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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

SKIN79 SUPER+ Mini BB Triple Functions Vital Cream "Review"

Hi Lovelies~

(^∀^) Today I bring a new review of another SKIN79 BB Cream. This time I bought the miniature version of this, because I did not like at all, the SKIN79 Hot Pink BB Cream there can see the review, I decided not to venture into buying something so big and try to see if this, it says that is designed for oily, it was better than the last.

o(´^`)o I know the name is extremely long and not that convinced me at all, but something that caught my attention is that has a sun protection factor of 50.And like all of his series BB cream are vitamins and natural and organic ingredients.

Box Front! ^..^

☆ Packaging: The packaging is an orange box and saw the bottle above, brings a Korean artist named Miryo. Bring the name and presentation. Actually as I know nothing about the K-Pop not only seems normal to me with a picture of an artist.

Box Back, They are the girls of a South Korean group called "Brown Eyed Girls" 
( ・∀・) I had to research to find out who they were, they had no idea.

All in Korean...( ・∀・) on that Side.

Great, and other instructions in English.( ゚з゚) 

Why I did  buy this BB Cream? 

In principal, it is designed for oily skin because it helps with the signs of aging like wrinkles, helps skin inelastic, because apparently not clog my pores and it has lightening properties. Well, promises much but have to see if all that  say is true.

Back Side of Bottle ^o^

☆ Price: The price of this Mini BB Cream was $ 4 brings enough because only 5 grams. But since I wanted to try to use it more than I thought themselves well. By the way I bought it at an online store. 

☆ Texture, Scent and Color:  The texture is very creamy, more is neither oily nor too sticky. It has a smooth creamy texture. The beige color is like a medium, I like that, not gray  (꒪Д꒪)ノ Its scent is quite pleasant smells natural essences as I like and does not smell too chemical.


My skin before without any other product, only washed my skin, really thank that lately I've been more careful my skin and not my hormones have gone crazy as you can see in the photo before despite being my skin nothing has no marks or anything noticeable but obviously my circles under my eyes (which despite being mild) are noted.

After using the BB Cream can notice that my skin looks much clearer, if not for its lightening agents but I look much whiter. It has good coverage but is light. It may be noted that despite the photography after being taken is quite noticeable recently my skin matte and more uniform.


☆ PROs

- It has a protection factor of SPF 50.
- Certainly gives a matte finish to the skin after application.
- It is noticeable lightening properties from the time of application.
- Has vitamins and natural extracts that help the skin.
- The matte effect on skin is durable.
- It has rapid absorption.

☆ CONs

- Comes in a unique tone that I can be too white for some skin colors.
- The skins are not greasy or dry, may have to use a moisturizer previously it can bequeath to be quite strong.
- Unless, you live in South Korea or any country in Asia where there SKIN79 stores can only be purchased online.


This BB Cream me I founded excellent in terms, to control by the cutis oily in the face the I used by 8 hours and really my face remained matte by all that time despite the climate tropical and the existing heat.  (゜∀゜) Has a long life on the skin which is fine with me has a slight imperfections coverage but can be used very well for those times when you do not need excessive coverage. 

The fact that I have loved so high FPS. But I did not like the fact that it is quite white, if not for its whitening properties, I like it on the dark circles, I going great but the rest of my skin is too white, much more than I am . So even if I go back to having faith SKIN79 BB Cream and I did not like the fact that the unique tone was so pale. (」゜ロ゜)」Use this BB Cream mixing it with my usual BB Cream Lioele me very well and so I could use it. I do not think of buying a product to have to mix it with another.



Free Samples!(*´▽`*)

(///∇//) Me with SUPER+ Mini BB Triple Functions Vital Cream 
By the way I'm using it in this picture.

Hope this Review was quite informative, here I am giving my sincere opinions. I really hope this can be quite complete and clear idea of how this product is. Hope you find it useful.

Thank you for reading my Blog! Thanks for visiting! May God bless you!

Bye Bye!!


  1. I think skin79 is the one I ordered, but I haven't got it in the mail yet. I'm excited to try it.

  2. I still think it looks gray :( Most BB creams are too white/gray for me.

  3. Hi sweety, I always appreciate your very detailed reviews. I think this BB cream would also be great due to the high SPF. I can notice that it does make your skin appear whiter, does it come in a different shade? Also just wanted to note that your skin was perfectly clear before you even put it on :)

  4. nice photos I liked your blog, I follow you!
    and if you like mine I hope you like pretty follower :) a kiss!

  5. thx for sahring
    I love to apply BB cream as well
    i used maybelline :D

  6. Nice BB cream))You are so pretty!

  7. Hi dear! I've never tried BB cream, I use just normal foundation!
    Thanks for interesting review!

  8. Por lo que describes, se ve que es mejor aun que la Hot Pink, aun me queda bbcream para rato, así que no estoy ni cerca de probar otra :/
    me gusto que venga con fotos de las BEG :D

  9. I think this BB cream pretty
    covered your skin in a subtle
    natural way!
    I have never heard of this
    girl group 'Brown Eyed Girls'
    before :P


  10. i love bb creams in mini tubes! perfect for trying it out!
    your skin looks dewy and beautiful. ;)

  11. Love the brightening finish that it gives! Sometimes I do like to use a foundation which is a touch lighter than my skin tone to give a highlighting effect. I've never tried Skin79 BB creams, I'm happy with Missha :)

  12. I must say you already have great skin in the before picture!!!

  13. I live in Spain, in Madrid, and I have a Skin79 store 40 minutes from my home! :D


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