Sunday, December 16, 2012


Hi Everyone!

Normally I don´t post on my makeup brushes. For in the main because they are not brand and perhaps many of you doubt the quality of them. (///∇//) Perhaps not a recognized brand makeup brushes like Sigma. But I want to show these brushes that I have found a great time without spending a lot of money.

Both spent $ 1.75 and really show them because it was a good investment for so little money.

This is the first brush you want to show, it cost me $ 1. It's a shadow brush to normal.(^∀^)

*Close Up*
Synthetic fiber has a very good, is easy to wash. We tried it and it's great to apply also to apply eyeshadows and glitter because it is synthetic. It's apparently a brand called "Beauty Style" which is a Venezuelan brand.(*´▽`*)

This is another brush, but the truth my mother bought me a site that sold hair accessories. I gave it to my mother and only cost $ 0.75 is a brush duet type. This not only has brand name was in a large container with equal and they said many makeup brushes. (///∇//) 

(´∀`)♡ I must admit, I love this brush, because with it I can outline my eyes with eyeliner gel, or define my brows with eyeshadows. 

With this other part of the brush I can perfectly apply shadows. The cells are very soft despite being synthetic and not lose their shape when washing. 

Well I want to conclude by saying that we should not spend too much buying brushes, but sometimes buy indicated. Only $ 1.75 and really use it much. I hope this post will find interesting. Thank you very much for reading my post, thanks for the support! 

Bye Bye!!


  1. I enjoy buying inexpensive, but good quality brushes as well. I don't care about the brand :) I usually get $1-2 eye makeup brushes and spend a little more on face makeup brushes.

    cute nails, btw!


  2. I definitely need new brushes... mine are not good anymore!
    From Paris with love, Vicky

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  3. I know this isn't about brushes but I loooooove your nails! So pretty!



    Southern (California) Belle

  4. It doesnt matter ift hey are brand or not.. they look nice nad I bet you can do magic with them :P hehe also you still ahve thsoe ones I gave you right? i like them now that I remember.

    keep up your great job sweetheart


    Your Kokoro

  5. Its such a great deal! And the brushes sound quite functional too

  6. I would use those brushes for concealer. I have a mixture of brushes - from high end to some cheaper variations. All seem to work perfectly and to be honest, it's always good when you don't need to spend as much for a quality brush!

  7. I definitely could use these brushes, great review!

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  8. Thanks for the tip! I use cheaper brushes too and it works just as well as my more expensive kind :)

  9. wow! I can't believe they were so cheap! They look really good~ And here I thought I owned really cheap brushes. The most expensive one I own is $15

  10. sweet!


  11. They seem like great value and I'm sure you use them regularly! I like the look of the first one for applying eyeshadow all over the lid. I use cheap eyeshadow brushes from a local brand here, they only cost $2-$3 but do the trick :)

  12. i should try that, most of my brushes are easily broken!

    It’s a GIRL Thing

  13. I really like this <3

    X Jenny

  14. I like this post so much: these brushes are wonderful!
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  15. Off topic but I love your nails! <3

    I am your newest blog follower :) Am going to go have a browse through your old posts now to catch up!

    - Erin xo - One girl's attempt at creating 365 different make-up looks in as many days

  16. I prefer to buy more expensive brushes but these are a great alternative! xo

  17. Holy now THAT is cheap!! Thanks for sharing :D Great to know there's inexpensive brushes out there that are still pretty decent quality.

  18. These brushes are so affordable and it's great to hear that they work so well!!


  19. Great post! I love it! ^^ You have a nice blog, mind to follow each other? :)


  20. They look really nice!


  21. Aww looks nice ! This reminds me I have to buy some brushes too ^^

  22. Wow the dual brush looks so good and very affordable ^.^


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