because there you can see how so cute these eyelashes looks with the full makeup in indoor light. These are really easy to put and I am delighted with that. The fiber is amazing. I recommend this model Pitch If you are looking false eyelashes with a more natural look but you want your eyes very cute without to much length or volume.


★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Where to buy?

Please use my Discount Code MUA11 in  MadameMadeline 
for 11%% OFF in your order in this webstore.

The close-up to my eye makeup using the Pitch Eyelashes ✨

\(^▽^)Great effect!

(~ ̄▽ ̄)~ Well lovelies I hope you enjoyed this review about false eyelashes~
Please stay tuned because I am working in several amazing reviews~
I want wish you a happy day γƒΎ(@^▽^@)γƒŽ

Bye Bye!!


  1. A great review and its looks nice on you. Greetings!

  2. Quedan muy naturales!

  3. Perfect result I love them

  4. this is such a lovely Review.
    I really like the fake lashes, they look so good and yet natural.

    with love your AMELY ROSE

  5. fantastic review

  6. those lashes are gorgeous!

    xoxo, rae

  7. These lashes look really great on you! I have never tried any...
    Have a good weekend

  8. Looks very sweet) I want to try such lashes

  9. These false lashes look so beautiful on you! :)


    Claire from Dresscape

  10. These eyelashes look really nice and the makeup look you did is amazing. Great review.


  11. I like ke Kiss lashes I need to find these it look pretty on you.

  12. Very pretty, love the eye shadow with it

  13. Nice post, dear))
    Have a lovely day!

    VeraBelBlog | Rosegal

  14. this one look natural and pretty! I wished I had the skill in putting on lashes~
    I always struggle with it.

    ieyra h. | blog

  15. Bellissime complimenti

  16. Stunning post! Very interesting!

  17. The look so cute, I need to finally get my own faux lashes :)

  18. the result is perfect

  19. what a nice post,
    kisses :)

  20. It's my first time knowing about the brand. I love the quality of the lashes and it looks natural on your pretty eyes. Thank you for sharing Dear!

  21. These lashes are amazing and your eyes look wonderful.

  22. You looks so beautiful, the lashes are nice but not too much.

  23. I'm all about my lashes! They just glam up any look!
    I will defo be trying these out

    Khadija x

  24. Thanks for the really great post! Have a nice day)

  25. Those lashes are beautiful! Love them <3
    The Fancy Cats

  26. I'm a total lash girl too. These are cute.

  27. I love how subtle and natural those look!

  28. It is really nice on you !

  29. They look really nice on you! :) xx

  30. And they really have a very natural look...
    And look great on you, Sakuranko!
    Another great tip, over here, Sakuranko!
    I love them! Kisses!


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