Monday, June 17, 2013

G&G E21 Brown Lens "Review"

Hi Everyone!

On Friday I received these beautiful lenses KPOP2 received by one great Korean store that sells lenses and it is best to have all the hallmarks of warranty for the sale of lenses and that's a big and deep relief for me. But since Wednesday was very sick with lung infection so today I felt much better was that I could take pics for this review. Remember as always that my opinion is based on my personal experience with the circle lens and is 100% honest.

The bottles + case!

The pretty pattern~~ ^o^)/

Design/Pattern + Color: The design is a brown border with brown little more clear spikes coming out of the center. Small ears look small ojitas out of the center of the lens. The edge has a very dark brown. This design blends with natural eye color though in the case seems very fake in the eyes looks very natural. The color is really pop.

Comfort: They only have 14.3 mm overall diameter and are incredibly comfortable no sense any discomfort, or dry eyes. The use for more than five hours and does not need eyedrops.

Enlargement: It is unbelieveable as with such a small diameter provides an enlargement as great as it does this circle lens. My eyes have a high elongation and a lot of comfort.

 Overrall: These circle lens for me are great because they give you a doll look but at the same time the design does not look fake. I like that lengthens the eye but not look like an alien or something odd. The could use daily because they are extremely comfortable.

 Rating: ★★★★★

Where to buy?

Purchase G&G E21 Brown Lens

Now selfies...


After~~ :*・'(*゚▽゚*)'・*:.。. .。

Close up! (o(*゚▽゚*)o)))♡“

I`m not sure why I look so serius!

Btw this are my first circle lens brown~~

( ̄ー ̄) I look lovely~~

ヽ( ̄д ̄;)ノ My last pic~~

Well my dear readers that was my review. Hope you like sorry if I missed some days of doing reviews. I sincerely believe that these lenses give much for ulzzang style and are less dolly in brown or black eyes. Thank heaven I feel much better and I'm glad. If you have questions about the circle lens store or Post it in the comments there and answer it on your blog if you have. Thank you for your good wishes on my last post! 

Bye Bye!!

P. S. I use Circle Lens for my eyes look a lot more doll and unreal. If I want my eyes to look natural, just don´t use Circle Lens because my eyes are beautiful naturally.


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  2. These lenses look so cute on you ^o^ Thank you for the review!

  3. These look beautiful, I don't think theres a lens out there that doesn't look great on you, they all suit you hun!

  4. These are really neat looking!

    Maddy @

  5. your eyes looks bigger O.o
    always good on you :)

  6. it looks so kawaii on you :3 i never heard about this brand, i might check it out ;)
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  7. These circle lenses really give you a nice dolly effect. It fits nice to your natural color, too :)

  8. These lenses look fabulous on you!! Please drop by to my fashion blog
    and tell me what you think!

  9. Another pair of lenses, you must have so many! :-D I think they look really nice.

  10. Te quedan muy bien! besos

  11. So big! They look like anime eyes, love it! Thanks for the review Raimar-chan! xx

  12. Glad you like it so much, love how big they are.

  13. So pretty! :)


  14. Love these new eye contacts of yours. You look adorable.
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark

  15. You have beautiful eyes!!!
    We like the colour of the lens.
    Tell us if you want to follow each other.

  16. Oh wow, the lenses have a very cool design. The color looks so pretty.


  17. ohhhh omgosh i know these lens are brown but they make your eyes "glow" a pretty green color! so pretty!!

  18. Wow i never thought about lenses but they look so good on you! Nice post .

    L x

  19. Ah you doll! They look amazing on you! :)

  20. I love how these lenses look on you :)

  21. they're nice but they look a bit unreal (too big or something ?)

  22. They look good on you but I'm not feeling them too much, they look a little fake to me sorry!


  23. oh my gosh! that colour compliments you perfectly hun, suits you well! looks very natural, and doll-like :)

    Let's connect at GFC and BLOGLOVIN'
    Love lots and Lotsa kisses! xo

  24. I've been thinking about buying myself some lens for a while now so I might try these ones, they look really great! :)

  25. Followed back girl! Thes contact lenses rock although your real eyes are cutte too!
    Do you want like each others facebook pages?

  26. looks sooo pretty <3

  27. Followed you back! These look so pretty x

  28. You look really angelic with the pair of circle lenses~ They are so small in diameters yet appeared so huge in your eyes <3 Gorgeous Babe ^^

  29. Hello dear!!everything you do with your eyes,they are sooo beautiful and you look gorgeous!!many many kisses!

  30. It made your eyes so mesmerizing! :D

  31. Great post my lovely, you look so beautiful with the lenses! <333 Fab review!!

    Thank you so much for your comment from earlier today! <33 Followed your wonderful blog via GFC and Bloglovin!

    Liana x
    Dress Code Chic

  32. wow they look really great on you, but i like your natural color more ;)
    very nice blog by the way :)

    kisses from Russia,

  33. this color looks good on you. i also like the shade of your hair! btw, your layout loads so slow. maybe you want to change the background and remove some of the gif so it will load easier.

  34. Thanks for your comment ;)
    Of course we're following you here and bloglovin :)

  35. Ohh, I think these are one of the fav lenses I've seen on you!

    Corinne x

  36. Oh really interesting post :) You like anime girl! :D
    Thank you for following me, i´m following you too :)

  37. Hi dear! thanks for the follower, i follow you back on twitter and fb :)

    xx from Italy

  38. It looks amazing on you :)

    Wanna follow each other?
    I am following you now via gfc :)


  39. I thinks its just fantastic...brings out the color of "your eyes"... haha...
    I wore the natural one (myopia)
    IG @gracenjio

  40. You definitely have the doll look going on. I want to try circle lenses some day!


    P.S. I'm having a giveaway on my blog!

  41. Thanks so much for your sweet words, they made my day!
    These look so pretty on you!

    Have a great day,

  42. very cool!

  43. Great review. I used to wear coloured lenses but now I prefer to go natural.

  44. Your blog is so lovely!!! I love to read it ;)
    Would you like to follow each other?
    Love, Lima xoxo

  45. Thanks for your kind visit doll, hope your week is going well :)

  46. thank u for visiting my blog, I follow u now on BLG :)

  47. Aww love your blog!!! Great review followed you on bloglovin!!! xoxo

  48. those are so pretty! They match your hair really nicely!
    You look like a doll with them on =)

  49. Hello sweety! Thanks for stopping by, I really appreciate it, your opinion is so important!
    This is such an amazing post, im in love! (:
    Have a really nice day :)
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  50. Such an inspirational post! I enjoyed reading it :) I love your blog, too!
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  51. Ohh I like them, your eyes look gorgeous!

  52. The lenses suit you! I should give them a try. :)

    Following you now through GFC and Bloglovin. Keep in touch! :)

  53. I have never worn lenses and I'm kinda afraid of my eyes. Anyway, yours look fab!

  54. You have an adorable blog! The lenses looks great :)
    (you told me that you are following me on bloglovin but i don't see anything)
    thx mai :) <3

  55. What an amazing blogpost! I love your writing skills:)

    Love your blog! I am starting following you!
    Maybe we should follow eachother?
    Would love that!

    XOXO Hat&Heart.

  56. Te quedan preciosos! Y creo que potencian el color de tus ojos, son muy bonitos!!!
    Y di que sí! Las lentillas son para variar de vez en cuando, nuestros ojos naturales son preciosos, pero no quiere decir que no podamos variar!

    Besitos desde Girls that glitter love the dark

  57. Those contacts are really cute on you. Definitely great enlargement.


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