Wednesday, February 19, 2014

GEO Magic Tri-Tone Grey

Hi Everyone!

Today I bring you another review of circle lens, I love a pair of circle lens can radically change the look of your eyes both subtle way, as radically. (₍₍ ◝(・ω・)◟ ⁾⁾ A few days ago I received the amazing store LensVillage these great and beautiful circle lens review purposes. It's amazing because I remember that the first circle lens I used in my life I bought in LensVillage. I remind you that the opinions expressed in this review I are based on my experiences with the product, and are 100% honest.

If this is your first time reading my blog and you want know how care circle lens
I want invite you to read my post

ヾ(・∀・)ノ  This was all that I received~

The security seal GEO Medical ~ (*´∇`*)

The pattern is so cute tri colors~(σ・ω・)σ

Design/Pattern + Color: The design is very subtle natiural has a star shape from the center to the edges. It has three beautiful shades that are a subtle yellow, light gray and a darker edge gray is a mixture of gray and hazel. It is a beautiful and natural design.

Comfort: Very comfortable, wore them for more than 5 hours any discomfort.

Enlargement: The elongation is subtle and light, if slightly enlarges the eyes but very subtly. Just a little. But remember that the diameter is only 14.2 mm and a diameter that is for a pretty natural look.

Overrall: It is the first time I use a circle lens so similar to the color of my eyes. I think in the eyes of a black or brown can be seen more clearly the design. On my eyes the design fades and a dark gray border left alone, remembering that my eyes are gray-green circle lens then I like these because as my eyes widen a bit, give an effect on my eyes pop. They are very comfortable and they could use daily.

Rating: ★★★★★

Where to buy?

You can buy the GEO Magic Tri-Tone Grey

 (*⊃ω`*) Now the selfies~


These circlelens pops my eyes~((ヾ(*´・ω・)ノ゙))


Before & After  .。.:*・ーヽ(☆・ω・)(・ω・★)ノ

Close Up! *。:゚(´っω・*)゚・。+

Now the Video Review~ヾ(・ω・`)ノヾ(´・ω・)ノ゛

I hope you enjoy the video review about this lovelies 
circlelens I love it how pops my eyes! ・ω・)ノシ

Thanks for your amazing support, (。ノωヽ。)゚ I want to mention that my country now is going through very difficult times. There have been massacres, torture and death, and yet it continues. I ask your prayers for my country Venezuela's where I live and unfortunately the situation has become grave, I regret to say this to end this post that I enjoyed doing.
ヾ(´ω`=´ω`)ノ  Thanks for your sweets comments and support!

Bye Bye!!


  1. Your eyes are gorgeous!!! :) really pretty colors!


  2. Que naturales quedan! besos

  3. It took me a while to see it. But they look awesome!

    x Angela

  4. Yay I helped on that video sweetheart! you look amazing, to be honest I'm proud of how much have you improved your posts sweetheart, plus your eyes help a lot with showing this awesome lenses! and you are such a cute girl, I'm sure this can showcase those lenses, sine you've been doing for a while now sweetie!

    I'm happy to be part of this awesome project of yours! keep it up sweetie, I'm countign on you and you cna count on me! Always


    Your kokoro.

  5. They look really nice and natural :3 I like this kind of lenses for everyday wear!
    Take care dear, have a nice day!*

  6. They look so natural and cute on you! :) do you think they're going to look the same on everyone else?

    Help me win the MOON ring! :) Click HERE and LIKE my picture <3

  7. love gray lenses.
    these remind me a lot of the geo eyes cream ray ray gray.
    they look so natural on your green eyes.

    would love to keep in touch :)

    1. The Geo EyesCream RayRay Gray are more brownish these are more like medium gray~

  8. These lenses look really natural! Love them :3
    Have a great day sweetie! : )

    ❤ ✿ NEW POST ✿ ❤

  9. They look so natural! How pretty! :)
    xo TJ

  10. So pretty Raimar! It blends naturally and looks just like your natural eyes but more defined ^^

  11. thank you for sharing this. I always love GEO softlenses, it's very comfortable to wear just like what you said. The softlens looks natural on you, pretty!


  12. yo tenia esos lentes y sobre ojos marrones no se ven tan naturales como a mi me gusta =( pero son muy comodos los lens... sobre ojos verdes quedan bonitos..

  13. Your eyes is stunning! I love the colour!
    Many kisses! Have a great day!!!

  14. Look so beautiful on your eyes♥♥

  15. These lenses look so perfectly natural on you! Lovely pick

  16. Wow I don't think most people would notice they are so similar, just bigger =) very cool actually. you have naturally gorgeous eyes!

  17. WOW! They look super natural *-* You look wonderful with them ^^

  18. I like that color a lot. Looks so great ♥

  19. Naturally cute ^^

    恵美より ♥

  20. Beautiful eyes! love it. kisses

  21. Very nice color :)

  22. I have never worn colored contacts before. This color is really pretty + natural on you. :)


  23. really natural color *-* looks good on you ^ ^

  24. a mi me gustan, pero la verdad ya utilizo lentes ppor otro motivo


  25. great post! :)
    you've got a lovely blog!
    would you love to follow each other? we could follow via GFC or via email and also on another socials like twitter instagram or lookbook

    just let me know on my blog :)


  26. they look natural and pretty on you

  27. Those lenses look nice :)

    Svetlana from Lavender Star // BlogLovin //
    Instagram // Faceboook

  28. Hi

    I have an ongoing sponsored giveaway. Hope you can drop by and join.

    It will mean a lot to me.


  29. You look beautiful with those lenses!

    Stay in touch with me on BLOGLOVIN


  30. Love the colour of this lens. Wish I could wear them but I can't even get them near my eyeball LOL. Hoping all is well with you and your country and that you'll find peace soon.


  31. ahh those contacts look amazing on you!! so pretty!! i want to try colored contacts they look so pretty on!!

  32. You look fab! :) T.

  33. It looks so nice on you Sakuranko. I've tried this when I was in college and it's one of my faves. :)

  34. They are very pretty! As a side note, I love the contact lens case!

  35. It actually really looks like your natural eyes, which are beautiful, btw :)

  36. it look gorgeous on you dear!

  37. lovely blog I follow you now ,hope you can follow me too:)

  38. Heys Sakuranko,

    I am finally back in the blogosphere and thanks for always being so supportive of my blog <3

    Those lens looks really beautiful and natural on you, I wouldn't have known those are not your natural eye colour if not for the big eye effect that those lens gives out <3

    Hope to hear from you soon!


  39. You are pretty :) I love your hair <3

  40. Tus ojos naturales son hermosos.

  41. Wow! These make a really natural and subtle difference that makes them perfect for the daytime!

  42. Unas lentillas preciosas :) Besos guapa

  43. This color is perfect. It is very natural.
    Have a lovely week :)

  44. wow yeah it makes your eyes looks bigger,and I love that it looks natural. :D

  45. Looks like your natural eye color, it just looks bigger. :)


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