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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

A'PIEU Pure Block Natural Sun Cream Waterproof

Hi Everyone!

I´m very happy because I got this great sunscreen by W2beauty an incredible store to which I will comment later in this post Korean cosmetics has an incredible and the largest variety from products I've seen from Korea. Remember this review is 100% honest based on my own experience. 

Sunscreen Unopenned!

Packaging: It's pretty simple orange tube that reminds me perfectly to summer because that is the color of the sky on summer evenings I´m too poetic. Well to summarize is a vibrant color.

Back Side!

(((;゚Д゚))))))) Korean!
Back Side Closeup unopenned!

Back Side Opened!

Made in Korea!
I knew this brand by a Dorama I saw as the protagonist is the official model of this brand.

Sealed! (・ω・)ノ

Fragance, Texture & Color: The fragrance is of my favorite things smells like a soft, sweet mandarin is really delicious. I smell like sweet aroma of fresh tangerines love. The texture is very light and absorbs quickly into the skin. The color is a traditional white sunscreen.

☼ Price & Quantity: (´-ω-`) It costs about $ 15 and brings 50 ml seems very good since most of the sunscreens brings 30 ml and are quite expensive but this works quite well.



My skin looks more hydrated...


☼ PROs
- Has a good fragrance.
- It has 50 SPF / PA + + +
- It is inexpensive.
- Has a handy.
- It is quickly absorbed.
- Doesn´t  leave my skin oily.

☼ CONs
- In many countries can only be purchased online.


This sunscreen is definitely another hit to my favorites would definitely love is absorbed very quickly into my skin and leaves my skin humecada also do not leave my skin oily. I love the smell of mandarin you have is delicious. Normally thought I would have that sunscreen smell characteristic tedious. Another thing is that it is waterproof which is great because I live in a tropical country where it is always summer but rainy seasons where rainfall is unpredictable.

Where to buy?

Purchase A'PIEU Pure Block Natural Sun Cream Waterproof

This store is huge as it has a huge variety of products and brands. Brands varied and different series of skincare products, makeup, body and hair. I recommend it 100% and the customer service is very good.

I'm using the A'PIEU Pure Block Natural Sun Cream Waterproof in this pic!

I hope you have enjoyed this review I think this product is perfect for summer. And for the whole year as long as we take care of our skin with sunscreen. Any questions or leave it in the comments. I hope you have a nice day~

Bye Bye!!


  1. Excellent overview. Thank you.

  2. Great review Ms. Raimar! I love korean products! I love those products that absorbed very quickly into the skin, do not leave the skin oily and leaves aa white cast/residue. :)

  3. Only can purchase in your country online!!! =[

  4. oooh this looks good! I need a good sunblock right now <3 thanks!

  5. Thanks for the review Raimar-chan! Sounds like an amazing sunscreen ^^ I'd love to try A'pieu : ) xx

  6. I'm going to hong kong in July and I was thinking of needing a sun block! thank you for this review! ^__^

  7. So is this sun cream for your face or body or both?


    1. Is for both sweetie! But I use mostly on my face.
      For my body use another sunscreen.

  8. SPF 50? that's awesome!
    thanks for dropping by my blog dear!

  9. sounds like a good products the hydratation is fine!

  10. thanks for sharing this :) im following you now

  11. nice post ... and thanks for suggesting this website .. i am already carting my fav korean products :)

  12. Thanks for the review dear~ i'm always on the lookout for new sunscreens to try ^_^. It's so nice that this has a good smell! i don't like the scent of traditional ice creams very much ><


  13. I really need something like this :D I got so burnt on Monday :((( xx

    Gemma ♥ | MissMakeupMagpie.co.uk

  14. you really seem to get a lot for your money! nice!

  15. That looks really good sunscreen, but says every how many hours you have to apply? because I have understood that sunscreens are applied every 4 hours, although as you to apply over makeup? I've always wondered.

    1. This is an interesting questionyou must apply sunscreen every two hours (not four). And this is if you be in direct sunlight. That is going to go for a walk or walk outdoors, pool, a picnic in direct sunlight should be applied at intervals of two hours when I do some of those activities only use sunscreen and BB Cream and I can reapply. Daily use full makeup but I'm not in direct sunlight. In fact I go to college to college before sunrise and go out when there is almost no sun.

  16. sound great, i really want to try it:)

  17. I also prefer a SPF 50 suncreen, this one sounds like a great buy, well worth it!

  18. If it doesn't leave an oily sensation, I'm loving it!

  19. it seems a great product!

  20. Good to hear it doesn't make your skin oily! That's my biggest issue with sunscreen lotions.

  21. Thanks for your kind words on my last post!
    I SO need to get good sunscreen for the summer...thanks for the reminder!

    Have a great day,

  22. it sounds good:-) i am so bad at using sunscreen though, i always forget it! x

  23. Oooh, the mandarin scent sounds really nice and something unexpected from a sunscreen! Your post reminded me that I really should wear sunscreen underneath my normal moisturiser every day.

  24. Me gustó mucho!! me encantan los productos con olor rico para la cara :) y que bueno que se absorba rápido y sin dejar la piel grasa, a mi tambien me gusta mucho esa web, tiene una infinidad de marcas!!!!

  25. wahh, I love sunscreen review right before the summer. THanks hun <3

  26. I love what you say about the packaging...that is so sweet.

  27. Sounds lovely! It's so hard to find sunscreen that smells nice.

  28. Me gusta tanta protección para el verano! Te sigo! besos

  29. looks good ! I'm desperatly looking for an efficient one !

  30. I've also purchased a sunscreen product
    but mine is from Garnier :P Glad this
    one works for you, and I think its pretty
    cheap as well! Xx

  31. Ahh sun cream, one of my favourite summer smells!

    XO Imke

  32. Hi, great post bravo \m/ Can you give me the ingredient list of this product? Thank you <3


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