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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

(# ゚Д゚) Copycats!

Hi Everyone!

If you are a follower you've probably read some of my tweets nothing cute about copycats. ╰(*´︶`*)╯♡  Whoever knows and interacts me knows I'm a quiet person and chevere (in Spanish Venezuela nice). Every day I check many blogs, even from my phone (if I'm not the pc) I see blogs. For those who do not have a clear concept of a COPYCAT is a subject that makes imitation of another person to the point of doing the same things as the other person. This concept started with a Marvel character long ago, the truth I don´t read comics.

A person who takes photographs, images, text or something else of a blog and puts it on their blog like yours is a damn copycat. Understood the concept will comment the reason for this post. It came a few days ago to a blog of a girl who follows me on twitter and had a review of a product, surprisingly had the review organized the same way I do, even used the same words and the same order.

 (# ゚Д゚) ! ! WtH? Some may think the words you can use any you like, but there are many words and ways of doing the same thing. The review had exactly the same format as I organize my post of reviews (those who read know which mode).

Those have much time following me know how they grew my posts. I have always been characterized by taking lots of pictures to do this or that in a way, for me it's really entertaining read other reviews I never took pictures of others or writings of others even if my English is not so good, because not is my native language.

Being a COPYCAT is breaking the LAW by Plagiarism!!

That person who follows me and read and it's a fucking copycat 

(ŎдŎ;) An apology does not fix anything with Copycat, because that copy content from other blogs and places like theirs if did 1 time will do 2 times.(。・ө・。) I want to clarify that this post is only my personal experience story. But I heard that this person has already taken the intellectual content of other blogs directly (pictures + text).

Nothing can justify a Copycat
Neither gender, ethnicity or age. OK?

"All content of this blog, both text and pictures, except of course the logos of stores that sponsor me and ideas belong to me and are my property. By using any content must ask for my permission"

( ̄ー ̄) My blog is my personal space too, is like a diary that everyone can read. To all those who start a blog that never fall into being a Copycat, and those who have a blog must protect its intellectual content. (︶。︶) Thank you very much those who read and follow me, I love the truth think a lot about you and I really enjoy supporting their blogs.

Bye Bye!!


  1. Hey dear,

    You know I'm really sorry for that, but if the person is a copycat it probably means she/he doesn't care at all :(

  2. That is just LAME!

    I'm part of NaNoWriMo and someone from there just found out that someone else stole one of her novels and self published it. It's on AMAZON. How insane is that!? How disgusting to steal someone else's work. It's just so low.

  3. Hi sweety, I know exactly how you feel, so many of my posts have been copied and pasted onto other copycats blogs, some of their entire blogs are made of my material. There are ways to report this abuse and plagiarism to Google and they will remove the content from the copycats blog.

  4. Wow that's so awful! I'm so sorry this happened to you and great post
    Emma x

  5. Oh my, sorry to hear that someone is copying you! :/

  6. Ah I am so sorry! I feel bad for you! Shame on that person!


  7. welll now that's a problem, but I hope this doesnt happen to you any time, soon sweetie. I love the fact that you're original sweetie and it's annoying for people to coypcat you. Well I hope this doenst happen anymroe for you sweetie.

    you can alwasy coutn on me sweetheart. I'l lbe with you always


    Your Kokoro

  8. I know what you mean, two years ago I had a problem with a copycat, she copied sistematically whole contents from other bloggers and she copies and pasted intere product reviews (with pictures too)! I came to her blog and her fb page... you can imagine the "noise".
    For sure copycats will say "I didn't know what I'm doing is not fair or illegal", mine said something like that.
    A strange thing was that at that time my blog was even small then today and she had hundreds and hundrers of follwers on fb for basically nothing! The world sometime is crazy XD
    Btw, if someone is coping, this means that person has no personality or nothing to say.

    P.s: So nice to read you're from Venezuela!!! ^-^

  9. This sounds like a terrible problem! it's not only unfair but annoying! I am so sorry and I am glad that you caught her!


  10. This has been happening a lot! It's so sad! People can't even come up with original content. I closed my last blog and within one month someone was using that same web address. So far I haven't found anyone that's taken my content. Just know you're not alone. So many have fallen victim to this.

  11. I never copy anything when I write my blogs, the most I will do is say what information is directly on a products I am reviewing but I never go to another site for ideas, all my reviews and posts come from me, are my thoughts and are original. I would hate to find out that someone copied my review. I have been trying to use citations more when I grab a photo from the internet to give credit to the source but I like to use my own photos most of the time.

    Great blog and thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment on my site :)

  12. yo nunca me he encontrado con un copycat de mi blog pero ha de ser horrible... todo el esfuerzo que uno pone en hacer las entradas para que venga otro y lo robe

  13. I feel you and you have the right to be mad cause it's obvious the copycat has no originality so they take contents from other blogs. And worse is its not the first time she did that :/ so she will never stop cause she might be too thick skinned. just remember to watermark all your pictures dear :)

  14. Wow, an actual review with your words and pics in the same order??
    That's a shame!! I hope this person can look at this as a serious lesson.

  15. Coping is such a shame. If that happend to me, I even would go to a lawyer.

    Thx for you comment, by the way. I follow you now via GFC and bloglovin.


    Minnja Facebook

  16. I find it so rude when people plagiarize, they have no respect for the author!

  17. That's just rude~ to copy text and take photos?
    Why can't people waste their efforts elsewhere!?

    Sometimes I do find reviews very similar to one another, so I enjoy reading people who add creativity to keep me reading.

    ★ http://oreshikiheart.blogspot.co.uk/ ♪

  18. Oh man, that really sucks... I would be so angry if I found out someone did that with my content. You have all right to be angry! X

  19. I never had an experience like tht, but... for me, maybe I just dont care about them coz someone may found out tht they're just a copycat... but maybe, it's too rude if they dare to copy the picture and claim it as theirs... yeah, sometimes a copycat is bit annoying...


  20. I can totally understand and support you. copying is just so unfair and false. the problem is that people starting this usually don't stop. They'll always continue doing so. :(

  21. Plagiarism is not right, and I do agree with you that age, ethnicity etc. does not justify why a person does so. The act of taking someone's property and claiming that it is theirs is simply lying to the his/her own readers. I hope the person gets the message this time around, since you did it so outright and openly.

    Simply credit the person whom you take information from, if not that is purely rude!

    <3 Celly

  22. very amazing blog


  23. Sorry for you. It is a shame ! :/

  24. Sorry to here someone copied your blog! :( It's always so frustrating to find out someone copied your work without giving any credit and present it as their own. Those people will never go very far in life because they're not original and rely on others.

    Louise | Vanity Corner

  25. That's suck. Sorry to hear that!

  26. I can so relate! -_- Such people have no self respect. xx

    Jasmine Catches Butterflies ʚϊɞ

  27. I totally agree with you!
    Laura. xx


  28. some people have no creativity!

    do you speak spanish? <3


    Inspirations Have I None

  29. Thats so horrible. Hope your ok.

    Thanks for the comment on my blog. x


  30. i can relate with you, someone is doing a similar thing to me, im just not saying anything about it. i hope things work out for you. *virtual hug* for support and comfort i know how much irritating it can be :)

  31. Thanks for your visit ... Have a Fantastic Friday!

  32. I have had this happen to me too. It felt really bad when I took hours to write a post and then someone just copies the whole thing in a few minutes and claims it is her own work. I can really understand how you feel.

  33. it's just so awful! i think it's okay that people want to buy and reviewing the same thing, but it's not cool to copy the review from other blog. sorry to hear that dear.

  34. que mal esto, nunca me pasado pero si me pasara estaría igual que enojada que tu!! espero que tu situacion se aclare luego y minimo una disculpa!

  35. oh no..I felt sorry for you..
    It must be hurt to see some other blog copied yours..

  36. Plagiarism is actually quite serious. I'm not sure what kind of legal matters a blogger can take into their hands regarding intellectual property, but in my college courses they make a big deal about not plagiarizing. I hope this gets sorted out for you! <3

  37. I've got my blog words stolen before. The writing was in the same style with the same title and my profile picture was stolen separately and used on Youtube before. To look on the bright side of all these stealing of intellectual properties, the copycat thinks highly of you to copy you. =)

  38. I hope you can sort this out and report this person who's plagiarizing your blog. Blogging isn't as easy as it looks! (๑ˇεˇ๑)

  39. I hope this person stops copying your stuff
    really. I haven't found anyone yet who literally
    copy/steal everything from my blog but I do
    have people who puts my artwork without permission
    at tumblr etc.. Xx

  40. Nunca me ha sucedido, pero debe ser horrible, sé lo que cuesta hacer posts para que luego de los copien y los hagan pasar por suyos.
    Hace poco leí sobre una chica que ha estado haciendo eso, tal vez sea la misma que ha estado haciéndolo con otras bloggers.

    Solo espero que no te vuelva a pasar, y mucho ánimo!!!

    Besitos desde Girls that glitter love the dark

  41. Oh that's so awful.
    I'm so sorry that happened to you.
    Copycats do what they do because they can't do anything on their own.



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