Friday, March 10, 2017

The Book was Better

"I can survive well enough on my own— if given the proper reading material.”
― Sarah J. Maas, Throne of Glass

Hi Everyone!

I am here today with a new post about this cute coordinate. Well this is more a casual and simple coordinate but I really love it the t-shirt. I must confess (in case that you don´t know) I am huge booklover. But first I need talk about this lovely t-shirt If you read my previous coordinate post about Gray Floral lately I´ve been had a great liking for the gray color. And I don´t know but I decided try another top of this color. 

I received this cute top from the store Zaful. I received this package with several months of delay (thanks to the slow postal mail of my country). And I feel pretty bad for that but I can´t made nothing about that because I am going to postal mail to get my packages when they call me. But like I am a responsible blogger I am publishing my review for this lovely store Zaful. I really like this t-shirt.

Like a bookworm that I am I like watch the TV Series and Movies that are adaptations of book series. But that always not result in the best way. And sometimes the result are really awful. For example I want talk today about the book series of Shadowhunters City of Bones by Cassandra Clare that is a good YA Fantasy serie of books and one of my favorites. That book in previous years has a movie and was so pathetic and first is like the Director used parts of this book but the actors and the plot was completely pathetic. 

The last year was the premier of the TV Show Shadowhunters The Mortal Instruments. And I started the TV Show but is a mess and sincerely the plot is so confusing because I like two actors that play the role of two of my favorite characters but the actuation was so poor. And I again  (ΰ²₯⌣ΰ²₯) the plot It was really poor compared to the book. And like the Shadowhunters there are so many book adaptations were the movie is really bad.o( ><)o 

Visit Zaful to buy cute t-shirts like this!

For me "The Book was Better" is always true. Because in a book I have the opportunity the read so many amazing details about a character or about a specific situation.

I love πŸ’– the books!

And I really like this comfy and cute coordinate~πŸ‘• And this t-shirt is super comfy. I really like the quality of the fabric. And this is perfect for me. By the way I love it the quote for the post of today. Proper reading material is a must have in my life.

I hope you enjoyed this review 
And like always I want to know your opinion about this
 coordinate in the comments~ γƒ½(。ゝω・。)οΎ‰

Bye Bye!!


  1. I have that book, have a good day

  2. What a cute top! Sometimes the book is actually better :)

  3. Very feminine look and great photos!


  4. cute shirt, one of the reasons why I like to read the book after a movie. I'm one who do notices when they change stuff for the worst

  5. Ahahaha oh my I REALLY need that shirt! Genius :D

  6. Hello darling, i love your t-shirt
    nice choice
    have a nice weekend

  7. I'm a book lover too so this Tee is great!

  8. I totally agree, Shadowhunters was horrendous. I only made it through half of series one. The one series I can say the book and the adaptation match up is Game of Thrones! The T-Shirt got it right!
    Kate ||

  9. love the t.shirt

  10. That tee is so cute and so true!

  11. This tee is so cute! xx


  12. Love this kind of casual look!

  13. Cute tee. People always have that sentiment about movies/shows.

  14. I really like this shirt, suits you!

  15. Your top so cool my dear

  16. I really like the inscription of the T-shirt, haha! Lovely photos ❀

    * Gamiss Review *

  17. I love the books too, cause it's magic make your mind in the sky hahhhaha LOL

    thank u for visit my blog :)

  18. The top is very fun. Looks great on you.

  19. You look beautiful, I love the tshirt

  20. This is such an amazing print!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  21. I love this kind of message tee shirts !
    Nice one.

  22. Nice t-shirt :)
    Best wishes :*

  23. What a post! thanks for sharing

  24. Your top is so cute! And it's so true! :) xx

  25. aww that's so so cute <3 and I totally get what you mean :-))

  26. Amazing blog post and great photos.
    I am glad you enjoyed reading my recent post and thank you for the comments!!

  27. Love this cool tee! Thanks for sharing!

  28. Nice t-shirt) looks perfect on you!

  29. I love this tee, it's super cute! xx

  30. I think exactly the same as you!
    Often the book is so much better, than some version of a book on a film ...
    I love your t-shirt!
    A big kiss!


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