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SKINFOOD Wildberry Milk Cleansing Foam

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Today I´m here with a new review & video review about an excellent product of skincare. It's A Korean Product called SKINFOOD Wildberry Milk Cleansing Foam is amazing for clean very nice the skin. Well this is is my first product from SKINFOOD an excellent Korean brand. I tried samples but this is my first full product, and now I fall in love with this brand. This product is sponsored by the store Honestskin but all the opinions are based on my own experience with the product.

Back Side╰(*´︶`*)╯♡

Price - Quantity - Packaging: The price is $8 without shipping but the shipping is cheap in Honestskin and eBay you can find a bit more expensive but with shipping included so it´s the same. Has 150 ml and with a small amount of product you can clean eprfectly all your face. This cleanser remove waterproof mascara so it´s excellent. The packaging is just a white-beige tube with a dispenser and the front of the tube has the name, I like it the front because the sticker looks like old paper, simple but cute to me.

Security Seal~

Texture and Aroma: The texture is soft and creamy, not very dense, is light but with enough foam. So clean very softly the skin. Has a nice and subtle aroma like wildberries and if you smells a bit more it´s like soft milk cream. Smells like a sweet and soft natural shake of wildberries. 

I have a video for the test. You can watch the test HERE ♡

PROs and CONs 

↪ PROs
- It´s an inexpensive product.
- Has a good quantity of product 150 ml.
- Smells soft and delicious like wildberries.
- Cleans deeply the face.
- Controls the sebum on oily skin.
- Moisture the skin.

↪ CONs
- In many parts of the world can only buy this product online (including me).


(*´◡`*)♡ I love it the cleansers I think are a part important in the skincare routine so I always change the brands. This cleanser the SKINFOOD Wildberry Milk Cleansing Foam remember to me to the KOSÉ Softymo Renew Wash because is very creamy. Also this cleanser moiuste very good the skin, and moisture it´s something that not all the cleansers make to the skin. I have oily skin and this product also help me to control the sebum on my skin, so moisture and control the sebum on my skin. I recomended this product to 100% it´s excellent and cheap.


Where to buy?

You can buy the SKINFOOD Wildberry Milk Cleansing Foam 

↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑ Please Use this serial Number ↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑

This is me~ (´ 。•ω•。)っ⌒ with my bare face~
Just after clean my face with the  SKINFOOD Wildberry Milk Cleansing Foam 

Now ヽ(*^ω^*)ノ the Video Review + Demo ⁽⁽ଘ( ˊᵕˋ )ଓ⁾⁾⁺‧.∗̥✩⁺˚⁺✧

In this video I show how I clean my face with the ଘ(˘ु ᵕ˘)ु SKINFOOD Wildberry Milk Cleansing Foam  ...\(//∇//)\♡ I show my bare and clean face~

Well lovelies ♡》 this was all for today I hope you enjoy this video. 
And I hope you enjoyed this review and can be helpful for you~ (o´∀`o)
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  1. What a fun product. Love all of your reviews.
    xo TJ

  2. Looks interesting but, do you know if they have a cream form without mineral oil and SLS?
    Take care*

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  4. Nice review! I've always heard good things about Skinfood. Great photos and recording!

    Likkie xx,

  5. Oo sounds cool! I probably wouldn't order it since I would want to test it in person first. I'll have to keep my eye out for it!!

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  7. So lovely review as usual sweetie! The product sounds great! <3

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  8. I love milky cleansers, I feel like they are gentle for the skin! nice review hun:)

  9. Thanks for the review!!!...I loved the cleaner

  10. You look so adorable! Great review sweetheart...thx for sharing..:-)

  11. ohhh los limpiadores coreanos son mi perdición... <3<3 y de esta marca nunca he probado pero tengo otros productos de skinfood y el envase siempre es muy mono y vintage =)

  12. I love skinfood and this looks like a great product to try. And it's a milky cleanser..sounds really great, thanks for the review :*

  13. nice review !

  14. Hello from Spain: great brand. Keep in touch

  15. I love foamy cleansers, and this one looks like it's a great product! You already have such beautiful skin :)


  16. Que bacan! Pero aun no me tinca comprar online u.u ademas ni tengo tarjetas con las cuales pagar xD

  17. Skinfood is really nice, I haven't tried this product yet though.

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    Your style is so perfect :)
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  20. Mmm, I bet that smells delicious!

  21. Amazing review! It seems very good! =)


  22. You have such beautiful skin without any makeup!! That last picture of you is so pretty! I think this product looks really nice and the price is very fair. Buying online is not a huge deal for me so I may give this one a try!

    By the way, Thank you so much for your advice on my blog!! I've taken some time to think about things and I do agree more with your points about Uconn!

  23. oh the packaging is so cute!:) lovely review!♥

  24. Great review! Sounds like a great cleanser! T.

  25. seems great and considering that shipping fee is already included, I thin it's a good deal

  26. Great review will like to try it.

  27. such a cute product! and love how it smells like wildberries...yum! :)

    Metallic Paws

  28. Great review, it has to be great cleanser!

  29. great post!

  30. Thank you for visiting my blog! :)
    Nice post and great review btw! Really want to try it.
    Wanna follow each other? Let me know, let's keep in touch!


  31. nice review dear :) the packaging. when i read it smells like milk, i'm sold :)

  32. it sounds like a nice cream!

  33. Thanks! I also want to try Skinfood! :)

  34. Thats a really good rating, must be a wonderful cleanser. I thank you for your kind words and wish you a splendid weekend!

  35. I really would like to try!
    do we follow?
    let me know
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  36. have a nice saturday my dear

  37. From your review I can tell this must be a very nice product. It must smell really lovelt too.

  38. Wow this looks really cool! I am constantly looking for skin care products! this helped me alot!


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