Saturday, July 30, 2011

"Saki´s Memorial"

Something very special...

A year ago, departed this life, someone very special to me. My beloved cat Saki. Only 6 months old died. It was not just a pet for me was my friend and someone I really loved. I must admit that since I'm not much of sharing a family yet I loved to share with my kitten. I can not even keep my eyes fill with tears at the thought of it. It was a beautiful Siamese cat healthy and beautiful with blue eyes very cute and sweet but only when she wanted Lol. I hope there is a heaven of beautiful kittens as well as her ... I only know one thing for sure ...

She will always live in my heart ...

The reasons as the omit died. however, only tell you that was not yet the time ...

Saki Japanese for Hope, Longing, flowers and smile and certainly those are all things I do when I remember. She deserves to live forever in my memories and experiences make me smile always...

God Bless you!!!

Bye Bye!!


  1. oh so sad! I've been having cats at home since 17 years ago... it's very difficult when we have to say goodbye to each one... now we have "Mayumi" a very beautiful siamese cat at home!
    I like so much your blog. I'm following you, I hope you follow me back... Kisses Alinne


  2. cute cat! i need something little to snuggle now & then. <3

  3. It was a lovely cat :(

    Now I follow your blog :)
    Thank you!

  4. awww bless her! I've just started my blog, please have a look when you can/ follow me and i will be sure to follow you back. It requires some work but i need some traffic haha x

  5. Hi beutiful Sakuranko !Really sweet cat!I like animals too:D

    Check my blog and follow me?When i follow you too:DGod bless you now and always.He want we always good.


  6. Such a cute kitty. I miss my cat from my parent's house. Have a great weekend!

    XO Hilary Nicole

  7. you have a lovely blog (; xx

  8. Thanks so much for the lovely comments on my blog!! You have a wonderful blog as well!! So sorry to hear about your cat!!

    I am following your blog and I hope that you will follow my blog as well!!


  9. I am so very sorry you lost your kitty, she looks beautiful. I understand how sad you must be. I lost my cat Lobo about the same time and I still am heartbroken. Much love to you.

    Dressology HQ

  10. I'm so sorry :( Losing animals is so hard. God Bless her & You!

  11. so sorry to hear...we lost two dogs in the past few months.


  12. How sad - what a beautiful cat - very hard - thanks for your lovely comment and happy to follow back x

  13. This is very nice, like it!

    Henar ♥
    ... OH MY VOGUE!

  14. may your sweet cat rest in peace!

    xx //

  15. aww im so sorry :( shes a beautiful cat!

  16. So sorry. :( She looked so adorable. Following you, btw. xx

  17. aww, so sorry for your loss :(
    i can't imagine. i get sad even when my cat isn't home for a day.

  18. I'm sorry you had to go through that.. I have cats myself and I can't bare the thought of losing one of them

    MiMi xoxo
    Make-up Overdose

  19. how cute it was, i ´m so sorry that she died so young :( i had an siamese too but and wasn´t very old when she died too, i was crying out my eyes. love my pets so much i can´t tell :(
    love and kiss,mary


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