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ETUDE HOUSE Goodbye Pore Ever Pore Primer Essence

Hi Everyone!

(。・о・。) Some months ago I received this product with my ETUDE HOUSE Wonder Pore Freshner (`・ω・´)ノ This is one of the lines that caught my attention as it relies on the care of the skin and enlarged pores. (^ω^) I usually use very small amounts of first because only I want to make my makeup last longer than usual especially in very hot days. 

Front the Box...

Back Side the Box! ♡(=´∀`)人(´∀`=)

Close Up! Box Back Side" All is korean~ (๑¯ω¯๑)

Just a tube! (〃ノωノ)

♦ Packaging: It is a simple box with a small tube inside. The tube has a red cap and has small yellow dots. It's a light blue color very simple but pretty. The dots remind me that all this collection is designed to pores.

Back Side the Tube!

♦ Price and Quantity: ( ̄ー ̄) The price I think it's the thing less reasonable for the size and quantity. This product brings 20 mL and is not that great either and the product costs $ 17 with shipping included. It is much smaller than it looks in the pics. 

Left Side!! (っω<。)

Right Side Box!
Directions & Ingredients~ Yeah English! (○´∀`)ノ

♦ Fragance and Texture: The fragrance as it really is quite neutral, has a slight smell like glycerin cream. The texture is a light cream, very soft and not at all sticky and absorbs fairly quickly. 

A drop of product and my hand~ (^▽^) /

Now the Test...


♦ PROs:
- It has a neutral scent.
- Non-sticky.
- Absorbs quickly.

♦ CONs:
- You only can buy this product online on many countries.
- Not reduce the size of pores.
- It's expensive for the amount of product.
- Not keeps the foundation for longer.


(= ̄▽ ̄=) I would like to say that this product fulfills all its promises but not true. I tried this first because supposedly reduced the size of the pores. But as you can see from the picture of before and after there is no noticeable difference in my pores. ( ̄へ ̄) Just leave my skin a little more smooth and absorbs quickly. But that's not something my daily moisturizer can´t do easily. (-_-メ)  I chose  not buy again, because for how small it is and how little effective than is quite expensive. 


This was the other product than I received when I purchase the 

(*•ㅅ•) Well my dear readers I hope you have found useful this post really is a shame to me that this product has not been as great as expected. I want to invite to

I hope you have a nice day!

Bye Bye!!


  1. I loved this review!!!!
    I was actually about to get it the other day, (I'm so glad I didn't)
    Anyways, great blog !!!
    if you can check out La Dolce Moda

  2. it does not look too different after the application.


  3. I also hate this primer! It does not do a lot for your skin!! And that's very pricey!! 17$????? Omg! Great review nice to know that Im not the only one disliking the product!

    I blogged about my life is Korea, fashion and beauty related, please kindly check them out

  4. well, it's very expensive & with super tiny amount .____. but you can use holika holika pore stem cover balm as cheaper alternative, it can cover pores a little bit and works well as primer.

    you can check my review:

  5. So sad that this did not fulfill its promises. Thanks for the review. :)

  6. que mal que este no funcionara como el tónico, entonces gracias por el review, definitivamente este no lo compraré!!

  7. Great Review! sad the product wasn't able to live upto the claim.

  8. good review. Too bad they did not give good results.

  9. Good review! I thought about buying this one, too... but now I will search for a better product. Thank you~ <3

  10. The packaging is so cute and funny. Thank you for reviewing this!

  11. That's a shame it didn't work! Thanks for warning us though, I was actually looking at this one...mainly because I like the packaging ;) but I think I'll leave it now!

  12. Love the packaging!
    Laura. xx

  13. I think that it look better before! But it has good look.:))

  14. Pity it didn't really work - the packaging is so cute! But thanks for sharing anyway :)

    x Gi

  15. Thanks for your honest review. I have to say the packaging is really cute though.

  16. Thanks for the review. I was hoping this would be a new HG product for us girls with large pores, but I guess not, too bad :-) I love the name and the packaging though.

  17. uh. i dun see the different.
    btw, thx for review and thx invite me to join your GA
    i already mark into my note.

  18. Que mal que no funcionara el producto y también me parece bastante caro para lo pequeño que es y más si no es efectivo :c

  19. welp!. This product is pretty awnful if you ask me and with your opinion now I know it's not worth the time or money, also not sure why but that box actually creeps me a bit.
    Stilll you're doing agreat job sweetheart :D and it's nice to see how honest and how much you cna help people avoding stuff that's not good. I'm proud of you sweetiej.


    Your Kokoro

  20. yo tenia esperanzas que este fuera buen primer... viene una barrita tmb de esta linea... no se si la probare ahora...

  21. too bad this didn't work, I wanted to try this myself but will probably leave it and try a different product. Thanks for the review! x


  22. I was actually going to buy this, thank you for the honest review!

    Junniku blog [Click!]
    - A Korean fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog!

  23. oh it's such a pity it didnt reduce your pores:( but the packaging looks really cute:)♥

  24. This was helpful. Thank you for sharing.
    Glitter & Blush

  25. very cute product but sounds like it didn't really work :/ always disappointing

    Alexa <3

  26. Oh, too bad it's just full of promise.
    I always have problem with pores and black white heads ):

    Dreamy Princess

  27. Hi Sakuranko!
    It's been a while!
    You doing great, I hope?

    Thanks for the honest review!!
    I'm sorry the product didn't work for you.

  28. Thank you! Great post (:

  29. ohhh sad but thank you for your very honest review.. I've seen this in a lot of blog posts lately and their posts led me to believe that they really made your pores look smaller!! wahhh I will definitely not be purchasing this thanks so much!!!

  30. wow it seems like perfect product :)

  31. Adorable review, dear!

  32. Great review. Too bad that this product didn't meet your expectations. It's quite pricey too but at least the packaging looks cute.


  33. Great review - I would recommend Benefit's Porefessional which I find does the trick for enlarged pores and smoothing everything over.

  34. Like the packaging! I would probably get it for the way it looks:-)
    hugs from New York,
    Ask Erena

  35. Great review! I'm thinking of trying this product but thankful you've shared this post. I don't think I'm going to purchase it anymore :)


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  37. Hey thanks for your comment on my blog! :)
    Followed you back on GFC and bloglovin ♥

  38. Sorry to hear this didn't work out for you!

  39. Hmmmm...i just want to buy this product but now i must think twice :-D

  40. Looks great :D You took very clear pictures :D

    It looks like a good product for me to try and also my mom who was talking about looking for a similar product last weekend :P

    I'll check it out !

    Just uploaded a new post and absolutely need your opinion on it :D !

    Have a great day :D

    Microdelivery Peel Kit

  41. at least the package is cute, even though the product wasn't as great as you hoped:-) x

  42. I've been looking for something to reduce the size of pores but no luck, too bad this item doesn't either! I do loveee the packaging on this though!!

  43. Thank you for this review !

  44. Excellent review! I was just about to purchase this product. hahaha

  45. Thank you for info ; D

  46. Too bad about this product, thanks for the review!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  47. Amazing result ! Great review ! :)

  48. great post! I usually really like the primers from Etude but this one let me down a bit! the pores continue manly the same size and barely hide!

  49. Hi, thank you so much for visiting me and lovely comment on my blog. Following you now with GFC and Bloglovin and also like you facebook page. :)
    Hope you visit me again.
    Take care

  50. Thanks for the review! I'm your newest follower, hopefully you can check out my blog :)

  51. I saw it in Korean Town, thank god I didn't buy it! Thanks so much for the review. I got the mini kit of its sister products, so I'll see how are those...

  52. wow i almost buy this but it was out of stock (thankfully!) i don't know how this primer ever got many good reviews though...

    by the way already followed you on GFC and bloglovin!^^

  53. Thanks for the review!
    I was going to buy this product but I'm having second thoughts now.
    It was such a cute product though. ╥_╥

  54. Great review and pictures :) love product reviews like this because they give you a great insight into the product :)

    Katie xx

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  56. awww i thought itd actually make a difference but it didnt haha. i think you should try the stick version, people seem to like that alot better~ i followed please check out my blogeuu <3
    PINKIVORYS- click for korean beauty and kpop~ ^^


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