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Etude House Green Tea Mask Sheet

Hi Everyone!

It's 6 am after a long night of study and also the short time I slept I had nightmares need something to de-stress and share with you.(๑•ᴗ•๑)/*¨*•. I received a time ago from the store Jolse a great mask sheet from Etude House. Sincerely this is my first time trying mask sheets from this Korean Brand so I´m very exciting.  I love it the Green Tea I drink almost everyday and this mask has extracts of green tea~ Yay!

Back Side~
I know that this mask is a gift product but is a very popular product!
In fact I received questions about this so I think can be useful make a review~
*॰ ( ¨̮ ) ॰*✩

For my readers that always are interested on the ingredients~

I must suppose that this means 1000 mg of extract of Green Tea~

Packaging: This is a pretty and cute packaging, normal like others mask sheets but has mini cute illustrations and are very pretty. 

Another close-up!

Aroma + Essence: This smells like artificial green tea that for me is more like Chia Seed than Green Tea but is very soft and maybe some floral so is very pleasant. This mask has enough essence to me but is not sticky is more watery.

 (o(*ゝ。∂*)o) Now the test

This is my Bare Face~ 
(^ω^) I want you focus the area around my nose that has less redness.

PROs and CONs

- The packaging is cute.
- It has a nice aroma.
- Mouisturizes very good my skin.
- Reduce the redness.
- The product has enough essence.

➥ CONs
- You only can find this product on many countries online.


I love it this mask and of course that I´m going to repeat the experience if I receive more masks like this like sample. First mouisturizes very good my skin but is not stick is very watery and light. Some mask sheets are very heavy and sticky something more like a gel but this is very watery. The essence altough is not the real essence of green tea is very nice and pleasant and the most important, soft, I´m allergic to many things specially to the smeels so this is perfect. The another good point this mask din´t cause any breakout, and In fact I have oily sensitive skin and some masks on the past were terrible for my skin. This is a great complement for skincare and since now I want use more mask sheets from Etude House. I recommend this to 100%

★ ★ ★  

You can buy more great mask sheets here

\( ´ω` )/♡ I hope this review can be useful to you!
My best wishes for you
Thank you for your comments and support!

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  1. Que bien te deja la piel! Besos ♥

  2. Me encantan estas mascarillas, pero sin duda mis favoritas actualmente son las de Leaders.

  3. Great review sweetheart...Thx for sharing..:-)

  4. Looks like a great mask! I hope you can sleep better now without nightmares!

  5. this product sounds very nice!
    Have a nice day

  6. That sounds like a really great mask, good review!

    Reflection of Sanity

  7. I also got this mask as a gift thing from jolse ^.^ It's quite nice~ Though for me it didn't have a very major effect, however it still nicely moisturized c:

  8. Me encanta cuando los de Jolse añaden esta mascarilla :D Aunque mis favoritas son las de Klairs :D

  9. sorry to hear you didn't sleep well.I hope you sleep better tonight.

  10. How amazing. It really worked wonders on your face.

  11. I just bought a few Etude House sheet masks and can't wait to try them! I didn't get the green tea one, but I'm glad it worked for you. Makes me hopeful that the ones I picked out will work too! =)

  12. se ve muy buena, se nota la diferencia en las fotos deja la piel como más suave...

  13. se ve bastante hidratante ,,, te recomiendo las de hidrogel de nature republic me tienen enamorada

  14. Looks like a really good sheet mask :3
    take care*

  15. I love green tea, and this seems really nice. :)

  16. Sure looks like a lovely product
    and I love natural beauty products like this.

  17. Looks really good, never tried before :) x

  18. Happy for your visit dear!!

    Have a wonderful day...great post as always!

    See you soon,kiss!!!


  19. Oh, I really like the redness reducing effect!
    Thank you for the review!

  20. sounds good!~ and packaking looks so fresh!
    Thanks for sharing~

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  21. I also love this mask!~ hehe lovely review Sakuranko <3
    btw I tagged you to do the BBlogger Tag! Check it out on my blog~
    xx Charmaine

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  22. What a coincidence... I'm using this mask right now, while writing this hahahha.
    I love Etude House face mask ^.^

  23. I like green tea mask too, it's so relaxing to wear one of these ;)


  24. sounds good!

    new post in

  25. wow...This really looks great...Would love to try this beauty...Thanks for the lovely review!

  26. woww this looks amazing


  27. Such a great face mask ^^

    恵美より ♥

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  29. green tea is so good for skincare! drinking it has detoxifying properties too :) glad this sheet mask helped you!

  30. Looks wonderful :)

  31. looks like a very nice product :)

  32. The result is very nice.
    A big thank you for this review :)

  33. always love etude house mask because they have always gives me pleasent result !
    leaves my skin plump and moisturize



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