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3W CLINIC Intensive UV Sunblock Cream

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I am making my best effor for try new reviews and I noticed that has been a while since my last skin care product review so I decided try this product that by the way It has been one of my favorites since a time. For me the sunscreen is a must have I always need sunscreen and that is the reaoson because I am always looking for new brands and new products and this time I am back with a brand that is nery well known in Korean and japan but not so much overseas and I am talking about the Korean brand 3W Clinic very known before like Dodo. I published a review like five years ago about this brand about the DoDo 3W Clinic Natural Makeup Powder and that was an amazing product.

I founf this brand again some months ago when i was looking for a new sunscreen. Thanks to heaven now the formulas are improved and is more easy found a semi matte effect and I love it the suncreen that provides a moisturizing effect too so I found some reviews and this sunscreen sounds good for me.

Back Box



3W CLINIC Intensive UV Sunblock Cream  

Back Side Tube

Expiration Date 
without open the product

This doesn´t has a seal which was pretty weird for me
But I bought this item by one a seller that was relieable~

This is how look the texture~

This is how look after spread the product

Before and After

PROs and CONs

- Affordable price
- Nice packaging
- Good quantity
- Semi matte effect
- Moisturizing effect
- No white cast

- In many countries you only can buy this product online (like me)


I picked this sunscreen for curiosity. I´ve tried before the brand so I wanted to test If the reviews that I saw were honest or these reviews were lying to me (because I don´t know) so I decided to try this one very affordable sun cream with a price under USD 6. The texture is between a gel and a light cream which is one of my favorite textures. This product is absorbed quickly into my skin without leaving a white layer on my skin and provides a soft moisturizing effect. This could work too as a makeup base or because it leaves a white layer but because it provides this soft effect to the skin that helps to reduce the size of my pores and leave the skin soft which is great. 

The quantity is another great point to this product. Usually, the sunscreens are around 40 ml to 50ml of quantity but this has 70mL which is great because this means I am gonna have more product. I can re-apply this product without any inconvenience and the effect is pretty. For my sensitive combination skin, this sunscreen has been great and definitely, I am going to repurchase this one. This doesn´t cause me any pimple or break out so I recommend giving a try to this sunscreen.

By the way now there is a new version of the packaging so in some webstores you can ind this evrsion and in other websites you can find the new version where the tube is completely orange. Probably I am gonna be publishing the review about this new version soon.


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Wednesday, October 2, 2019

[JOLSE] IOPE Perfect Cover Twin Pact SPF20 PA++

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I feel happy yo be here despite all the adversities that lately I had to afront like I've received this item recently with my Korean Makeup Haul IX "Jolse" this was one of the products that I was very excited because this will be my first time trying a new compact powder of a completely new brand for me. I always felt interested in try IOPE because is one of the most popular high brands of Korean makeup. So like I needed a new compact powder I picked this one.

Thank you so much to Jolse for the opportunity of this collaboration I am always happy to share the reviews about new brands and new products. And of course, nothing better to share the item from one of my favorite online website to buy Korean makeup.

 IOPE Perfect Cover Twin Pact SPF20 PA++ Natural Beige

 IOPE Perfect Cover Twin Pact SPF20 PA++ #23 
Natural Beige

Packaging: The box is sober, just small and black box with some metallic details on the sides. The compact itself is dark gray with one small detail in natural beige. I am not impressed with this packaging is very simple.

IOPE Perfect Cover Twin Pact SPF20 PA++

Expiration Date

Makeup Sponge

This shade is Natural Beige #23

Texture and Color: This product has two shades Natural Shade #23 and Light Beige #21. Even when this color is Natural Beige for me the color is very pale. I was expecting something a little darker than this one. But is fine because Korean products are always lighter than the description says. The texture is really soft and fine and blends pretty well with my skin.


This is to settle better the compact powder. 

 If you want to see a little more about this compact powder in video~
 Watch my video review

PROs and CONs

- Nice texture.
- Simple packaging.
- Medium Coverage.
- Soft texture.
- Fine particles.
- Good aroma.

- Pricey.
- In many countries, you only can buy this product online (like me). 


I have so many good things to say about this compact powder. The first and the most important for me is that provides good coverage in my personal opinion a medium coverage and no more. The texture of the particles and this is important for me and If you are fond of natural and minimal makeup like me probably you would like to hear that the particles are really fine and that the effect is supernatural.

I enjoy the fact and if you checked my before and after photo and is that blur effect. I like to use a filter. Sincerely I feel that the effect of some primers at least on my skin are not long-lasting they offer a solution to my big pores but after some hours you can see my pores dilated again (and believe me when I say that I really work on my skincare) and this powder provides that great blur effect that I am looking for finish makeup or when I want to retouch my makeup.

I only talked in the previous about the positive facts about this powder on the negative aspects about this powder is that is lighter than the photo on the website and I know that sometimes the screens can change a little the color but If you check the $23 Natural Beige that is showed online is pinker and less pale more into a beige color. This is more into a pale or light beige color. It is a shame that powder with so good formula only has two pale shades and that is a con for me because I know how a natural beige should look. 

This is a high brand and the price of this compact powder is just $32 USD for like 12 grams of products and this powder compared to other compact powders like MISSHA Pro-Touch Powder Pact sincerely even when this product is really good I would prefer a more economic option than this because this powder is nothing outside this planet. But If you are looking for a good compact powder and don´t care to pay the price I highly recommend this product. 



If you want to try these and other great Korean Cosmetics visit (♡°▽°♡)

If you want to buy IOPE Perfect Cover Twin Pact SPF20 PA++

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