Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Benton my daily mist~

Hi Everyone!

I know has been several days off and all is that my duties with college. When you have oily sensitive skin all the skin care routine must be oriented to that two facts. So this mist is great with my sensitive and skin but has a great control of sebum and that is cool. I´ve been using this mist since November of 2015 until today and has been my predilect mist. I know that I commented before I was worried with this brand because some products caused really serious breakouts in past for many different customers but for me this is a safe product for sensitive skin. I received this product from Jolse but all the opinions expresed in this review are based on my own experience with this product.

I did a long review before about this product If you want read the full review about:
Click HERE But I want invite you to see my video review too

I love it the tea tree because is excellent for reduce the redness and improve the complexion and this mist is great for senstive skin because is not harsh.. 

Where to buy Korean Cosmetics like this?

If you want buy the Honest TT Mist 

(,,◕ ⋏ ◕,,)I hope you enjoyed this short post~
I want to know If you used this product or this brand before.
Let me know in the comments ฅ( ͒ᵕ̳◡ᵕ̳ ͒)。
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  1. Hmmm. I think I have my own sensitive skin too
    great posting

    Asep Haryono

  2. I love using this TT mist too!

  3. Fabulous review. Loved your detailed post.

  4. I have oily sensitive skin, I should try this.
    Thanks for sharing!

  5. I recently started experimenting with korean products, they are seriously the best!

  6. thanks for recommending! I will definitely check it out <3
    XX -

  7. Cool review dear :)
    New post on my blog:

  8. Wonderful post dear! Have a great day! xx

    Vildana from Living Like V & Stalia Is BAE

  9. I love everything tea tree, amazing for redness ☺
    Nati xx

  10. I love tea tree as well! I used to use tea tree oil religiously before! :)

    CJ | From Manila with Love Blog

  11. I have sensitive skin too so I know how challenging it can be to find something that works and works well. Glad you were able to find something that works really well for you!

  12. I want to try this brand *__*

  13. Great review! It looks amazing :)

    xoxo ❤
    Melania |

  14. Great review! Although I have never really tried using mists before. :( Oops!

    Angelie // Sleek Matte Me in Birthday Suit Review + Swatch

  15. So important to make sure that you us the right products for sensitive skin. Great review darling

    Dakota D.
    Instagram: @missdsquared413

  16. It seems to be perfect for my skin!

  17. I have never heard of these brands but the products sound amazing and perfect for my skin :)

  18. looks like an amazing product! :)

    Please visit my Blog!

    Alessa Bernal :)

  19. Nice review~! I haven't tried mists before <33

  20. I've always heard about Benton but yet to discover their products. I wonder what's their best seller? Is it the snail bee cream?

    ieyra h. | blog

  21. Sounds Nice.

  22. What an interesting packaging for a mist! Looks like a nice product for oily skin, but I think I need something more moisturizing myself.

  23. Another great post, Sakuranko!
    It looks a nice product!

  24. I agree! I love tea tree too! Helps calm down my skin.

    CJ | From Manila with Love Blog


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